July 25, 2008

Whither Random Friday?

[By Crabby]
Long-time readers may have noticed that I've kinda stopped doing "Random Fridays."

If you're new: "Random Friday" was a Friday post with a bunch of short news items, cartoons, and other truly random links. Often these would have nothing to do with health or fitness, unless one can define "cute cat videos" as health and fitness.

Now we seem to be doing giveaways instead. Because, well, people like free stuff, right? But to be honest, part of the reason I'm doing giveaways instead of Random Friday was that Random Friday was becoming a Random Pain in the Ass.

It started off as just nifty place to put links I had handy and wanted to mention, even if they didn't happen to fit in with a "regular" post. But then it became a Thing, and so I turned it into this big production (in my own mind). I felt like I had to find links for it every week, and some of them had to be very silly, and some had to be scientific, and some should mention great blog posts from Cranky-Friendly blogs, and the whole thing needed the right picture and maybe a theme if possible, and there couldn't be too many of this and there had to be enough of that...

Have I mentioned I'm neurotic?

Also, I was starting to use it as an excuse to surf the web for hours and hours, just, um, "looking for 'Random Friday' links!"

Note: Inventing reasons to sit on your ass for hour after hour surfing the web for random amusing stuff is not necessarily compatible with health and fitness.

So I stopped.

But now I seem to have no place to put the random links that I find without even looking for them, the links I want to tell you all about. I'm back to where I started!

So it's possible that a new, low-key version of Random Friday may pop up now and then. But it's going to behave itself this time and not get all greedy and out of control. It may just contain a link or two I want to mention and no smart ass commentary or cartoons or anything.

Links like this blog post by Tokaiangel that just blew me away with its eloquence and humor and honesty. Check out "I Know What the Boys Like;" it's fascinating.

Or links like this crazy-ass but intriguing mass transport idea that Mary Anne from Kentucky alerted me too. It's a human-powered monorail, and it's adorable. It has these little capsules you climb in and pedal. They can go pretty fast, and they swing out when you go around curves. It sounds like a blast.

Photo credit: Gizmag

But the best thing? It's called "The Shweeb."

How can you not love something called a Shweeb!!!

But skimming the article, I had one question: if everyone starts using it to commute someday, and the pods are rigged up on little tracks, how the hell do you pass people? I found myself already getting pissed off at the imaginary Shweeber ahead of me too busy texting his girlfriend to remember to pedal. C'mon already! Move it!

But I read more closely, and here's the deal: "When a fit rider comes up behind a slower rider, the impact is cushioned and they act as a single unit. The rider at the rear...is able to put all their power into pushing the lead vehicle. Two Shweebs acting together will always travel faster than either rider separately."

Just add a drink holder for my morning coffee, and I'm there. I want me some Shweeb!

And if you're an urban or suburban person who wonders how those rural types can stay in shape without fancy gyms and personal trainers and elaborate equipment and such? Check out the Bag Lady's amusing fitness Product Review round-up.

(OK, so the real truth behind why I had to kill off Random Friday? The Cupcakes didn't approve. And everyone knows that it's dangerous to piss off a cupcake...)

Cartoon by Natalie Dee


  1. I've gotta admit those Shweebs look really cool and i will probably not be able to stop saying Shweeb all day, Gee Thanks :-)

  2. I really, really, really want to experience the Shweeb. How can I convince the DC govt to install it all over town??? I know--I bet it's totally green!

  3. I'm claustrophobic. The Shweeb is terrifying. Not as terrifying as the angry cupcake, however. That thing will give nightmares.

  4. Hmm... I wonder if we can get a floating Shweeb so we can avoid using the bridge into the city.

  5. I personally find cute cat videos to be extremely beneficial. They always make me feel good - how can that not be a health benefit?

  6. Angry cupcakes? Random Friday? That explains the terrible time the cupcakes LEFT the blog?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  7. Love the links! I would totally try a schweeb. And I'd totally get schweeb rage too, lol!

  8. the shweeb sounds awesome.

    even awesome-er? THE ANGRY CUPCAKE. love it. <333

  9. Those Shweebs look very cool, but also look like way too much work. I'd rather ride a horse. Oh, wait, perhaps I could hire a monkey to do the pedaling.....

