May 28, 2007

Announcing the Slacker Meme!

This is yet another Slothful Post for the long weekend, involving no research or thoughtful commentary. It's not even about anything Healthy.

Readers who are not bloggers and don't give a crap about bloggy stuff are once again invited to skip this post if it seems boring and don't even worry about it. A new health-related post will follow right after this one, possibly in a matter of minutes.

Now to those of you who are still left: yes, it's another meme, but it's an Original and Easy One! It's The Slacker Meme, and it starts right here. You'll learn about more interesting blogs and you may even be tagged yourself. Aren't you excited?

Did you skip to the bottom, realized you got tagged, but don't even know what a meme is? No problem. It's sort of like a chain letter, setting up links between blogs. It's a weird word but a good way to meet new blogs.

Crabby will explain it first and then demonstrate.

UPDATE: Having headers in the text seemes to have created ugly single-spacing, but Crabby has no idea how to fix it. Sorry.

Slacker Meme Instructions:

1. Link to the person who tagged you and pretend you're not irritated at them for doing it.

(In this very first round only, the tagger is Crabby, which is confusing because she's also the meme's originator. After this, the tagger will someone different).

2. Link to the meme's originator, Crabby McSlacker, and try not to call her a "low-down-sleazy-opportunistic-link-whore" even though she is. (Or go ahead and call her that, she doesn't care, she's got a thick shell). Try to link to this actual post, as opposed to the blog generally, so that people you tag can also check these instructions. Explain in vague terms what you are doing, but you can refer people here for the full instructions.

3. Pick five or so blogs you'd like to send readers to and hope these blogs will take it as a compliment, because it is.

4. Describe in One to Three Words if you can, or more if you'd rather, what these blogs are like or why readers might want to visit them.

5. You might want to visit the blogs you've tagged to tell their owners what you've just done to them. You can tell them you hope they play along but not to worry too much about it if doesn't work out for them.

You're done!

See how easy? No cute logo to upload, no essay to write, no deadline, no list of 27 things. Just a chance to show appreciation to blogs you like, in a minimum of space and verbiage.

(Note: for this very first round, you don't really need to link to the person who tagged you (Crabby) since you're also linking to her as the originator. But in future rounds these will be two different people, so to make the instructions simple, lets pretend you do it both ways.)

Crabby Demonstrates the Slacker Meme:

So Cranky Fitness tagged me for this Slacker Meme, which is really easy meme started by Crabby McSlacker. (Though she's also apparently a low-down sleazy opportunistic link-whore of the very worst sort). Go to her blog to get more detailed instructions on how to do this if I haven't explained it here well enough.

Now I'll tell you, in three words or less, about five wonderful blogs I've just tagged. You should visit them:

1. Balance: Irreverent!

2. Chicken Girl: Slimming!

3. The Flightless Writer: Kiwi-liscious!

4. Remaindered Random Musings: Manly!

5. I Don't Pretend to be an Ordinary Cat: Catty!

And that's all there is to the Slacker Meme.

Any questions? Get tagged but don't want to be? (Crabby can find a replacement, just let her know). Didn't get tagged but actually like memes? (Crabby tries to guess who might not want one, but she often guesses wrong, so let her know for the future. She herself doesn't always play, which makes it kind of obnoxious that she's inventing her own). Do you have any other observations about health or blogs or life in general? Comments of all sorts welcome below.


  1. Oh, please... oh please don't hate me but I hate the whole meme thing. I do appreciate the thought. And as far as meme's go this one is nice because of it's slacker qualities (less work). But I just don't do them. Loyal readers of mine would know and call me out -- because somewhere back in the day I posted as such.


  2. Kiwi-licous! How could I refuse!

    I do understand Jennifer's comment and wish I had been that strong willed when I started blogging. My method is to "forget" it if it seems to difficult and that probably wrecks the whole thing and the sky will one day fall in on blogland as a direct result of my underhand method! But this is an easpy-peasy one that I can handle in my stride.

  3. I loves me a good meme. Done. :)

  4. "Link to the person who tagged you and pretend you're not irritated at them for doing it."

    That's the part I have a problem with. I always wonder, what did do to

  5. No problem Jennifer!
    I thinks that's the major drawback of memes--not knowing if people want them or not. I have mixed feelings about them: I really don't like the ones that have a long list of things you have to talk about that have nothing to do with your blog. But I did kind of envy the "recognition" type like the "Thinking Blogger" that seemed to swirl around but never land on me. So I think it's really important to tell people "Play if you want, but don't worry about it."

    Thanks Dawn! And I think anyone who propogates a meme is doing something that risks annoying people, so I would hope most people would understand that not everyone wants to play.

    Yay chicken girl!

    Hi John!
    Yeah, I always worry about that. (And it's especially evil to start your own). At least if you get tagged, you're only passing on what somebody did to you. Again, I think letting people know it's no big deal just to ignore it is key.

    Thanks for visiting!

  6. Not a problem. I will do it today between naps.

    I have to go, as it is now grooming time.


  7. Aw, Crabby, I don't know how to link. Something else I have to learn!! Terrie

  8. Terrie, are you on the new or old blogger system? If you're on the new system blogger will create links for you.
    1) You type the word, say, Cranky Fitness.
    2)Then highlight the word with your mouse.
    3) Then press the little link button on your user control panel.
    4)Then type in Cranky Fitness's url.

    If you'd like to insert a link using HTML Click here for an easy explanation

  9. Thanks Penelope!
    Ooh, a nap sounds nice...

    And Jennifer, thanks for the great explanation!

    Does this mean you are meme-able? This will make you a very popular gal indeed. And the only thing I'd add to Jennifer's explanation is that in the box you use for composing posts, the "link" button doesn't look much like a link. It's more like a martian trying to say something--a little green circly looking thing with white bubble. (And to get a page's url, you can just highlight the URL that displays on your browser bar when you're on that page--just copy it with control-c or whatever your favorite method of pasting is. And of course you probably already knew that.)


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