July 16, 2008

Hypnosis CD Winner

And the winner is...


(Sorry, to all the not-MJ's. But do not despair! We've got another cool give-away coming up Fri.)

So MJ, please email Crabby McSlacker at gmail dot com and send us your mailing address by midnight EST July 17th and we'll tell the hypnosis folks to send you your CD.

Thanks fer playin' everyone, and better luck next time!


  1. Congrats MJ!
    I still may need to buy that Stress one considering my stress levels this week. Either that, or just start throttling people.

  2. Gemfit--
    Throttling people could be quite satisfying! Yet, alas, could lead to incarceration which probably wouldn't help your stress levels.

    Well, actually, depending on how stressed you are, prison might be an improvement.

  3. W00T! I'm psyched!

    Just emailed, let me know if the email didn't come through correctly.

    Gemfit: Hang in there. Perhaps I'll learn something from the hypnotize DVD and be able to influence folks from over those internets. I'll let you know! ;-)


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