May 20, 2007

Artist Makes Meatballs from His Own...

(Warning: Stop right here. You don't want to read this. Seriously. If you're new, skip down a post or two, right past the boring broccoli musings, to "Sidewalk Hogs" or something better. If you're a regular, check the archives or your other favorite blogs).

Still here? Don't blame Crabby, then, you're as stubbornly reckless about what you read as she is.

So we have Bethany over at That'sFit to thank for alerting us to this lovely story:

"Artist Makes Meatballs from His Own Fat." (Or did you think it was something even grosser?)

More of the story is here, but why go there when you can stay here and get completely disgusted?

Here's a quote:

"Artist Marco Evaristti mixed fat removed from his body by liposuction with ground beef to make meatballs, which he then fried in olive oil and displayed in a public gallery. He also invited 12 people to join him in eating the meatballs in a last supper."

He claims they tasted better than his grandmother's.

“I want to show people that meatballs made with my fat are no more disgusting than the meatballs you buy in the supermarket,”
he said.

Crabby doesn't know where Mr. Evaristti shops, but she's certainly not going there next time she needs meatballs.

You may have heard of this guy before: he's the one who put live goldfish in blenders and gave exhibit visitors the option of "making their own fish soup" by turning on the blenders.

Crabby really, really, does not like this man.

For those of you who are still left, any thoughts?


  1. What a horrible man.

  2. Oh my god. I came at the wrong time. But I did go back and read the less gross more funny posts and I've gotta say your blog is very cool. Love the sarcasm (my favorite blog quality). And love the fresh clean layout -- very reader friendly. All in all it may be link worthy here very soon. As in when I get around to introducing some new blogs I've found and adore on my own blog. I'm slow though.

    Anyway I came over from AW because I said I would but now that I'm here I'm glad I did.

  3. That is just so disgusting -- I can't even think of anything to day -- but eeeeewwwwww!

  4. I can't imagine going through all of that trouble to get something out of my body only to fry it up and put it back in! UGH!!!


    I find the fish in the blender thing worse, though. Those poor fish, how cruel! At least with the meatballs he was only huring himself (and the people he fed them to....)

  6. Cannabalism as art?
    I'm sure he's making a point. Good for him.
    And, on a personal note, eeeewwwww.

  7. Um, ew is all I can really muster. So nasty. He's evil.. not just evil, but eeevil. Gross.

  8. Cannibalism. With an "i." Mixed it up with cannabis. Sorry.

  9. Hi anonymous--I totally agree.

    And sorry, jennifer, for introducing you to Cranky Fitness with such a gross-out post. I hope I haven't sent you running away screaming, 'cause it does get a little weird around here occasionally.

    And lady rose, I think "eeeeewwwww" says it best.

    Holly--good point! And definitely agree with Ugh.

    Sera--I thought the fish thing was terrible too. The article did go on to say that the man had animal rights activists on his ass for quite awhile afterwards.

    leah--i think with a post like this, you have to mix in a little cannabis. (On a related note, I sure wish they had spell check for comments. There are lots of common words I can't spell and I have to either avoid them or reveal my ignorance).

    Hi Smartcookie! Loved your meme thingy and thanks for introducing me to those links. Readers: Smartcookie not only has a smart blog but she hangs out with a smart crowd. Just what we need-- more great blogs to visit!

  10. Ummmm, yuck, yuck, yuck. I may never ever eat another meatball again.
    Thanks Crabby

  11. I want to see a picture!
    ok, i just clicked on the link and saw the cans of meatballs. What is grosser however, is the look on this guy's face. LOL! (I'm too sexy for your meatballs)
    And at closer inspection, is that a naked picture of him on those cans? I think I just threw up a litte in my mouth.
    OHHH, there are just way to many things wrong with this whole situation.

  12. Anytime, Samantha! If you're not alreaady vegan by now (and you seem like the healthy socially conscious type who might tend that direction) you will be soon if you keep reading this blog.

    And Katieo--your astute observations just took my revulsion to a whole new level!

  13. That is just so horrible. I agree with Sera - the fish one is worse. And Jennifer - don't go. Crabby doesn't normally talk like this. She's usually whingeing and whining and being sarcastic! Oh, and occasionally she tells us about health things that we should be doing.

  14. ew, ew, ew. I don't think I can ever buy ground meat again.

    My parents owned a pet store (mainly selling aquariums and fish) for half of their working life, and they always had some people who wanted to buy a goldfish to eat it.

    My mother would always tell them not to, because of all the chemicals added to the water and whatnot. But then there are those who swallow the fish whole right in front of you....


  15. Anybody that would hurt fish -- um, just a sec, lemme start over....

    Anybody who's fat enough to require lipo--

    Oh crap.

  16. shoving veggies in my mouth is exactly what i need to erase my weekend wickedness. i'm going go do that right now.

    p.s. i love your blog. i linked to it on my page. those cupcakes make me salivate everytime i see them. maybe its the sprinkles or the artificial coloring, i'm not quite sure what's doing it for me.

  17. Yeah, this guy isn't just desperate for attention or anything!

    He's really making a meaningful point!

    Okay... so, what is it? Hmm, deep inside, humans are purposefully cruel...and it makes him feel better to be purposefully cruel? That self-mutilation for a buck is okay?

  18. Oh, excuse me... I meant a buck and 15 minutes of fame!

  19. Dawn--hi! thanks for coming to my defense, whether on this blog or in other arenas. If you ever find yourself accused of murder or mayhem or any other scandalous transgression, I promise to lie in court for you.

    Some fine day, could you tell me what the difference is between "whining" and "whingeing"? Or is it just another way of spelling the same word? Do you pronounce that g? I've always been intimidated by "whingeing;" it seems to appear in works by smart people and we Yanks don't really use it. 'Course I'm too lazy to just look it up.

    Pookie--oh dear. I've always hoped that the goldfish swallowing thing was apocryphal (sp?--where's that damn spellcheck when you need it?) So people are really willing to make some poor fish suffer their unpleasant and fatal digestive process just to... to what? Why do they do this?

    Frank--well, you're not hurting poor innocent fishies for publicity, you're eating them. Much more sensible. And you're a burly macho mountain man who needs a little extra insulation for those rugged camping trips. I can't imagine you making meatballs with your insulation.

    Hi kelly! Yes, the cupcakes are designed to be Evil. They would be even more irresistable if they were chocolate with vanilla frosting and vice versa. A little of each flavor in every bite. Someday Crabby will write a tedious detailed post about the proper technical specifications for cakes and cupcakes.

    Anonymous--you nailed it. And the sad thing is, I just added to his hour and fifteen minutes for the sake of my own 17 seconds. It would have been better to ignore him, but then I'd have to think of my own idea for a post.

  20. Anyone want to bet that as a boy that "artiste" was a deep nose booger miner who smacked his lips after ingesting said boogers?

    I'm not usually so gross...I wonder what it was about this post that brought that out? :-)

  21. Dawno--
    Ok, I think that was one of the best descriptions of this guy we've had yet. Please unleash your gross side for us more often!


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