May 17, 2007

Third Person Crabniscient

Warning to new visitors: this post will make absolutely no sense at all. But don't worry, a new post on an actual health-related topic (mammograms) will appear before too long. In the meantime, feel free to amuse yourselves in the archives by clicking on some of the old Cranky Fitness posts that no one ever has ever read--because, well, in the early days of Cranky Fitness, there were no readers.

So, beloved regulars, Crabby has returned! She listened to her readers, who were quite articulate and persuasive, and she has banished the intruder!

True, she did promise this "I" person (also known as "Me") that she'd retreat for a week or so as an experiment. But Crabs are fickle creatures and sometimes untrustworthy. Crabby is breaking her promise already and reappearing way early to take her rightful place again as Proprietor of Cranky Fitness. At least until the next time she has an identity crisis.

However, Crabby does not want to be unreasonable. She will allow "Me" to preside over the comment section. And perhaps "I" might be permitted to do a guest post occasionally. But Crabby has decided, with the help of many of her friends, to keep things as they were. Even if it makes her look wishy-washy and amateurish. And with full knowledge that the strange Third Person format of Cranky Fitness (along with all its other weirdnesses) may send casual googlers fleeing as fast as their browsers can whisk them away.

Crabby thanks you all for your patience and apologizes for this disruption in service. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

And as always, any thoughts you wish to share about absolutely anything are most welcome.


  1. Good compromise, Crabby.
    I'm so glad you're keeping 3rd Person Crabniscient. It adds extra zing and um, flavour, to your posts.
    Crab On!

  2. I hear a voice.
    It is crabby.
    It is good!

  3. Thanks leah & holly!
    I tried but I just couldn't seem to drop the third person crab. I tried a few draft posts the new way and they just came out too weird. It really helped to get everyone's input. Screw the googlers, Crabby stays as she was.

  4. Did Appleton miss some tempest in a teapot? Goodness, Crabby, I think you should use whatever voice you want to. Mix and match. Make hay.

  5. Appleton, welcome!

    The tempest was of Crabby's own making. She was considering a more "normal" sounding first person voice for the blog, and some ungainly "I' person tried to take over for a bit. Fortunately the rebellion was quickly squelched.


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