July 28, 2014

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

By Crabby McSlacker

So, a couple things to run past you guys this morning.

First up...

Can I coax you into sharing your thoughts with lovely appreciative Cranky Fitness readers in a guest post?

And yes by "you" I mean YOU! ... You there, who are reading this right now, whether you are blogger or a regular commenter or a quiet lurker.

Not if you are too busy, of course.  Or if you have a commercial site and have been harassing bloggers relentlessly with "did you get my email" follow-ups in order to find a home for your generic prose and spammy links. Or especially not if you were the person who arrived here googling "nude girl fuking in gym mashion."  (I do love checking my google search keywords). Can you imagine? This is a high-class site! We can NOT tolerate blatant spelling errors.

July 25, 2014


By Crabby McSlacker

So the last week or two I was in a bit of a funk.  And I'm still struggling with minor transitory stuff like injuries, and the resultant lack of exercise, and a potential new restrictive diet. (FODMAPS anyone? Copious whining about that to follow, if it indeed happens). Plus of course there's the usual dreaded Crapload of Stuff That Really Freakin' Needs to Get Done But Where The Hell to Find Time?

And yet? Funk gone for now!  Perspective returned.  Back to feeling mostly good about life. (At least for a congenital pissypants grouchbucket).

I know that research says gratitude is one of the best tools for getting out of a crappy mood, but for me it's no magic pill or anything. Efforts can seem kinda hollow and forced, and even if the "thinky" part of my brain gets it, the "feely" part just feels worse for being so lame that it doesn't recognize how lucky it is.

But sure enough, just pluggin' away and noticing good stuff where I can really does help!  (A good go-to source on how is pretty much anything by my fave geek/guru Rick Hanson). And then, voila, once I start feeling more myself again, the gratitude all comes rushing back for reals and everywhere I look there is all kinda stuff to feel grateful for.  Cranky Fitness readers in particular!

So please allow me share some appreciation and some fun links.

July 21, 2014

Study: Fascinating Way to Beat Pain

By Crabby McSlacker

OK, maybe no one else would be quite as intrigued by this study as I was.  It still leaves many questions, and it's a bit impractical in its current form. It isn't a magic pill that the pharmaceutical companies can exploit. So who knows if anyone but avid Do it Yourselfers will take advantage of it?

But it's the implications of this study that got my overthinky brain churning away.

And, unfortunately for you guys, these implications led me to much speculation and theorizing about pain and personality and neuropsychology! Even more ominously, it got me thinking again about the whole Subjective versus Objective reality question.

Be very afraid.

July 18, 2014

Elimination Diet Workbook Giveaway Winners

The giveaway winners are...

Paulina and Amy G.!

Congrats!  Please email me within the next week and I'll hook you up.  And whether you won or not, hope you all have an awesome weekend, free of hives, wheezing, bloating, barfing, or digestive unpleasantries of any sort!

July 16, 2014

Whine Not?

My last post was a whiny one, full of petty complaints. And I knew that when I posted it.

It was sort of a therapeutic exercise for me.  (And, I hoped it might be helpful for anyone else who found themselves likewise discouraged about whatever they'd been trying to achieve).

But I left all kinds of things out! Like for one, how wonderful and patient the Lobster has been while I've been such a grump.

And also, the larger context of how insanely lucky and privileged I am, and how grateful I am for so many blessings I have.  Seriously, how annoying must it be to be facing true hardship and hear someone who is healthy and well provided for bitching about their inability to keep their workouts "fun" and their waistline under control?

And yet... isn't it weird how sometimes knowing that you are ridiculously fortunate and are being petty doesn't make you feel better, it just adds another level of feeling crappy because you realize what a superficial ungrateful asshole you are?