April 21, 2007


We were recently discussing how difficult it is to get enough Omega-3's in one's diet if one doesn't eat a lot of fish. Crabby was in the grocery store yesterday and came across this new incredibly-disgusting-sounding option from Tropicana.

It's orange juice with fish oil in it.

Note this helpful caveat, both on the carton and at the website:


100% pure pasteurized orange juice and MEG-3* (fish oil and fish gelatin).

*Ingredient not found in regular orange juice. Contains tilapia, sardine and anchovy.

Really? Tilapia, sardine, and anchovy are not ingredients found in regular orange juice?

Who knows, maybe this stuff is tasty. Crabby couldn't bring herself to put it in her cart.

But if you're going to hedge your bets with supplements, why not just take a fish oil capsule and enjoy an unadulterated glass of orange juice?

Crabby will confess that in addition to eating fish (but not quite often enough) she also downs a daily fish oil capsule. (The enteric kind to minimize nasty fish-oil burps). She figures they're probably not as effective as consuming it its natural form, but hopes that combined with real food, will help a little.


  1. What? You know of a fish oil capsule that doesn't result in fish-burps? Do tell!

  2. The key word is "Enteric", which means it's got a coating on it which keeps it from dissolving til it gets farther along in the system.

    I just get the house brand at my drugstore, which is Longs. There are probably fancier better brands out there, but these are cheap. Doesn't completely eliminate the obnoxious burps but it seems to help.

  3. Anchovies in orange juice? That's going too far. I can't even bring myself to drink the stuff with calcium.
    Y'know, if they added Orange Roughy to the orange juice they'd fool more than a few.

  4. Ewwwww! Don't think I'll be running out to buy that stuff anytime soon! ;-D

  5. Crabby, here is the flax meal recipe I mentioned the other day.

    I got this years ago from my friend Joanna Rose in California. We use this as a low carb cereal

    Phoney Cream of Wheat

    1/2 C ricotta cheese
    3 T cream, or half and half
    1 egg
    1 t vanilla
    2 T ground flax seed meal
    Dash of salt (optional)

    Beat egg. Mix in ricotta and other ingredients . Mix well and cook on medium heat until it gets thick and grainy. Stir often. It needs to come to a low boil before it thickens.

    My adaptation is that I put it in a microwavable bowl and I nuke for 45 seconds stir and repeat until it is done. An easy way to get omega 3's. If you are a low fat person not a low carb person, skim milk works.

    Hope you like this.

  6. Now, if I want anchovies, should I go to the pizza shop or the juice counter at the local grocery store?

    Anchovies taste good on pizza, but my stomach can't handle them even then, so I'll choose neither!

  7. leah: Orange roughy orange juice! Crabby thinks you've got a winner there.

    thomma lyn: aw, come on, don't you want to be our designated product tester and report back? Take one for the team!

    Terrie: thanks for the recipe! Personally, Crabby has never been a Cream of Wheat person but this looks like a very healthy tasty version of it. Crabby may have to try this sometime and see if she can change her mind about hot cereal. In the meantime, She's sure other readers will appreciate it. Thanks for sharing it!

    Michael: Crabby has always wondered who was ordering anchovies on pizza, a topping that has always seemed, well, kind of gross. (A little anchovie chopped up in a caesar salad, however, is somehow quite tasty.) She's sorry for your sake you can't eat them anymore, but for her, this problem would not be a huge hardship.


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