April 25, 2007

Blog Apocalypse

For those non-bloggers who might be reading, as well as newly-minted bloggers (like Crabby) who may not know what the hell a "meme" is, bear with us. We'll be back before too long with more Steaming Hot Throbbing Health and Fitness News.

So from what Crabby can tell, a meme is sort of like a chain letter, or a venereal disease, in that you get "tagged," must deal with it in your own way, then pass it on to someone else. On the upside: a meme is much more fun than a doctor's visit or the threat of some horrible fate befalling you if you don't keep the chain letter going. On the other hand, memes involve no careless flings with sexy strangers or promises of untold riches if you send out twenty copies of some crap to all your friends.

(It occurs to Crabby that some readers may be too young to have ever received an actual chain letter in the mail! Be grateful. Crabby always broke them and felt paranoid for weeks afterwords.)

This particular meme thingy comes from UrbanMonk, passed on to Crabby by Thomma Lyn, who explains it much better than Crabby can. It involves money going to charity, and blog traffic, and the end of the world.

Here's a short version of the instructions:

The blogosphere is ending. No more blogs. Blog apocalypse. The internet is still working, the world is fine. But you can’t write anymore. Write your last post.

Crabby may be a new blogger but she has figured out a useful trick when what you're supposed to be writing about is something hard that requires deep reflection and thoughtful consideration: don't write about that, write about writing about it.

And indeed Crabby has, and now the post looks a respectable length. She hereby tags Dawn and Michael, who may have already been tagged or who may not want to play having better things to write about at their fine blogs. (Crabby survived breaking all those chain letters in her youth just fine, so she's not going to worry about breaking it now.)

Crabby will end this with her hypothetical end-of-the-blogging-world post:

Mmmm, cupcakes...


  1. You wicked wench, Crabby! Make the calories in your cupcake go straight to your hips!

    I'm off over to Thomma Lyn's to find out exactly what I'm supposed to do before the world ends.

  2. Crabby, you crack me up! Hey, that's as good a thing to post as any should the Blogosphere end:

    Mmmm, cupcakes...



  3. Miss Crabby, you are classy as ever.
    Way to dodge the bullet!

  4. Thanks Thomma Lyn & Admiring Anonymous! (And welcome to the blog!)

    And Dawn, please feel free to call Crabby a Wicked Wench anytime. It makes her sound much more interesting than she actually is.

    Now I'm off to see what you folks are up to.

  5. Oh, my. What can I say? I suppose I'll have a look at the instructions and follow them to the best of my ability, but I have no idea who to "tag" with it. Hmm...maybe I can find someone.

    In the meantime, you really are funny, Crabby (for a Wicked Wench, that is). Don't sell yourself short!


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