July 30, 2008

Cookbook Winners

Gosh, it was really hard to pick a winner with so many fine poems and haikus to choose from. And like in a horserace (albeit one involving very slow horses) there was even some last minute drama! Because I went ahead and picked a tentative winner yesterday afternoon, seeing as the post had gone dormant--and then two strong finishers came out of nowhere in the final seconds hours and made me change my mind!

Actually, it really was kind of a 4-way tie, but I had to chose just one winner, so Rebecca wins our poetry contest. (Which were the other three entries? Just assume, if you wrote a poem or haiku, that one of them was yours).

And the random drawing went to messymimi, who also submitted a great haiku featuring a clever pun I didn't even catch the first time through ("grill of his dreams"), so that worked out very well!

So Messymimi and Rebecca, please email crabby mcslacker @ gmail dot com with your names and mailing addresses to claim your copy of Eat, Shrink and Be Merry.

Thanks everyone, particularly all those who submitted poems and haikus--they were a blast to read!


  1. I don't journal but so many have been talking about it lately, I thought maybe I would start. It would be interesting to see my calorie range and nutritional stats. Thanks for the push :)

  2. I went ahead and sent you the email, let me know if you don't get it so I can try sending it again!

    And thank you so much for enjoying (and choosing) my poem!


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