May 01, 2007

Just Say No to Fake Chocolate!

A Concerned and Well-Informed Reader emailed Crabby with a tip about this shocking new development in the world of tasty confections:

"Big candy and food makers such as Hershey and Nestle are lobbying the Food and Drug Administration to let them substitute vegetable oil and whey for two of chocolate's key ingredients and still call their products "chocolate.""

The San Jose Mercury News (along with other Big Newspapers that aren't as fun to link to) has the story.

What can you do to prevent this outrage? If you're a bit less lazy than Crabby, go here where candy blogger and playwright Cybele May is organizing resistance to this nefarious conspiracy.


  1. Well Crabby, you know the old saying, "the proof is in the pudding." I have to taste it first and if it's good, they can call it whatever they want.

  2. I've eaten chocolate right off the tree. You have to love it to do that.

    This absurd plan to mess with a health food and add lousy oils to it fail me. Proper ones, anyway.

  3. They just can't do that to chocolate; it's obscene. What are the key ingredients they're removing?

  4. Hi all!

    Frank--such an admirable, reliable pragmatist. (But readers: he's an unrepentant Bambi eater! Just click on his link and go to his blog to read the sordid details).

    Leah--without sugar or Splenda or anything? Wow. I like chocolate a lot, but I don't think quite that much. But you seem a hardier sort than Crabby.

    Eve, welcome! Please hang out with us. You ask intelligent questions and you don't even link to a blog of your own that you're trying to publicize. You are a most prized visitor. And to answer your question: cocoa butter. They want to use transfats or tropical oils instead because they're cheaper.

  5. hmmm when you consider white chocolate doesn't even contain cocoa I don't think this is a big surprise. It's the way everything is going. I've seen foods where the key ingredient advertised on the packaging is only about 5% of the product. I read all the labels and packaging now because otherwise you end up eating fake crap. Oops I sound slightly cynical don't I LOL

  6. Anytime they move away from what is the real thing and then still want to fool us into thinking that it is the real thing, it is bad!


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