July 17, 2008

The post without a title

[By Merry]

So close to Friday.
Almost there.
Must... hang... on...

Hang on a minute. What kind of post is this? Where are the chipper puns? The quirky health studies? The fun Fail photos? It doesn't even have a proper title! Bring Crabby back! We want a real post!

The headache is taking up most of the front part of the brain, where all the serious thinking is usually done, so my mind is in trivia mode.

I know gas is expensive

... but this is ridiculous
(I don't know if you can see, but the horse is on a treadmill, which powers the vehicle. Literally horsepower.)

Winner of the Addictive Game award of the week:

Damn that game. Be warned that this game is highly addictive and very frustrating. Also, if you go to that site, please do something about the spelling and grammar. Please.

More ways to help the world while feeding your trivia addiction:

Free Kibble
Kind of like Free Rice except you only answer one question a day. Every time you answer a question, more dog kibble is donated to animal shelters. There's also its feline equivalent, Free KibbleKat.

Cartoon of the week:

And, of course, the cat video of the week:

Okay, I can't take the guilt. Here's productive, useful information:

I'm being a headache-addled wimp and shirking my duties as a dutiful blogger. Crabby will be sad. I can't be having that. So here. I put together a long list of useful and helpful blogs, where people talk about how to be more organized and productive and all that good stuff. (When I say "put together", I am of course referring to the fact that I personally went to that blog and copied the URL myself so that I could link to it here. That's pretty strenuous activity right now.)

Have a great almost-Friday!


  1. Oh no! Headaches are the worst--Feel better soon. And Get Good Drugs!

    Crabby is quite pleased to see funny cartoons etc since she has been laming out on random Friday in favor of giving stuff away. So Random Thursday works just fine with her.

    Must go play kibble games now...

  2. Oh no*
    Trip (@#$%^&)


  3. How much do I love this kitty video?
    As for the horsey cage, euh, creepy??

  4. Oops, forgot to say I love the kitty video too! At first I thought it was one I'd already seen (about waking up). I didn't get there was more than one--that guy obviously has a cat.

  5. Extra-strength Exedrin. God's gift to my headache-suffering, usually (had to take one this morning myself :-/).

    Feel better soon, Merry!

  6. Now that was a great post! VERY crabby. Awesome.

  7. Got a kick out of the kitty video.

  8. Those cartoons are AWESOME. Laughing so hard was just what I needed. Cheers Merry!

  9. Love XKCD!! And freerice is a perennial love of mine. Hope you feel better Merry!

  10. Sorry to hear about the headache - feel better soon!

  11. Thank you, Merry, for taking over my headache. I've had it since Monday, and yesterday it went away--now I know where it went.

    I love the horse's expression--it says it all. Why not just put the horse in the front of the vehicle where it belongs?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky, where Amish drivers are routinely fined for not having "worldly" warning flashers on their buggies.

  12. Mary Anne - there are Amish in Kentucky? I thought they all lived in Pennsylvania.... :)
    And we occasionally haul our horses around in a stock trailer, but we have to pull it with our truck. Don't think the golf cart would make much progress....

  13. I'm all for Friday coming early, namely right now.

    Loved the cartoons. Just what I needed cause caffiene wasn't doing it this morning.

  14. Thanks! The headache is doing much better. Now I'm suffering from Wish-it-were-Friday syndrome, which is a disease that only time (or thyme?) can cure.

    Apparently the cat guy has done a few videos. And yes, he must be a cat owner, or someone who's long studied feline psychology :)

  15. So I went to the site where the clear horse carrier is...and they actually say something about designs to prevent cruelty to animals. A clear carrier is NOT cruel to the horse? Going hurtling down the highway at 60 miles an hour and not being able to see walls around you? I'd be peeing on the floor!

  16. I love Simon's cat. He's the best. My favourite one so far, however, is the 'wake up' video...

  17. Get some rest!!! It's almost Friday!!!
    Love the cartoons also..yes, I believe that guy has a cat. Or maybe he IS a cat? HMMMMM.....

  18. What a horribly unfunny cartoon. HA!

  19. Aw feel better soon! Love the cute comics.

  20. i found the bubble game on addictinggames.com and yes, it is ADDICTING.

    for more addicting, go to addictinggames.com/hedgehoglaunch.html. you'll either thank me or hate me. just make sure you have the sound on.

  21. No! Why did you have to show me that bubble game! All my Snood instincts have returned and productivity has ceased!

  22. Baglady, yes, Amish. Not large communities like Pennsylvania and Ohio, and even northern Indiana, but in the last twenty or thirty years quite a few. Enough that (if my fuzzy memory serves) special legislation exempts them from having flashing lights on their carriages in some counties. (My great uncle who raced a horse and buggy, not a racing sulky, four miles in ten minutes over hilly public roads, not on a race track, would probably not need the slow-moving-vehicle light.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  23. Merry, feel better soon, headaches are the worst. Love the cat video and thanks for more time-wasters!

  24. I used to have the worst headaches :) When I eliminated sugar, they went away. I was a pill popper in a big way trying to get rid of those awful things. Feel better soon!

  25. Ugh headaches - I know them well. Feel better soon!

    Simon's cat is hilarious.. only because it's Simon's. When my own cat does those things.. not so funny.

  26. Great choices this week man, no doubt you've made my life much more enjoyable for a few minutes :)

  27. Well thanks for you other info angelica1, it seem i am gonna check it soon. Anyway... what with only one post. Try be more active in mylot my friend. If you try it, you might get addicted and don't know when gonna stop. Well thanks for responding to my discussion.

  28. Hehe, Simon the Cat made my day :D


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