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Are you a reader who'd like to contact Crabby personally, or find out more about commenting on Cranky Fitness, or get listed on her blogroll?

Or do you have a product or service to promote, or a guest post to pitch, or an exciting partnership idea?

This is the place to come first so that Crabby doesn't ignore your email, delete your comment, or otherwise do something rude and thoughtless!

(Note: Crabby is actually just disorganized and busy, and not as mean as all this sounds).

To Reach Crabby by Email:

1. If you are promoting something, read the stuff below first to see if she will just delete your email unread.

2. Assemble her address. In an effort to avoid spam harvesting robots, let's make this as complicated as possible, shall we? Start with crabbymcslacker and then use the symbol for "at" and then note that she uses gmail which ends with dot com, and you should be all set.

If this is too confusing, leave a comment on a recent post admitting you couldn't follow this explanation and if you're not a spammer she will find you and help you.

General Blog Questions and Comments:

Comments are most welcome! Unless they're spam, Crabby reads and treasures every single comment, because Cranky Fitness readers are awesome.  And in a new experiment, she is replying to individual comments pretty darn frequently! (Though not on giveaways, guest posts, or old posts). So you may want to check back in a few hours or days, or see if that little "subscribe by email" link at the bottom of the comment form works for you to let you know about comment replies. Also, you may want to try replying to other people's comments, and then Crabby will weigh in again too, and then, voila: a conversation! If you comment on a post more than a week old, it may take a while to appear as these are moderated.

Frequent commenters with somewhat health-related blogs that aren't too commercial may end up on the blogroll. People actually do click on blogroll post titles and click over to read what's on your mind. If you are a frequent commenter and Crabby has forgotten to include you, please send an email and you may find yourself on there.

Sadly, Crabby may not visit your blog and comment there more than very occasionally. She used to be better about making the blog rounds but got too lazy busy. And if your blog has a comment system that won't let her leave a name/URL outside of a particular blogging platform, she may bail because she's frequently logged in on her personal gmail account and don't want to bother signing out, sorry.

If you'd like to talk about something personal and feel too shy to leave it in a blog comment, feel free to use the email address above.

Promote Your Products or Service:

Surprisingly enough, Cranky Fitness gets a lot of traffic and has a pretty decent google page rank for such a scatterbrained health and fitness blog.

However, the blog no longer accepts text or banner ads unless they are "no follow."

Email her for rates, as these change depending on demand and whim.  Be forewarned that ads are not as cheap as you'd think for such a sketchy looking blog.

Note: Not all products and services are a good match for Cranky Fitness readership so Crabby may not respond for example, to proposed ads featuring words like "colonic," "gaming," "miracle," or "manhood."

Guest Posts:

Cranky Fitness takes guest posts from regular blog commenters, friendly health-related bloggers with a compatible voice, and sometimes experts, but only very selectively, and not generally as a vehicle for promoting a commercial website.  For some reason the blog gets TONS of guest post inquiries so if you aren't either (a) already known to Crabby or (b) famous, you may not get a response.

Ideal guest posts are well-written, have photos that are either properly licensed or taken by the author her or himself, and contain links to helpful research or resources.

Reviews and Giveaways:

Crabby likes free stuff, whether products or services...but writing reviews or hosting giveaways is time consuming.  So review inquiries may go unanswered unless you're pitching (a) something so revolutionary as to be downright shocking; (b) a relatively expensive product Crabby gets to keep or a service she could use; or (c) a giveaway prize blog readers would love to win that is either relatively valuable or, if not expensive, is going to be ponied up in sufficient quantity to be worth everyone's time. The best are combo review/giveaway promotions, 'cause then everyone is happy.

On giveaways, please be willing to ship directly to winners as Crabby hates going to the post office. If you're willing to send to non-U.S. winners (particularly Canadian) that gets extra special attention, because Crabby loves her Canadian readers.

