August 25, 2008

Stay Tuned for Great Guest Posts!

[By Crabby]

Yes, it's the suitcase picture again, which long-time readers recognize as a sign I'm out of town. But Merry's still here (thank goodness!), and there will still be a Friday Giveaway for those interested in winning Stuff. And then I'll be back next week.

Also, instead of my usual tiresome whining, we've got two great guest writers covering for me: Little M, one of our witty commenters, and Christine from Póg Mo Thóin Slán Leat.

They each submitted multi-part guest posts, carefully respecting the word limits I suggested for each post. But then I thought: "this stuff is too good to try to save any for later, I want to run it all this week!" So I took their carefully organized multi-part series and crammed them back together into longer posts so I could post 'em sooner rather than later.

So much for following instructions, eh?

So stay tuned this week for a refreshing change of pace! I'll be off camping, coping the best I can with blog withdrawal, and will be very happy to see you all again next week.

(As many of you have figured out, Cranky Fitness is much more fun when the Crab is gone!)


  1. Following instructions? Wouldn't that be for Agreeable Fitness commenters?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. Well I don't think it's more fun to have a Crab-less Cranky Fitness :(

  3. Yeah, you're all gonna be wishing very hard to get your crab back on Wednesday, I'm afraid!


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