May 19, 2007

Ultra Meme-athon

Those who are not bloggers: Crabby apologizes to you once again. A new grouchy post is coming soon; in the meantime, she has some housekeeping duties that she has fallen behind on. These involve "memes." A meme is actually a real word, but it is also what clever bloggers use to increase the number of links to their blogs. (They're also designed to start interesting discussions, introduce readers to new blogs, further good causes, blah, blah, blah).

For Crabby, a selfish Crustacean, memes are mainly about links.

Why do bloggers care about links? Because they increase a blogger's google page rank. More people will find our little bloggies within the vastness of the World Wide Web! For example, if several months from now a random googler is looking for "Disgusting Orange Juice with Omega 3's and Big Bouncy Breasts" he or she is much more likely to find Crabby if she has a decent google page rank. So today she will Play with Memes.

Crabby was planning to invent her own meme, a Slacker Meme that produced links without anyone having to do much of anything, especially her. She still may.

But before she could announce her new meme, she got tagged twice by Lady Rose at the very entertaining Incredible Shrinking Ladies, and Crabby does not want to drop the ball. She likes these Ladies, even as they disappear before her very eyes. She's not sure she can get to both of their memes, but she's definitely up for the first one, Wandering Wednesdays. Even though it's no longer Wednesday.

This is an easy meme, the very kind Crabby was going to invent. So let's pretend it's still Wednesday and play along. The meme was started by Mama Kelly at Diet Pulpit, another fine blog that the Ladies preside over. (They also may well be behind Best Diet & Health Blogs, and Crabby wonders how they have any time to eat or sleep. Is that why they're shrinking away?)

Anyhow, here are the instructions, should you find yourself tagged.

"The idea is to highlight 5 links that you feel would be new to other readers. They can be daily reads, or personal favorites. They may even just be something fun or freaky or just plain fascinating that you stumbled into recently."

You make a list at your blog and link to it in the comments. (This part confuses Crabby a bit. The comments of whose blog? She may just ignore it.) Anyway, you link back to the person who tagged you (Crabby, in this case) and link to the originator at Diet Pulpit. Incredible shrinking ladies has a graphic you can use too, if you'd like one, but Crabby is too lazy to deal with it.

The best part of this meme: no mandatory essay. Just link away to 5 people you have met and like and hope they play along.

So here are Crabby's five. She's skipping some of the obvious choices because (a) you know them already and (b) a lot of her regulars are already up to their asses in memes.

She hereby tags several fine blogs and hopes readers will check them out:
Samantha at Get Green Things;
Katieo at Sister Skinny;
Mirtika at Mirathon;
Spider at Lose Weight or Die; and
Erin at Smart Cookie.

Those who are tagged: feel free to ignore this if you're not in the mood--not everyone is into the Meme Thing.


  1. Ooooooooooooooooh. You named Me at Mirathon.

    Well, that's mostly for writers/sci-fi aficionados. Christian stuff. But, hey, I like my blog. :)

    I've added you to my Once Upon a Diet link list for Blog Royalty.

    Links rule!


  2. Thanks for the tag Crabby, I'll give it a try tonight.

  3. I'll do it and maybe this is sad but, I am honored and excited! This is my first one. I am not sure what I am exactly supposed to do (sorry). So, I do a blog entry on my blog with links to 5 favorite places, plus your blog plus diet pulpit, right? I am confused by the comments thing too. Sorry for being so green (heehee).

  4. Sorry, Mir--that's the second time, too, that I've gone to the wrong blog. So I think I've got it straightened out--and feel free not to do the meme thingy from either blog.

    And Katieo--given that it was a Wednesday meme and I'm just now getting around to it, I don't think I'm exactly a role model. Thanks for playing!

    Hi Samantha! I probably messed up the explanation of it, and probably did it wrong myself. I got tagged at the Shrinking Ladies blog, so if you go to their post you may get a better explanation.

    I really am enjoying all your blogs and I hope other people find them as fun as I do.

  5. Cool links! :) Thanks for your high praise Crabby it means a lot to both of us. Lady Rose and Mama Kelly (the incredible shrinking ladies)

  6. Ooh, tagged, I'm it! Thanks for the link love.

  7. Dear Crabby,

    Thank you for thinking of me. I am meme-ing you already. What does meme mean? I keep thinking it is something oral, since in Spanish mamar is to suckle.

  8. hi Spider!

    If you or any of the others tagged want to see the meme done better than I did it, go to SmartCookie's blog and copy her. (But use your own blog friends, not hers).

    Again, no pressure to do it.


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