Extraordinarily Greedy Wish List

If you or your client is offering any of the following in exchange for a review or other promotional consideration, Crabby will be especially happy to talk to you!

  • High-end running, hiking or athletic shoes or clothing or gear.
  • A bike, especially one like Crabby's beloved Giant road bike which broke her arm and got itself stolen twice but she still misses it.
  • A Vita-Mix or other Fancy-Ass Blender because Crabby loves her smoothies.
  • Other shiny high-end kitchen equipment to make healthy meal-prep as painless as possible.
  • Neurofeedback equipment, as Crabby is trying to rewire her brain and could use more information on what exact sort of craziness is going on in there.
  • Web Design, publicity, or marketing help.
  • Personal training, personal chef, meal delivery, massage, or hypnotherapy services if you are located in San Diego CA or Provincetown MA.
  • Virtual personal assistant services from wherever the hell you are.
  • Sponsorship and travel/accommodation help to conferences, workshops, retreats, health spas, cruises, resorts, or active vacations.
  • Software or games that are more than just cheap apps. 
  • Electronic or photo/video gadgets that would make blogging easier, so Crabby can feel even guiltier about not blogging often enough.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. As with all your stuff, your highly entertaining way of communicating made me laugh. How do you make boring info worth reading? I guess that's why you're "way up" on the Google list--woo woo! Good for you. Thanks again for making me laugh. Your sarcasm & self deprecating style are both winners! (You're probably rolling your eyes because I say the same thing all the time, but thanks again, anyway!)

    1. Hey thanks so much Elaine! And it's great to know at least one reader made it all the way down to the bottom of the page.

      And no eye-rolling here, in fact I REALLY appreciate your comments and hope you decide to hang at Cranky Fitness for the forseeable future!

  2. Hello everybody! I'm new to the blogging world and wouldn't mind pointer on how to get traffic to my blog. My blog is about the emotional part of weight loss and fitness and how your main human needs can help you not just on the fitness part, but the life in general. thank you in advance


  3. So sorry for the long-delayed response, I missed this comment!

    I wish I knew some better secrets. It takes a LONG time to get traction, but the good news is you meet a lot of interesting folks along the way. Keep visiting other blogs and commenting and writing good stuff and eventually you'll have more company!

    I have a few more thoughts but don't want to yammer on forever down here as you may be long gone by now. But I may write a post on this at some point.

    Good luck with the new blog and have fun!

  4. Love your wish list. Dream big, baby! :)

  5. New reader who also made it to the end, like Elaine, due to your writing style and I am sleepy! Finding myself laughing almost at midnight, while barely keeping my eyes open is unusual for me so, yeah, delightful! Will go back to the beginning and get to know you. Norma's blog is what brought me here and I am grateful.
    I am envious that you spend part of your life in my favorite city in the United States and wish more conferences I can attend were being held in San Diego.

    1. Welcome dlamb, so glad you stopped by! And congrats for being one of the few with the stamina to make it down here.

      I suspect if you are a fan of Norma's you are probably pretty darn kick-ass; she is amazing and tends to attract other amazing folks to her blog.

      Oh, and me as well. :)

  6. Hi Crabby,
    I just found your blog. Very entertaining and fun! Not like other blogs in the diet/weight loss/fitness niche I have read. You sure have a talent for writing. :)

  7. Is it a troubling sign that you refer to yourself in the third person? We likes that, yessss.

  8. Well I don't have a blender to send you, or fancy running shoes, but I would love to make the blog-roll one day! Really enjoy your blog and look forward to keeping up with it (just found it).

  9. Hey - can't post this on the actual post you asked about for some reason, but yes you have a cookies warning in the UK.

  10. haha, just read your about me page, and again, I just thing that you bring the element of realness and humour to the blog, congratulations on being what I assume, is you!!!

  11. LOL Good stuff 'Crabby' - this is the first' about me' type page that has actually made me 'LOL' in a while. :-)


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