August 01, 2008

Lazy Linkage

(Photo by Crowbert)

So here are a few Random Links for your weekend reading pleasure. (See, longtime readers, how I'm not making a big production out of this? Just a few miscellaneous items I wanted to mention. Not a return to full-on Random Friday Neurosis).

On Six-Packs and Life-Suckage:
First off, Kelly at Fitness Fixation wrote a great post this week called "Why You May Never Have a Six Pack." But it's about much more than six packs abs--it's about genetics, and hard work, and high expectations, and how life sometimes sucks.

Plus, being Kelly, she's hilarious and serves you up your minimum daily requirement of swear words. ("Hey, we are fucking snowflakes. We are all different," she reassures us, and I'm thinking I might need to put that phrase on a nice bumper sticker or T-shirt.)

Big Fat (and Calorie) Liars:
Two of my favorite blogs, Elastic Waist and The Great Fitness Experiment, alerted me to the incredibly depressing (but somehow not totally surprising) news that restaurant chains often totally lie about how many calories and fat grams are in their foods.

Just one fun example? Macaroni Grill's "Skinny Chicken," which is supposed to have 500 calories and 6 fat grams was found by an independent testing lab to contain 1,022 calories and 49 grams of fat.

I hope their corporate pants are totally on fire right about now. But repercussions? Are there ever any?


Can You Put Cranky Fitness in Your Compost Pile?
Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your perspective), Cranky Fitness is not available in print form. So we have no worries about how you choose to dispose of our posts once you're done with them. But did you know there are all kinds of weird things that you can not only recycle, but actually add to your compost pile? Like, for example, junk mail, latex condoms, and used masking tape? For more weird examples and other green tips, check out Ecosalon.

Be More Popular!
And finally, I thought I'd pass along some tips for bloggers looking to write some high-profile Personal Development posts. (The kind that get Dugg and Stumbled and bookmarked in the way that Cranky Fitness posts rarely are). Anyway, this Productivity Hack article contains some very useful tips, like:

Start off with an inspirational quote, preferably by an Asian spiritual leader. Include a picture of people jumping. Always tell people to make a list of their goals...

You get the idea. In my ramblings I see a lot of these kind of "productivity" articles, yet somehow I remain stubbornly unproductive--imagine that. This perhaps explains why!

So, back to work...

(Cartoon by Natalie Dee)


Have a great weekend, y'all.

(Oh, and don't forget to check out our weekly giveaway post below if you're looking to score some free stuff, or even if you just want to weigh in on Germy Gyms).


  1. If you started marketing t-shirts (with Kelly, of course) that said "We are fucking snowflakes" you could sell them on Threadless. And I would buy one for everyone.

  2. Well, some kind of flake, anyway....

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. Thank GOD it's Friday is right. If it was Tuesday, it would be bad. Very bad. FBG needs a weekend.

    Sidenote, Old Style is my official summer beer. We had a blind taste test on Memorial Day of six $4-or-under beers, yard beers if you will, and my lucky beer of choice was Old Style. Now, that's my kind of six-pack. :)

  4. That restaurant calorie count "error" is bad news! At least I noticed that the calories the elliptical machine said I burned (500) is actually about half of what the heart monitor says. (1000) Some good news that almost exactly balances it out!

  5. Great Photos of the grain silos. A Very interesting tidbit about the six pack abs. I'll have to read more on this topic.

  6. I would wear a t-shirt that said "We are fucking snowflakes"

    People are surprised that restaurants don't tell the truth? I'm lucky none of my food intolerances are toxic allergies or I'd be dead!

  7. Heh, my favorite quote is actually a Japanese proverb ^_^

    "Fall down seven times, Stand up Eight."

    More people need to make tshirts. I need cool shirts to wear! (Like for instance one with the angry cupcake on it) DOOOOOOO IIIIIT! ^_^ please?


  8. Love the blogger tips... was wondering why I never get "dug" or digged or whatevs. Now I realize it's because those kinds of posts annoy the crap out of me. Can't write 'em. Sorry.

    And hey - thanks for the shout-out:)

  9. I really enjoyed the "productivity hack" link, especially the reasons for making long meaningless lists.

    1. I am going to start putting lots of lists in my writing.

    2. Well, this is a start, anyway.

  10. Thanks sooo much for the link to Fitness Fixation.

    ...I think I love her.

  11. Crabby,

    I am not making a big deal out of this but:

    I always loveed random Fridays.


  12. The productivity tips article made me realise how many of those bloody things I've read.

  13. Great reads. I just somehow new that about restaurants. Why I mainly eat at home. I have two blogs. My fitness and then my everyday rantings with lots of food. I'm glad I found this place. Will add you to my blog roll. :)


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