April 20, 2007

Warning: Possible site weirdness ahead

So Crabby realizes her site name is too damn long, and she needs to do something about that before she starts getting all cocky and submitting herself to search engines and such. She won't change the URL, so any links that have been created will stay the same. But the whole Crabby McSlacker's Real World Guide to etc etc may ending up being a subtitle rather than the official site title. The real title may be something more simple like Cranky Fitness, in keeping with the blogspot domain name.

If anyone has any strong opinions about this, be advised to communicate them quickly. Crabby might ignore them or she might take them very seriously, but either way you will feel better for having vented.

So in an attempt to do something about a title change and header renovation over the weekend, Crabby may end up totally hosing the site up. Crabby is a "geek" only in the sense of being socially awkward, not in the useful sense of having any technical aptitude. The thought of going in the template and messing around with the HTML makes her queasy. She is also going to do some blogroll updating and try to figure out what the whole meta tag business is about.

And while it hasn't been quite a full week yet (Crabby wrote her first post on Sunday and invited the world in on Tuesday) Crabby would like to say to her visitors and commenters THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! Yes, she is shouting, because she means it. What a wonderful group of people she is discovering in her cyber wanderings.

UPDATE: Many thanks for all for your helpful suggestions. Crabby has decided to go with Cranky Fitness. The subtitle is not set in stone and could well change again, either on a whim or if everyone hates it.

Crabby is also beginning to realize that she needs to stop rushing into the comments section every few minutes and responding individually to each one, both for her own health and to keep from driving you all crazy. She will be reading them and cherishing each one and occasionally stopping in to respond, but perhaps not so obsessively anymore.


  1. Cranky Fitness works on many levels.
    My opinion may not be strong as some, but I'm willing to share it anyway.

  2. Thanks Leah,
    That's reassuring.

    P.S. Crabby wasn't sure, on your site, whether to address you as Leah or Goat. She worried about the former in case you wanted to maintain a separate identity, but the latter also seemed problematic. So she just avoided the issue entirely.

  3. Crabby, you have my kind of approach to fitness. Isn't loading large lumps of laundry into the machine exercise enough? Now that it's warming up, smelling roses will be part of my regime again, and my fingers are in super shape from all the keyboard pounding — writing's a fine way to stave off Alzheimers.

    I'll be back! Good luck with your cerebral exercises over the weekend, but take it easy. The site's cool as it is.

  4. Welcome ritergal!

    Yes, lets all go out and smell roses or play Speedminton or whatever and get away from our keyboards!

    Crabby will be practicing laundry avoidance this weekend (that t-shirt doesn't smell all that much, lets give it another go!) but yes, chores do count too.

  5. I like "Cranky Fitness", too. And you have a great idea about keeping "Crabby McSlacker's Real World Guide to Health and Fitness -- Because Healthy Living Can Be a Pain in the Ass" as a subtitle. :-D

    ROFL @ ritergal's comment "Isn't loading large lumps of laundry into the machine exercise enough?" Ohhhh, laundry -- the chore that is never, ever done...

    Have a great weekend, Crabby!

  6. Yes, I'd have to agree that Cranky Fitness makes a great title, but please do keep the original as the subtitle. It's hilarious.

    I always try to avoid doing laundry, and dishes, and dusting, and . . . well, you get the idea.

    About the only time I do any housework is when my son visits. I mean, how can I make him a good dinner if I don't wash the dishes?

  7. I like "Crabby McSlacker's Guide to Fitness" which is not as long as your present name but not as short as you're thinking.

    And doing laundry is a fine all over body exercise that I have personally proven can burn off one cream filled apple donut.

    Crabby - I've been here two days in a row. You're in grave danger of clawing your way on to my "A" list!

  8. LOL Good one, Crabby. Go ahead and address me as Leah on my site, but I'll get a good laugh if you wish to call me Goat. I wouldn't like it from just anyone, but you...well...you're Crabby and we love you already.
    Avoidance works, too.


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