    Thanks so much for the link to my goofy, tongue-in-cheek post today, Crabby!

  10. Shweeb cool! I like it! :)

  11. A Schweeb would totally work for me - I'll take one!
    That cupcake is a bit...frightening...

  12. I thought "Shweebs" were people cool guys pummeled in high school. At least, that's what I thought they were calling me between blows.

    Maybe he just had a lisp...

  13. Shweeb: the Verb. Why did I not notice until now how cool it sounds to say "I'm shweebing to work today," and "Did you shweeb into town?"

    Mary Anne in shweebless Kentucky

  14. Shweeb!!!

    It's just fun to say, even if it does remind me that I need to shweeb the kitchen floor.

  15. I want a shweeb! And a cupcake. Especially an angry one.

  16. "If you're new: "Random Friday" was a Friday post with a bunch of short news items, cartoons, and other truly random links"

    Bring them back!

  17. I love the idea of a schweeb! You get sunlight but protected from rain and wind. And it would get there so much faster than the slow-ass train (though I suppose there'd be the sweat factor when arriving).

    I'm in a business meeting on break and just showed the pic around and everyone thought it was awesome!

  18. LOVE the monorail idea!!

    The cupcakes scare me! ;)

    Such a great blog!!!

  19. Shweeb..I just want to meet who came up with that name ♥
    Crabby I am the same way when it comes to doing anything..I get neurotic on it...I start to feel stressed by it after a bit.

  20. I'm with Cousin Leah - claustrophobic, no thanks! Then there is my fear of heights, yes, even a foot of the ground, if I can see through what is supporting me, I don't want to be on/in it.

  21. Great find on the Shweeb! Your description of your Random Friday post is exactly how I felt about my Weekend Splits post a few months ago. That's when I decided that I'd only post it occasionally and not hold myself to every weekend.

  22. So Random Friday will be true to it's name and only appear randomly? Fine by me, I like whatever you and Merry write, even if I don't always leave a comment.


  23. Those cupcakes can be vicious. I heart Nataliedee cartoons.

    Shweeb is just fun to say.

  24. Vampire cupcakes = prime dinner party fodder. DO NOT OFFEND THE CUPCAKE.

  25. [Often these would have nothing to do with health or fitness, unless one can define "cute cat videos" as health and fitness.]

    IMHO, we also need regular doses of what I consider things for our emotional and mental health, things to laugh about, things to encourage us! Without these, we are just plugging along, putting in our time and getting by.

    (Once a week I have to get online with friends who dance to crazy tunes and tease each other just for the laughs alone. I won't push where I do this but will provide a link* in case anyone is interested and they can ask me for more info.)

    Now that I've vented on that issue, I'll read the rest of the blog!

    *Second Life

  26. I gotta admit, I was expecting something different when I saw a link to Shweebs. ;)

    I think this would make a great addition to an amusement park, or over local soccer fields. While older kids are playing games the younger ones could pedal above them and watch the game.

  27. Angry cupcakes chasing monorail goons in plastic bubbles...how cool is that!?!

  28. Shweeb! I want to Shweeb! Let's all get together and Schweeb tonight!!!!!

    (I'm going to paint a picture of myself on a Shweeb: I'll call it "Dweeb on a Shweeb!")

    I'm seeing Shweeb limos for the rich, with a driver in a cap, pedaling...

  29. I just like saying that...Shweeb. It also sounds like a fun candy. I'm with leah j. I'd get clausti in one of those Shweebs, but hey I'm open to anything that would help eliminate the need to depend on gasoline.

    Shweeb...ok...jsut had to say it again. lol

  30. I supposed angry cupcakes would make slow Shweebers pedal faster.

    Hmm, from the photo, I wonder if I'd get a neck cramp after awhile. Need some ergonomic engineers working on this design!

  31. Do not anger the cupcakes....

    Heh, I want a tshirt with that on it ^_^

  32. I totally want a shweeb in NY!

    Your thought about passing was my first thought too, but their explanation doesn't make sense. If the person in front of me isn't going as fast, and I'm pushing them AND myself, won't we both go slower than I would like because I'll be pushing more weight?

  33. Schweeb. What a brillient invention. How long before they get to Melbourne?

  34. I gave you an award, Cranky! Drop by my blog when you get the time.


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