May 21, 2007

Breaking: Crabby's Readers are Intelligent and Witty!

So while Crabby is up here in the main post whining and opining, helpful readers are often picking up the slack below in the comments section, providing actual information. Crabby makes guesses; readers actually supply the answers.

In addition, it has been scientifically proven that Crabby's commenters are highly intelligent and witty. A recent study analyzed the comments of 1,000 random blogs and determined that Crabby's were 73% more informative and 124% funnier than average. Oh, does that link not work? So sorry, we must be having technical difficulties here at Cranky Fitness.

Since casual or occasional readers may not realize what a wealth of information is available in the Comments section, Crabby hereby recommends that you start checking it out. In the meantime, Crabby will provide some assistance. Here are just a few interesting tidbits from her readers in the last few days alone:

Conducting some heroic research, Leah personally tried Tropicana Orange Juice with Fish Oil--and found it tasted just fine! And no fish burps! This was after Crabby had slandered the poor juice, assuming it must taste vile.

Dawn informed us that sheep do not have the right of way on narrow paths in New Zealand. And cream filled apple donuts are a health food.

Katieo observed that the Awful Meatball Man actually may be posing naked on the cans of his, um, "product."

Linda was able to tell us what broccoli sprouts (potent cancer-fighters) actually taste like: kind of radish-y when raw, nutty when cooked.

And Samantha clued us in to "lime slime," another bizarre but apparently tasty way to get omega-3's.

Finally we also learned that when confronted by a mountain lion or an axe murderer, the safest course of action is to try to look large and slightly unstable. (Courtesy of Anonymous, who will hopefully become less so at some point in the future).

Crabby apologizes for the fact that this is a very random and haphazard list--please, if you are a commenter who has been contributing all kinds of great stuff, don't feel bad if Crabby missed you. It's random. And she'll definitely be doing this again. Right after the Contest, the Slacker Meme, Dear Crabby and all the other stuff she talks about but never seems to get around to. But she will; promise.


  1. Great post!
    Just please don't burn out, Crabby! Take it slow.

  2. Why thank you, Crabby. The "heroic" research has continued. I used said product to make orange cake and I'm pleased to report it's fine, too.

  3. Take it slow, but take it all.

  4. Making orange cake with fish oil reminds me of Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. After all, what was in her coconut cream pies? Cream? Where were the cows? Were they...FISH OIL PIES?! Hmmm...

  5. I am not surprised you're readers are a cut above the average, because you are definitely above average, intelligent and witty too! :) Lady Rose

  6. My choice of health food (cream filled apple donuts) may be infinitesimally lacking some of the health inducing goodies of your other posters - but hot dog! they taste good. Unfortunately, my local shop (like fifty metres away) has a neverending supply of them!

  7. hi anonymous legionaire (sp?): Thanks for the encouragement! And following your advice, I resisted the temptation today to run in and check on the comments every fifteen minutes. There is, however, a new post that should arrive sometime this evening. At least for now, I'm totally blog-addicted and not quite ready to go up in flames, but you're right, caution is probably advisable.

    And sure, Spider, I'd like to take it all--not sure what I mean by that, but it sounds optimistic and can-do, doesn't it? At least I'll take all the cupcakes.

    Leah--orange cake, mmm, that sounds awfully tasty. But are you really sure there's no fishy taste? 'Cause while that would be merely yucky in orange juice it would be outright criminal in cake.

    A reader: Fish Oil pies--so that was their secret! Like you, I was often baffled by the mysteries of Gilligan's island: where they got all that stuff they couldn't have packed for a 3 hour tour; why the Professor and MaryAnne weren't sleeping together; and why no one ever thought to slit Gilligan's throat so they could get the f*ck off the island. (BTW, please come back often--you're very funny!)

    Thank you lady rose, that's so sweet!

    And Dawn, if i had a donut supplier that close to my abode I'd just have to say game over and change the name of the blog to Cranky Fatness.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  8. Keep going Crabby. Your blog is fun to read!!!

  9. I'm way too big a man to be miffed about being left off your list of intelligent and witty readers. I understand oversights. Stuff happens. A thought winnows its way into your head, unbidden, and shoves aside the thought that was waiting patiently for its turn. It's happened to me. Now I've been that elbowed-aside thought. It's okay. You're busy and I understand.

    It just makes me more determined than ever to become wittier and intelligenter.


  10. Miss Prozac--I know you have your serious, scholarly side, but every time I see your picture I just have to gigggle.

    Frank, my goodness, how could I have overlooked you? Probably 'cause you're so way intelligenter than average that your contributions went right over my head. But never fear! I'm planning to exploit reader comments as long as i can get away with it, so frequent contributions to this blog will obviously be your path to fame and fortune!


Thanks for commenting, Cranky Fitness readers are the BEST!

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