April 18, 2007

Inexcusable Ipod Selections

Music is one of the best ways Crabby has found to make exercising less gruesome. A pounding beat and a catchy melody, especially when timed to match one's own footfalls or pedal strokes or pogo-stick boing-boings or whatever--can do wonders in turning a grim chore into an actual exhilarating experience. At least on good days.

But finding good music is hard. (And the the criteria for "good" is incredibly subjective, as Crabby will discuss in a future post). If one is being virtuous and exercising regularly, the old tunes can start sounding stale awfully fast.

So have you, dear readers, ever found yourself downloading shamefully cheesy music just because it has the right beat? I'm not talking just your average shallow pop music, but the sort of songs that are just so over the top awful you'd have to swallow your Ipod whole before you'd ever let anyone catching you listening to them?

True confession time. Crabby will go first.

Some of the cheesiest tunes she has on her Ipod are selections from "Classic Cardio Workout 2." Crabby was going to link directly to the itunes download page so that readers could judge for themselves, but she realized that you'd need to already have itunes loaded on your computer for the link to work. And Crabby recognizes that not everyone has the infernal devices and their software, at least not yet.

So she will try to explain. This amazing album is not just classical music set to a disco beat--embarassing enough--but it's a particularly exercrable example of the genre. The songs have this cheap synthesizery sound straight out of a porn movie or an infomercial. And yet, Crabby is secretly happy she owns these terrible tunes. She gets all bouncy and energetic whenever one of them pops up on shuffle from her playlist.

So is something horribly wrong with Crabby? Or do others of you have any similar dark secrets to share?


  1. I don't use an iPod. I'm a purist when it comes to running-- I like to be aware of traffic sounds and the greetings of fellow runners. And on the elliptical machine, I would rather read my magazines.

    But I would die without my iTunes when I'm spinning. I set up my road bike on the trainer, pop in a Spinervals video and queue up my tunes! And yeah, some of them are pretty cheesy. But '70s and '80s disco and pop songs are soooo good for slogging through those tough interval sets!

  2. Spinervals! I must check these out! Even the name sounds gloriously cheesy.

    And I suspect that listening to traffic noises instead of music is a lot safer in the long run. Crabby just rocks out and hopes for the best.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. And hey, bunnygirl--
    great blogs you have!

    I'll try not to resent you too much for being a triathlete and great writer. And four blogs? Jeez.

  4. oh, Crabby, I can completely relate.

    Seriously, i pop in bad ninetys techno, when i walk to my bus stop in the morning, it gets me in the mood!

    seriously, you know that song "what is love, baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me no more!" yeah that is my fave.

    dont tell.

  5. Hi anonymous,

    I love bad '90's techno too!

    Damn you for putting that song in my head though.


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