April 20, 2007


Martha over at ThatsFit has a helpful post reminding us that there are a variety of ways to exercise outdoors, where actual sun and nature exist, rather than in our usual gloomy gyms and basements. (For some reason she omits long walks to Ice Cream Emporiums from her list of outdoor activities but I'm sure its just an oversight). Crabby is hesitant to send you over to ThatsFit, because they have a ton of helpful advice there and sensible columnists and she is afraid you will never come back.

In any event, one of the activities Martha mentions is Speedminton, which Crabby had never heard of, and it sounded kind of fun and hip and goofy, like dodgeball for adults, so she went to the Speedminton site to check it out. She even watched their video.

And guess what? Crabby was so disappointed. It's just boring old badminton without a net! They've got this very expensive looking video set in all kinds of exotic locales, with buffed young'uns who are just delirious with excitement about this incredible new extreme cutting edge sport they've discovered. So they hit this "speeder" (which is just a badminton birdie but goes faster) back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, and from what Crabby could tell, that was about it. She isn't sure what she was expecting, but somehow she'd gotten it in her mind (since it was supposed to be a combination of several different sports), that people would be running around doing other things at the same time as they were hitting the "speeder" back and forth--maybe tackling each other or running relay races or juggling lit torches. Alas, this was not the case.

This is not to say that it couldn't be fun. Have any of you ever tried it? Any other goofy sports you like? Crabby should learn not to let her imagination run away with her. Also, when she looked up more on badminton she found out the "speeder" (birdie, ball, whatever) is also frequently referred to as a "shuttlecock." As long as they were coining new names, why pass up the opportunity to introduce SpeedyCocks?


  1. Aww, how disappointing. I was hoping it would be totally awesome. I guess I'll stick to walking to the ice-cream store for exercise this summer ;)

  2. It does sound a little silly, but I've always been a bad joiner, so maybe I'm a poor judge. I much prefer activities that don't require someone else's participation to make it happen.

  3. What bunnygirl said -- I'm a bad joiner, too. But I love walking outside -- there's a track near where I live, and I love to go over there and take a brisk walk, usually ten laps around.

  4. Well, you already said: what were you expecting? Speedminton is a mixture of tennis, badminton and squash. And it is contrary to badminton playable outdoors. And so it is fun, that's all I can say and thats also the feedback of everyone I played with.


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