May 07, 2007

Awesome: Fat Rant

You may have seen this before, but Crabby hadn't. It's by Joy Nash. The clip is a bit long, but well worth it. (Crabby has not tried to post a YouTube clip yet, so please bear with her if site weirdness results. She tried to do it two different ways, so there's a chance it will appear twice, or she'll only get part of it. If so, necessary adjustments will be made).

Crabby found this clip courtesy of DietBlog, yet another more informative health and fitness site than her own.


  1. That is GREAT! I especially like where she talks about not putting you life on hold until you get thin.

  2. I thought she was just so inspiring. I really liked that part too, about not letting life go by waiting to lose weight.

    I think this is a fairly popular video on youtube (at least it has a lot of comments) and I suspect she could be really helping a lot of people with it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, anonymous. Drop by any time!

  3. Yes, but the fact is that she is about 20 years old and she can believe what she says just like I did when I was obese at that age.

    Let her post again in 20 years when her knees are shot and her back hurts and has arthritis and her gut is sagging down and she can't move as fast as anybody else and is constantly in pain.

    Don't put your life on hold, but don't stop losing weight. Don't get used to being a fat tub. It is a dead-end road.

  4. People can't control their weight! Diets don't Work! 98% of diets FAIL!! It is all genetic and Hormonal!!! Thank You for this Rant! Why Do People pay attention to the Unreality of Hollywood and the Media! Thanks for this, we need more people to Speak Up!!!


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