May 04, 2007


Martha over at Thatsfit, (whom we like very much not only because she has sensible advice, but because she comes over here and visits us sometimes), has heard us whining recently about how tiresome it is to lift weights. Unlike Crabby, who basically said "get over yourself and do it anyway," Martha has actually come up with some alternative suggestions.

And Crabby couldn't help saying "WTF" at this perplexing advertisement for Breast Implants, via BitchPhD and Stay Free! Daily. Crabby is too chicken to copy the ad photo here, so she'll let one of those fine blogs do the heavy lifting.


  1. Whoever thought that up needs a brain implant!

  2. Martha's advice is very good. The "Ripped" class she describes sounds like the Body Pump classes I used to go to at my local Y. Great stuff and lots of fun! Best of all, once you master the moves, you can buy some weights, queue up your favorite iTunes and do the same workouts at home-- no driving, parking and other hassles!

    Martha is spot-on about the home equipment. For $35 I bought a combo set of two small bars and one long one, with lots of plates to mix and match. I can lift as little as 5 lb or as much as 100 (strength permitting, of course).

    I'm not intimidated by the weight room at the gym because I had my husband to teach me what to do and how to do it properly. But I often prefer to use my weights at home for the convenience.

    Stretch cords are another good way to get strength training at home!

    I was really into my core and strength workouts for awhile, but have lapsed in the last couple of years. Getting back into it is hard because I don't like to make the time for it. So I'm working on getting back in the habit. I like weight workouts, I just don't like the time sacrifice. With so many things on my to-do list, I'm always having to choose what will go not done. :-(

  3. I'll be checking out Martha's site the minute I get home from work. Sounds just what I need for "the arms". Thanks Crabby. By publication day I'll be so darn toned, I'll be dangerous!

  4. I suppose I shouldn't mix up subjects like this in one post, since it makes for some confusion. On the other hand, I'm lazy, so will probably be doing it in the future as well.

    Debbi--very succinctly put! Don't know what they were thinking with this ad, and its probably just as well because I wouldn't want to know.

    Bunnygirl--great suggestions, as usual. We've also got some equipment in our basement--free weights and a cheapo home gym thingy we bought about ten years ago that still works pretty well. The washer and dryer are located in the basement as well, so I'll combine the two chores, doing a couple of exercises each time I switch over a load of laundry.

    Dawn--We'll watch out for flying tins of beans if you're going to start getting all dangerous on us. Or perhaps we can calm you down again with some nice cream filled apple donuts.


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