April 30, 2007

Who is Crabby McSlacker?

Photo montage by the awesome Bossy of I Am Bossy

Crabby McSlacker started the blog Cranky Fitness in April of 2007. She also writes under the name Jamie Graham, and has been a contributor to Diet Blog (although she seems to have gotten rather lazy about that lately).

Crabby is not an expert on health and fitness; she is just a regular person who often finds it challenging to eat healthy and get enough exercise. However, she thinks it is very important to try one's best.

Crabby Loves Cupcakes Way More Than Broccoli

Crabby's philosophy on nutrition can best be summarized by the Ninety Percent Rule: try to eat 90% healthy, with plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. The remaining ten percent? Eat total crap if you want, and enjoy it!

Crabby Hates Weights But She Does Them Anyway.

As to exercise? Well, Crabby thinks that's essential. It's best to try to find something you like, but the grim reality is that exercise is not always going to be fun.

Crabby believes one should ideally do some cardio, some strength training, some stretching, and even some more challenging SHIIT every now and then. But she thinks it's more important to do something rather than nothing! She often argues against health and fitness perfectionism, even though it has never been a personal problem of hers.

What Else Has Crabby Done Besides Blog?

Crabby has written a novel, but alas, it remains unpublished. She is working on another novel and is trying to turn Cranky Fitness into a wildly successful series of Cranky self-help books. (Wish her luck with that, will you? She could use some).

Crabby used to be a psychotherapist, and spent some time in the legal publishing field. Yet she remembers almost nothing useful about her prior careers. She still holds an inactive license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and may someday go back to private practice. Or, she might take a shot at life coaching. She's sure tons of folks will want to seek help from a life coach named Crabby McSlacker.

Who is "The Lobster?" What is a "Moo?" And what about "Fran the Van?"

Crabby shares a quiet life with her Most Amazing Significant Other, known on the blog as "The Lobster." They have been together more than 18 years, and were recently married in Massachusetts. Crabby and the Lobster split their time between Provincetown, MA, and the San Francisco Bay area. They enjoy camping and touring the country in "Fran the Van," a 19 foot Pleasureway campervan of which they are inordinately fond.

Their beloved 17 year old cat is named Maile, which then became "Maile Moo," and now she is just known as "The Moo." The Moo is a talented artist, but when it comes to physical exertion she is, unfortunately, even lazier than Crabby.

(Cupcake/weight photo credits: Betsy Gertz; weird purple photo tinting added later by Crabby for no particular reason.)


  1. Thanks for posting this. I love to read about the people behind the blogs. It's like reading the writer's bio, which I usually do half way through a book.

    Great cat picture. SOOOO relaxed.

  2. Wait a minute. JUST Wait a minute! You spend time in the bay area.. and we have not arranged a meet up? At my favorite park (for walking)? At a gym for a workout party? At a restaurant??

    What's wrong with this picture?? I live in the East Bay right on I-80... what's the excuse??

  3. It is so nice to finally "meet" you! (and check out those guns, you must be doing more weights than you are letting on!)

    I'm feeling like the Moo today....

  4. I knew you were a skinny traitor. I love you regardless.

    I wish you'd go back to being an MFT because there aren't enough wounded people out there giving the nuts the help they need. ;-)

  5. I am MADLY in love with Fran! She is a smaller and cuter version of my long lost love Dzonokwa, a 24' class C. It doesn't hurt quite as much when I remember she only got 8 MPG. She doubled as my earthquake kit though.

    You and your Lobster are just pretty darn cute too!

    When are you getting your BOAT?? :D

    Pretty cool on the MFT! AND the books, keep on truckin'. :)

  6. hey Deb,
    Well, I'm on the East Coast until mid November, but I definitely think a blogger bay area meet up of some sort would be an awesome idea!

    And thanks all for saying hi to the Crab and the Moo and Fran and the Lobster!

  7. I like your cranky style I've subscribed.

    Give me a shout if you ever want a guest blogger to provide you with some extra content.

    I'll keep it cranky I swear.

  8. What a great site! This was my first visit. I love the tone and the number of times you made me smile. To quote a famous Californian,I'll be back.

  9. Crabby,

    Your response to the "live long" on Dr. J's post cracked my up so I had to come by here and check this blog out myself. Here's a salute to your travels with Moo and the lobster.

  10. I just stumbled upon your blog today and it's awesome! It's really refreshing to see that someone else out there hates making an effort just as much as I do!

    Maile is adorable! She looks just like my kitty, Maui. Yup, even the pose.

  11. As if "Cranky Fitness" isn't a great enough name - Crabby McSlacker nails the "I don't wanna work out today" character residing in all of us.

    Great writing, great cat, great blog.
    Boston (by way of Seattle)

  12. Oh Crabby, I think you need to have a meet-up in the Bay Area. You've got more than a few fans here.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, wisdom, and crabbiness.

  13. haha that cupcake picture is fantastic

  14. haha that cupcake picture is fantastic!

  15. I just came by for a visit.
    I have enjoyed reading all the blogs here.

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    I wish everyone here the very best and hope there dreams of becoming more healthy and fit come true!

    Barry In Houston

  16. Hi! I stumbled across your page after typing something snarky about what a new person who hates the idea of a gym could/should actually do at the gym into the Google search engine. I've been "going to join a gym" any day now for about 10 years. But I'm lazy. And I don't like the idea of a gym. Or gym people. Or anything.
    I'm checking out a lot of what you have on your page and I love it. Too much work out stuff online for workout people, which I am not.
    I took the week off from work this week to a) get away from work and b) do some holiday shopping, but the #1 thing on my agenda is to join a gym and learn how to use at least one thing (I figure being off from work will afford me the opportunity to go at off peak hours and look like a dingbat to the employees and suburban mom-types primarily. Wahoo!)
    Thanks for your site. I've bookmarked it and will check back often.
    Take Care,
    PS- I've been going to P-Town every summer for 12 years. See you there!

  17. Thanks Holly!

    I have often fantasized that someday someone will walk up to me and say, "hey, are you that health blogger Crabby McSlacker?" Preferably when I have witnesses. Never happens, unfortunately, but perhaps I'll walk up and down Commercial St all summer until you spot me!

  18. ROFLOL!!! Isn't it amazing how one teensy Google search for "beginner strength training" can be a lifesaver! Crabby McSlacker, you are now at the top of my Bookmarks! I'm an out of shape 59-yr old woman who can no longer ignore the fact that I need to get this fat butt moving - and YOU, McSlacker, are just the whiny encouragement I need. I'm going to be a regular visitor to your blog. After reading your bio (and a couple other posts) I suddenly thought, "Yeah - I can do this, and I DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT!"

  19. Thanks for the workout music recommendations!!

  20. Thanks for sharing... nice to know a bit about who is writing the articles...


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