May 02, 2007

And the Winner Is...

So the Webby Award winners were announced yesterday, and readers may want to check out the health winner: "That Guy." It's a site that is not only amusing, but has a public service agenda that is not at first obvious. Weirdly enough, the Defense Department had something to do with it and didn't totally f*uck it up.

After you've returned (and please do return as Crabby isn't done with you yet), Crabby wants to make an Award-related announcement of her own.

Back now? Good. So Crabby is thinking of having a Contest. Extra Special early readers of Cranky Fitness should have an advantage, she believes, so she is making a pre-announcement now so that you may start bookmarking items as you come across them. Also, because the idea may well be idiotic, Crabby wants to run it by you all first so you can talk her out of it before she embarrasses herself by making it official.

Crabby is looking for something along the lines of "Stupidest Health-Related Moments of the Recent Past." (She knows this description needs work). Readers will submit links such as: A celebrity or politician saying something totally inane about health; a respected media source giving crazy-ass advice; a government agency banning and/or endorsing something it shouldn't. Perhaps even a YouTube clip of someone endangering themselves in a particularly reckless but amusing manner. The target of our derision should be someone either prominent or arrogant--no picking on some poor schlub who is accidentally moronic.

Crabby will give this award a name like "The Crabbies" or "The Golden Claw" or something, and have the contest maybe once a month. The prizes will be monetarily worthless and probably virtual rather than physical, given postage prices and the international nature of her audience. She is thinking that Cranky Fitness might extend special promotional efforts on behalf on the winners' blogs or favorite charities.

So readers, what do you think? Dumb idea? Would you play? Any suggestions or ideas?


  1. Check out my fitness and diet blog, I try to keep up with the wacky celebrities of fitness, but I am only skimming the tip of the iceberg.

  2. I like the idea! But I'd recommend "Golden Claw" over "Crabbies" - I'm thinking of how it would sound to say, "I just won the Crabbies!" :-)

  3. Hi Spider--great blog! I went over there and will definitely be back. And you know BunnyGirl! All of us here love BunnyGirl.

    Dawno--ha! Didn't even think of that!

  4. "A celebrity or politician saying something totally inane about health; a respected media source giving crazy-ass advice; a government agency banning and/or endorsing something it shouldn't."

    Love the idea, Crabby, but based on your criteria they ain't much sport in it. Kind of a shooting fish in a barrel moment.

    That said, let the games begin!
    Given the aformentioned criteria, however, calling the award "The Crabbies" is brilliant.

    Just my $.02 CDN

  5. I like the idea. It seems to me that there is no shortage of material!

    Dawno is right though. "I was given the Crabbies this month" is likely to lead to a seriously friendless state.

  6. Thanks, all of you!

    I think I'm going to do it. I'll figure out the name & the rules and such and start it next week. Anyone who sends any kind of entry at all (I'll provide an email address) will get linked to in the blog, and winners will get even more hoopla and linkage in future posts. And perhaps even a special blogroll for "award winning blogggers." (No one has to know how lame the award actually is; casual readers will just stop by and see your blogs and think you're extra smart).

    And you're right Leah, finding stupid quotes or clips by clueless politicians or celebrities could be almost too easy!

    And yeah, Dawn, I suppose there is that downside, but as bloggers we will mostly soon be friendless anyway if we're not careful. Crabbies could actually liven up our reputations.

  7. Spiders site is cool, but
    Captain America's site is even wackier. I have man on the street interviews. I gave Spider the stupid idea to attack fatboytonormboy. ha ha ha

  8. Could you perhaps hand out Crabby Patties as a reward?

  9. Oooh, more visitors, yay!

    Thanks for the early entry, Spider! I'll stow it in the CrabVault and let you know when the contest officially begins. (Alcoholic 80's rockers doing cheesy anti-drug PSAs are definitely good contenders for the not-yet-coveted Golden Claw (or Crabbie or Crab Pattie or whatever) award.

    And welcome Captain and Scriptorius! I'm off to see what's doing at your blogs.


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