May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

So it's Cinco de Mayo today, which Crabby had forgotten about until she went to Gillian's informative site about food and food history. Crabby then decided she'd steal Gillian's idea for a topic, and even plagiarize her own ramblings over there and recycle them here. Crabby was thus spared any further thought or research. Ole!

So here is Crabby's Very Own Cinco de Mayo recipe:

Laze around all day.

Go out to neighborhood Mexican restaurant and notice its awfully crowded. Remember again that it's Cinco de Mayo.

Come back home, open a can of refried beans.

Make Famous Guacamole. (Mashed avocado, already-made salsa, and garlic salt to taste. That's it.)

Shred whatever cheese is in the fridge, (cutting away mold first, or at least most of it) and sprinkle over stale tortilla chips. Stick in the toaster oven.

Make gigantic margaritas!

Smell burning odor.

Repeat nacho preparation with new cheese and chips.

More gigantic margaritas!

Consume nachos with guacamole and beans. Not half bad!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, all.


  1. Can I come over and have a Margarita? I forgot it was Cinco De Mayo too! How sad is that, I live AZ! It is practically a state holiday here!

  2. Count me in for margaritas and nachos too!

  3. Excellent, let the festivities begin! We can all run/walk/bike a few extra miles tomorrow and eat plenty of flax and spinach or whatever. But tonight... cheers!

  4. You can eat flax: I prefer to wear my linen. Margaritas, OTOH are very much something I enjoy.

    And I begin to think I'm a bad influence in Blogland.

  5. I actually ate "whole grain" chips with diced tomatoes for Cinco De Mayo today. Sadly, no margaritas...


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