July 09, 2008

Fitness DVD Winner

We sure wish we could give you all prizes every week--we love Cranky Fitness commenters! But we will keep trying to rustle up Friday give-aways whenever we can. We've got quite a few lined up, and hopefully the offers will keep rolling in, 'cause we'd love for everyone to eventually get something.

So we're sorry--if you are not Christine from "a little town on the North West coast of Ireland," then please hang in there--someday that prize is gonna be yours, we just know it!

And Christine, please email us at crabby mcslacker at gmail dot com by and let us know your mailing address so we can have them send you the DVD. The deadline is midnight, Thursday July 10, Eastern Standard Time.

Thanks to all who leave comments here, you folks are awesome!


  1. Yay, Christine! My little talk with the Random Number Generator bore fruit--a non U.S. winner.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. Congrats, Christine.. that's so cool! :)

  3. omg!!!

    I've been overrun at work today and only saw your post now but yay!!!

    I can't believe it - I never win anything :')

    Email's on the way :D


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