July 23, 2008

And the Fitness Thingy Goes to...

Jenn (of the tiny hula hoop/gym bunny ring toss). Sorry, other Jenns--of which there were several. As always, we love our commenters and wish everyone could win!

So Jenn, please email at: Crabby McSlacker at gmail dot com to claim your Sportstep! (Note: deadline is Midnight Thursday the 24th, EST.)

Note: I LOVED all the hilarious suggestions on how to use the Pilates Ring!

Stay tuned for this coming Friday's giveaway--there will be TWO winners; one will be randomly chosen and one will earn a prize by SUBMITTING THE MOST AMUSING ENTRY.

More details to come... So sharpen your wits, all you competitive types!


  1. I love the suggestions for the Pilates ring, too! I just used it in my classes yesterday, and my clients love the results but hate the procedure, lol!
    The ring can be used for a lot of different things, most of which are painful. (And, yes, I frequently reference the ThighMaster.) One good use? Place the ring between your ankles, squeeze, and do the Hundred. Yowza!

    And congrats, Jenn!


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