April 22, 2007


Crabby is still learning the mechanics of this new-fangled "blogging" thing, and she obviously hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. There is a brand new post which appears beneath the cat food post. She started a draft of it earlier, then got distracted. She thought posts would appear on the blog in the order they were published, not in the order they were started.

So peek down below for the newest one.


  1. Hi, Crabby! When you start a post then save it in draft in Blogger, it will retain your original date and time that you saved it as the draft and use that as the date and time posted. Yeah, pretty weird!

    Here's how to get around that: when you're in "create post" mode, look at the bottom of the area where you type your post for a link "post options." It'll be to the left of where you insert your labels for the post. Click on "post options", and it'll open up an area to the right, "post time and date", where you can choose the time and date with which you want your post to be stamped on your blog.

    I hope you're having a great weekend! :)

  2. thomma lyn,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. That Thomma Lyn is one smart cookie. Thanks for the hint.

    And Crabby. You must have learnt something about the art of blogging. You've made my "A" list, gal! How could I not promote you after you sent that recipe for hot fudge sundae carefully printed on a ten dollar note!

  4. Hey Crabby,
    Good to read your ojmega info-yuck. If you taste it let us know. Along the things that taste bad must be good for you thing, do you know if good dark rye bread has any redeeming qualities?

  5. Dawn: Yay! Crabby is extremely grateful for the promotion. You made her day.

    Dark rye is also too intense for Crabby, though others claim to love it. It's often a safe bet that any version of a healthy food (like whole grain) that tastes particularly strong and unlikable must be better for you. But she doesn't know if rye has particular health advantages over whole wheat. Perhaps she will look in to this and perhaps report back. Just watch out for cheaty breads that try to pretend to be whole grain but are not.

    And thanks for visiting!


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