April 16, 2007

Sneaky way to eat a vegetable for breakfast!

Smart readers already know they should eat lots of vegetables. (Crabby will have more on that later, no doubt). But you don't really love vegetables do you? At least not the way you might love Krispy Kreme donuts or barbecued ribs or milkshakes? (Some people claim to but Crabby doesn't believe them entirely, though she may concede they think they love vegetables). Crabby believes that because vegetables are inherently unlovable, then sneaking more of them into your diet gives you Extra Credit. And for breakfast? You get Double Extra Credit.

So here's a trick Crabby just discovered. Being lazy, Crabby doesn't bake very often, but she made some whole wheat pumpkin muffins the other day, and ended up with a left-over half can of pumpkin. Not the sweetened kind, mind you, just the regular vegetably sour gloppy stuff. Well, she also happened to have some nonfat vanilla yogurt on hand (the "light and fit" kind Dannon makes with Splenda that's only 80 calories a cup), so she mixed equal parts pumpkin glop and yogurt, sprinkled in some cinnamon and ginger and allspice, dumped in a bucketload more Splenda, and voila! A painless vegetable that tastes sort of like a dessert. (Okay, not like a real dessert, but arguably in the same ballpark).

Pumpkins, by the way, are incredibly good for you.

Not everyone can abide by Splenda, of course. Crabby has opinions about artificial sweeteners and so do a lot of people so she will be posting more about this topic at some future point.


  1. Oh, Crabby -- Splenda, ugh. Count me as one of the non-abiders.

    Honey is a much better sweetener.


  2. I suspect, dear Appleton, that you are probably in the majority in holding this opinion. Yet after years of revulsion I have come to worship at the altar of sucralose. Things taste sweet with no calories! A miracle!

    More on this later.

    And thank you again for visiting!


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