July 30, 2013

Crabby's Epic Adventure!

Yeah, this was supposed to be a post for Monday, and it was also supposed to be about health and fitness. Specifically, it was about consumer online genetic testing services. Then it was going to be about bicycling.

But instead, how about a tale of adventure, wanderlust and shocking surprises? There are lots and lots and lots of pictures (let's pretend that's a good thing), and even kinda a fitness angle!

Ok, so maybe not. But I rode my bike around while researching portions of this post.  Does that count?

Work with me here, people.

July 22, 2013

Intermittent Fasting: Shortcut to Longevity and Weight Loss?

 Photo: Martin Sharman

Years ago I wrote a post about intermittent fasting.  It sounded like an intriguing but no-way-in-hell-am-I-ever-gonna try it approach to tweaking one's calorie consumption, improving health, and perhaps even increasing longevity.

Sort of like the idea of trying to turn myself into a brown-fat packin', calorie-incinerating superhuman by bathing in ice water: The results sound fun, but: Ain't gonna happen!

I like to eat every day! And I complain about how cold the water is in freakin' Hawaii, of all places. No matter how miraculous some body-hacking shortcuts claim to be, they have little appeal to me if they involve more than a trivial amount of discomfort.

But then I kept reading more about the shorter, easier versions of Intermittent Fasting.  The notion that if one restricts daily eating to a shorter window, say of 8 hours, that it could lead to beneficial changes like weight loss, "fat-adaptation," and even lower the risk of Alzheimers.

The "16-8" program worked for Hugh Jackman apparently:

(Please don't sue me, 20th Century Fox!
CC search said "labelled for reuse" but I'm skeptical).

Could it also work for Crabby McSlacker?

Well, I did some experimenting for a number of weeks and thought it might be time to share the shocking results!

July 15, 2013

Ask the Nutritionist: Bloating Blues and Other Digestive Dilemmas

Today's question involves bloat and other sorts of stomach and intestinal distress.

Why?  Well, for one, Crabby is one of those people who frequently bloats up like a Thanksgiving Day Parade float. She was eager to hear some expert advice: preferably the sort that doesn't require her to give up any favorite foods or seek out professional help or do anything differently than she's already doing.   A handy capsule, she was hoping, featuring some obscure combination of phytonutrients that would not only to solve the bloating problem, but also melt belly fat, increase energy, build better biceps, and whiten her teeth!

Alas, no such luck. Instead all she got was incredibly informative answer exploring all sorts of possibilities and solutions complete with great resources and a fresh perspective that one rarely hears when discussing tummy trouble.  Damn that Marsha Hudnall.

In addition, I've got a brief digression regarding my last mea culpa blog post, but I won't hold up the proceedings too long before we get to the good stuff.

July 11, 2013

July 08, 2013

Safe and Sound

How much attention do you pay to safety while exercising?

Mostly I am a super-cautious neurotic freak.  I have an exaggerated and narcissistic sense of personal risk based on the idea that "if bad things can happen to anyone, why wouldn't they happen to ME?" I avoid doing things many people find fun because I fear the worst.

Though of course at times I can also be a total dumb-ass and do unsafe things. I have been known to speed around blind corners on the bike trail or skip putting sunscreen on my arms and legs, courting skin cancer just because I think sunscreen sucks.

Over the years I've have written about many scary hazards, such lightning strikes, bike safety, or avoiding brain-eating amoebas.  (And they ain't bad posts, actually, if you want some tips on how not to get killed this summer.)

And for even more safety information, Happiness Savored Hot has a great post on water safety and she worked many years as a lifeguard and knows her stuff.  (From what I gathered, the safest plan is:  don't allow your kids anywhere near bodies of water, ever. Because they will drown if they even smell a pool or an ocean. Don't even have kids, that's the best plan. And if you're a grown-up, be careful too, especially if you are young, male, stupid, and drunk off your ass. But, um, her post is a lot more pragmatic and helpful).

But today we have a more specific safety tip... as well as a heads-up about a free lecture series that looks very cool that I wanted to alert you to. Which has nothing to do with safety, but whatever.

July 01, 2013

Goal Support and Giveaway: Makeover Edition!

Do you sometimes wonder if it might be time for a makeover?

 (And hate to break it to you honey, but...)

Whether it's your house, physique, attitude, career, or eating habits... wouldn't it be cool to just to whisk off everything that's not working for you anymore and put on a new ensemble of awesomeness as if it were a new set of clothes?

Sounds great to me!

But as you might guess, I've got a few thoughts about "makeovers" below.

There will also some info on our giveaway prizes for July's goal post commenters: 2 appropriately-themed Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition BootCamp DVD's, and a high-tech, cleverly designed Airbac backpack.  Plus the identity last months winners of the NOW $50 custom sample pack and the leftover headphones will be revealed.

And best of all... it's time to hear how all you amazing Cranketeers are doing!  Have you been kicking ass, or slackin', or pondering, or rabble rousing or napping? Let's all pop down in the comments and give each other some encouragement, shall we?