May 11, 2007

Of Course You Could Just Blow this Study Off...

But you might want to take note of this report from Johns Hopkins University if you're, um, an oral sex enthusiast. Especially one with multiple partners.

The risk of throat cancer for those reporting oral sex with more than six partners was almost nine times higher than normal, beating out smoking and alcohol consumption by quite a bit. Apparently infection with the HPV virus (which also causes most cervical cancers), was responsible.

Crabby understands if some of her normally forthcoming commenters find themselves without much to say on this topic.

She also promises she will have another post before too long, just so people stopping by don't get the wrong idea about the nature or her blog. (She's still getting search engine mammary-seekers from a previous post and has learned her lesson about salacious language. She will never again use the phrase "Big B**ncy Br**sts" in reference to sports bras!)

But please, readers, do feel free to share if you have any thoughts to contribute!


  1. That is HILARIOUS! And fascinating, actually. The virus and all. I would never, ever have guessed it would beat out smoking!

  2. Hi Kappa!
    Thanks for being brave enough to comment on this post!

    I've been meaning to check back on your blog again, and this is a great reminder.

    thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow! That is fascinating. I am sure many women are printing out that study and showing it to their husbands and saying "you don't want me to die a hideous of throat cancer!"
    His reply might be................

  4. This is your moment, Crabby. Seize it! If you did a post with Big B**ncy Br**sts and the owners of the Big B**ncy Br**sts were having O**l S*x with Mult**le P**tners you could become the highest ranked blogger of all time!

    Go Crabby!

  5. Samantha--yeah, I can see this research could be something of a conversation starter (or stopper) among couples. Particular those with "active social lives."

    And Dawn--it's weird, as much as I LOVE blog traffic, I hate the idea of all these frustrated men arriving here feeling duped by the lack of Actual B*g B**ncy Br**sts. So far, none have left a mean comment, but I worry it could happen with all the crazies out there.

    And I know I've said it before but I still don't understand how my obscure blog keeps appearing in their search results. Isn't porn supposed to be a huge chunk of the internet? I still get several hits a day from these guys, yet google can't seem to find me at all when it comes to stuff I actually blog about.


  6. I've been spade since February of 2002 (Happy Valentines to me), so I have no interest in such activities. However, Karen had a good laugh about the study and thought it was interesting. She then thought up a question for me to relay to your readers:

    In Texas, Govenor Rick Perry (aka Govenor Good Hair, George Bush jr. jr., etc.) wanted to mandate girls of a certain age be vaccinated against HPV.

    Any thoughts???

    -- Penelope (the cat)

  7. Penelope, it's so nice to have a feline of your impeccable breeding pay us a visit!

    Crabby must apologize for not being fully informed about the well-coiffed governor and his plans, but off the top of her head it sounds like a Bad Idea and Overly Intrusive. Crabby thinks there's a big difference between making something available, especially to those who have trouble affording it (good) and mandating things without regard to individual circumstances (bad). But to hold forth on this outside of the relative privacy of the comment section would mean Crabby would actually have to do some some serious reading and research, and such activity might hurt her head. In fact, she thinks she needs a nap.


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