August 28, 2008

Rhymes & Randomimity

[By Merry]
Where'd everybody go?

Note: because it amused the muse, part of this post is expressed in poetical form. However, for those who are not especially fond of poetry, a prose translation has been included at no extra charge.

'Twas the Thursday before Labor Day
And all through the blog
Not a commenter in sight
All were lost in the smog

I know, it's the day before the start of a holiday weekend, and the last one of the summer at that. That means the reading population of this blog has been cut in half (i.e. only 1 person is reading this). It's pretty lonely in here.

They were all stuck in traffic
On the road, not the 'Net,
Seeking vacation,
To get away and forget.

I mean, even Crabby's joined the Witness Protection program gone on holiday.

In which case, Merry thought,
Why bother with genius?
There's no one to read
Or react, e'en with meanness.

It wouldn't hurt to amuse myself. (You won't tell Crabby, will you?)

Screw it! thought she
(but poetically so)
It's Random Link time
And no one need know.

Relevant Health-related stuff

MizFit had the brilliant idea of doing lunges while cleaning the kitchen floor... and, even more brilliant, the idea of getting other people to clean the kitchen under the guise of their "getting a workout." Sheer genius, that woman.

Sure, she can do Windows, but could she handle a Mac?

This idea is being implemented on a larger scale at a gym in Portland

In this gym, you can ride an exercise bike (or use the treadmill, etc.) and the energy gets converted into electricity. As they put it "reduce your waistline and your carbon footprint."

If you're feeling more in the pedestrian mode, Dr. Mirkin has an article on how to increase walking speed.

Cows and humans have more in common than you thought

You've probably seen or heard of the new finding that, even without being herded, cattle align on a north/south orientation.

Apparently, humans do something similar:
Some studies suggest humans who sleep in an East-West position have far shorter rapid eye movement or REM sleep cycles, in which dreams occur, compared with North-South sleepers who got more REM sleep.

What's that doing in a random lineup? It strikes me as amusing, bizarre, and probably an indication that we've all been planted here for the aliens to pick up at a later date.

For some reason this reminds me of that classic early Cranky Fitness link:
Cow abduction site

Have you seen the Mothership?

CFLs are good for you!

In fact, here's a list of three of the best (in my view) early Cranky Fitness links:
- Complaint Choirs
- Cow abduction
- Free rice

Please feel free to disagree with me on this list! Send in your own favorites of erstwhile CFLs (Cranky Fitness Links).

And yes, in keeping with tradition, a cat video.

On bloggers! On readers!
On commenters off-the-wall!
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

One more day until the weekend!


  1. Im sadly still working
    (Im alone? who can say?)
    My dayjob is calling
    and *not* just today.

    Thanks for the shout out
    the time killing links.
    you wont post TOMORROW?
    we'll all miss you, methinks?

    So Merry dont fail us
    youve such grace & class
    Im asking. NO BEGGING!
    pull a post our yer....LOVELY MIND.

    xo xo,


  2. I can't compete with the poetry

    you got going on in here

    So I'm going for

    Blank verse

    (imagine a jazz beat behind me

    and some trumpet)

    Us Brits

    don't get labour day
    so we can wear
    white shoes
    all year round.

    TA x

  3. I am really bad a poetry so I will just say, that that was fun and thanks for the links. Loved the cat video.

  4. A haiku, as my rhymes are lacking this morning:

    But I'm here reading!
    Blog traffic down everywhere
    Whatever, you rock!

  5. Now I'll spend all day wondering whether I sleep East-West or North-South. Why, oh why, do I not own a compass?

    Cat videos always appreciated.

  6. I sleep north-south. And I am addicted to free rice!! Thanks, guys;)

  7. If I ever get to the point where I can open my own studio/gym, I'm definitely trying to do some kind of electricity generating concept. The cool thing about dating an engineer is that when I mentioned the concept of turning exercise into power, he offered to "rig something up".

    Although, it also means that he wants to take apart my coffeepot every time he cleans it (it's not a traditional one, and there's a hidden lever he's dying to find).

  8. I can barely read let alone write. :) Nice links!

  9. Around L S U,
    With Tigers in Death Valley
    Nothing else matters.

    Besides, my Sweetie works for the Alumni Association, so this is just another working weekend for him.

    Enjoying the links.


  10. i prefer randomocity over randomimity, myself.

    and i love the treadmill/cardio equipment power to electricity. more gyms should do that.

