April 30, 2007

About Cranky Fitness

What the Heck is Cranky Fitness?

Cranky Fitness is a health blog, sort of. It was started by Crabby McSlacker in 2007, and now also features cobloggers Gigi and Jo. (A former esteemed coblogger, Merry, is no longer contributing on a regular basis, but you can still enjoy her archived posts or find her at her own blog, Sheesh).

Blog topics at Cranky Fitness include general health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, disease prevention, aging, and whatever else the authors happen to feel like whining about on a given day.

Would you like upbeat inspirational advice about how easy and fun it is to eat healthy food, lose weight, and stay in shape? Then you will probably not like it here! One of the founding principles of Cranky Fitness is: Healthy Living is a Pain in the Ass.

Disclaimer: We are not health experts. Do not take our advice seriously and then try to sue us when Bad Things Happen. Consult your doctor, pharmacist, psychotherapist, herbalist, chiropractor, dentist, shaman, voo-doo practitioner or other appropriate health professional before doing anything that might affect your physical or mental health.

Comments, We Love Comments!
New to blogs? You may not realize that reader comments are often much more entertaining and informative than the posts themselves. Be sure to click on "Comments" and see what other folks have to say. And don't be shy--you don't have to have a blog or sign up for anything to join the conversation. Feel free to comment anonymously or make up a funny nickname! However, we do reserve the right to delete comments that are spammy or that seem too rude or mean.

Please Email Crabby at CrabbyMcSlacker @ gmail dot com.

More soon; this page is in the process of being updated. Thanks for visiting Cranky Fitness!


  1. Great blog! You need to approach health and wellness with a sense of humor... I'd be happy to contribute a guest blog one day soon if you are feeling lazy. Maybe you could return the favor for me!!

  2. This blog is such a breath of fresh air. Just what I needed.

    Thanks Crabby!

  3. Great blog. If you're open to it I'd like to put a link on my website to your website. I don't know if you want me to put my website on this post or not, so maybe you could email me and let me know. I could then send you the name/URL of my site and you could look it over to see that it's not offensive or anything. I think they put my email here for you to send follow up comments to. Thanks

  4. Hi Honestinjun!

    I don't know what blogger does with those emails in the comments, but I don't end up seeing them.

    But I'd be flattered if you linked to us, thank you very much!

  5. I think there is a real market out there for Cranky Fitness items. I'd love to wear a CF t-shirt!
    I kept reading Crabby's comments at The Bag Lady & her sister Reb's blog, too. It was only a matter of time before following Crabby home. Who could resist a blog name like that?

  6. Good writing a lot of honesty/truth in your blog, I was so inspired and motivated to get active, that I got up and made myself a cup.

  7. Just came across your blog and it is great! Love the style of it :)

  8. love the blog and the cranky humor especially the cupcake with devil horns, oops I had one last nite!

  9. I'm breathing fresh air here...okay that's too much of an exaggeration >.<~ but what I want to say really is this is a very very refreshing blog.
    I like the sense of humor and the alternative approach to healthy living. It makes you strip off that business suit and be casual and relax. Something I think I still fail in doing so with my own blog. I've got to break the wall...

  10. I found this blog recently & am loving it. I have my own weight loss blog & am working hard to lose the weight. But i am one of those unlucky ones that you describe in "fat is not fair". However, i think if i keep making wise choices then EVENTUALLY the extra will come off (even if it takes forEVER). anyway, this log is PERFECT for me as i HATE exercising & consider it all a huge pain. i'm also a big whiner. But at least my hubby thinks it's cute (& not annoying) :)Thanks for being here!:)

  11. Hey thanks Melissa--so glad you found us!

  12. Oh crap - I can say that here, right???? I may have finally found a site to keep me accountable to whatever diet I happen to be on NOW, because hellooo, this site is real and fun to read! And to think I found it because I was too chicken to click on those "One secret to a flat stomach" ads and did a search on the phrase instead. Sometimes I wish I could cash in my clever-ness for weight-loss, but then I wouldn't be nearly as approachable. Please don't pull the plug on it until I hit 125 pounds. I'll click whatever I have to, even one rule ads, to keep you up and runnin'. Oh and I told all my MF friends about you too!

  13. Love the blog! Cranky is the exact word that describes me when I'm thinking about fitness.


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