  11. I'm here! No vacation for me. I will have Monday off, no pay, but I'll just be at home catching up on laundry and refereeing the fights between my children.

  12. There will definitely be more posts tomorrow! Including a rather cool giveaway.

    I'm loving all this poetry, including the blank verse. And it's good to know that I'm not the only one in blogland today :)

  13. What if I sleep NW-SE?

    I love the idea of the gym that converts exercise into energy!

  14. Cow abductions??? Why is our entire accounting department still accounted for then? They're all cows!
    Can you tell I am still at work and rather grumpy? Blame it on the hormons.

    P.S: If anyone here is an accountant, I apologize and claim temporary insanity. I am 8 months pregnant.

  15. I am here! I will be here tomorrow too, although probably distracted by the tumbleweeds in the office.

    I will, however, be off Monday-Wednesday as I pack my life up and move 2 blocks. Yay.

    I sleep in a north-south direction but will be changing to an east-west direction on Tuesday - will blog about any changes in sleep that I notice!

  16. I'm here too. No rest for the weary.

    and no poetry for the weary either.

  17. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I shouldn't be reading blogs
    Because a hurricane is due

  18. I am still here! And am VERY excited about the green microgym, which I hadn't heard of. I have an appointment to tour it in a couple of weeks!

  19. COMPLAINT CHOIRS!!!!!! I am totally going to start one in NYC! What a wealth of available material!

    Also love the gym-generator. A long time ago, I read where someone hooked up their TV to a generator powered by an exercycle, so that if they wanted to watch TV, somebody would have to be riding the bike. I sure wish I could do that--my ScottieDog watches way too much TV and WON'T exercise.

  20. It's about time everyone caught up with MY ideas about energy conversion and finally started a greening trend nationwide/worldwide!!
    I kept telling family who looked at me like I'm if they aren't?

    The cow abduction site cracked me up, it's so serious! I'll keep an eye on the ones across the road.
    Btw, they usually graze and sleep N/S-ish. I seldom see them facing E/W.
    Now I'll have to either rearrange my whole bedroom or steal my daughter's bed. Her's is the only one in the house facing the proper direction.
    But does that mean the ones who align to sleep that way will have a bigger chance of abduction along with the cows?

    Thanks for the links.
    I haven't commented much lately because (thanks to your wonderful links and links off them) I have way too many blogs, etc. to read...therefore I spend too much time sorting what to read, reading and not commenting or commenting and not reading the rest so I get behind on the others!
    Such torture, such fun!

  21. Hey, there are lots of people here today! That's a good sign: maybe there'll be some people here tomorrow for the cool giveaway that's been planned.

    Gazelle, if you get a chance please let us know if the green gym works out for you (so to speak).

    Brenda, comment or no comment, both are good so long as you're having fun :)

    Nolafwug, now I understand your name! Well, part of it anyway. We'll keep fingers crossed Gustav is going to play nice.

  22. I am a north to south sleeper myself

    if only I could convince one little elf

    then maybe mommy could sleep tonight

    and dream of Labor Day very soon in sight!

  23. P.S. Alice, on the cow abduction website -- if you click on the cow it gets taken up to the mothership. That might relieve your feelings a bit. Plus the cow makes a protesting groaning sound, which would impress/frighten the accountants away from your cubicle, thus resulting in peace and quiet (and maybe some men in the nice white coats, but so long as they're cute... ;)

  24. We're almost there, new*me!

  25. We're almost there, new*me!

  26. Geez. Got so excited at the thought that I stuttered.

  27. Ohmigod the cow abduction site, I just finally clicked on that link and there I was innocently reading the page when my mouse accidentally wandered over the cow and suddenly it flies off. The look on my face was priceless I'm sure. I'm still laughing!

  28. bovine abduction
    crabby's shade ever lurking
    merry must be stopped


  29. Eeek! That sounds pretty darn ominous if you ask me...

  30. Naw, not ominous - just, er, really awful.

  31. Oh, heck, someone lend me a compass! I'm going to totally obsess about which direction I sleep, now.

    And I totally didn't realize it was Labor Day weekend...this is what happens when one works from home.

    I love the poetry, Merry. Keep it coming!

  32. well, I was moving all our worldly possessions yesterday into our new apartment.

    so I'm guessing I can get a pass on not being around/not conveying this story via poetry?


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