August 29, 2008

Surfer DVD Giveaway

[By Merry]

It's Friday! And there's a giveaway! What more do you need?

Well yes, a surfboard and a good tan would be nice too...

And it's a holiday weekend, which is a definite bonus. All the more reason to celebrate!

So what are you giving away?

1 core training workout DVD and 1 surfer's workout DVD by Surf Stronger.

These DVDs are designed to give you the same workout you would get from surfing, especially focused on exercising the core muscles. And you don't even need a surfboard and a beach to get the workout! You can do these DVDs at home, on the road, or even download the program to your iPod, which opens up a lot of possible exercise locations.

This site has a couple of short videos that explain more about the training, plus you get to look at a lot of people doing some cool surfing.

Why would I want one of these?

Sadly, a free tan does not come with the DVD. But the good news is that with this new, hot, toned bod you will be able to hit the beach and get a tan without feeling like a wimp.

I like the idea of getting some of the moves down before actually getting in the water and having to deal with waves, other surfers, sharks, jellyfish and snickering dolphins. (Does anyone remember the old TV show, Flipper? I swear that dolphin was snickering.)

There are already enough variables to master, it would be good to have the body prepared for the actual surfing itself.

Always carry a surfboard if you're lost in the jungle... just in case...

Also, I wonder if this would help people who want to do snowboarding. Isn't that like surfing on frozen water?

Who is eligible to enter?

Yes, it's only available for U.S. residents, but this might be a great gift for any friends you have in the U.S., so if you live in other climes you can still join in! Or just leave a comment. We're easy.

What do I have to do? When is the deadline? When do I find out that I've won?
Just enter a comment, preferably something that will make Crabby and me snicker like Flipper. The Random Number Generator will work its magic Tuesday, September 2nd at Midnight EST.

Then check back Wednesday September 3rd to see if you've won! If you did, email us your mailing address at crabby mcslacker at gmail dot com to claim your prize (by Midnight on Thursday, September 4th).


  1. Hot crap, I want this! As the world's worst surfer, who has gotten more than her fair share of head-first flops back into the ocean, this workout might actually help me keep my feet on the board, instead of straight up in the air!

  2. I've starred this in google reader so that I know to ask for it at Christmas - I never grew the balls necessary to try surfing even though it's very popular in and around Sligo. Thankfully it's quite popular in Galway too, so I will eventually get to it :P

  3. Oh what a cool idea for a workout video!

    I wouldn't be worried about the dolphins, I'd be more worried about the stingrays snickering. They look like snarky personified in my opinion!

  4. Weeeelllll, I've never surfed, but I like watching 'em :D I'm game, though -- hell, I just committed to doing a triathlon, so maybe surfing is next!

  5. Surf's up, dude! Lemme at the DVD.

  6. Kewl! It will give me a new DVD instructor to talk to!

  7. Very cool. I've never seen this DVD before, which totally blows my whole "I'm the exercise DVD queen" thing. Darn.

    But still awesome! And yes, Flipper was a bit of an a-hole. He knew he was smarter than everyone else on that show...

  8. Oooh, I want! That looks so different from DVDs I already own and am bored with!

  9. daaaaamn I want this! anything to help me extend summer in my own mind . . .

  10. *slathering herself with fake tan lotion*

    I am TOTALLY winning this!

  11. "they call him flipper, flipper, faster than lightning,
    no one you see ... is smarter than he,
    and we know flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
    flying there under, under the sea!!"

    yes, i so watched that. and SURFING DVD???? i so need this. i wanted to learn to surf when the fam was in hawai'i last january, but i didn't have the arm/paddle strength for swimming.

    but as for celluloid dolphins, i prefer snowflake from "ace ventura" if only FOR ace.

    "why do you care about snowflake? do you know him? does he call you at home? DO YOU HAVE A DORSAL FIN?

    "to TRAIN ze dolphin you must ZINK like ze dolphin! you must be getting inside ze dolphin's head. i am saying, 'akay ... akay akay akay!' und he is saying, 'akay akay' und he is up in ze tail 'eeeeeEEEeeeEEEeee' und you can QUOTE HIM."

  12. My man wants me to learn to snowboard but I have the coordination of a dead jellyfish so any little bit helps. Plus I have dreams of someday cruising the waves in Hawaii so why not. Sign me up!

    Oh and the make you laugh part. Here's some linkage for Ya.


  13. I always carry surfboards in the jungle - doesn't everyone?

  14. Wow my sister was in love with the show FLipper, but I couldn't stand it at all. That brings back memories of fighting over the remote control, lol.

  15. Merry!

    Since you probably won't see my response to your note, and it being Merry-worthy, here it is :-)

    Thanks. Merry!!

    Yes, I'm still running, and my new friend is still slithering along somewhere. Hopefully, like two SHIIT"s passing in the night, we won't renew our acquaintance!

  16. I want! Have never been surfing, being an East Coast gal, but have been on a raft in the ocean off the Outer Banks, NC. DOes that count? I usually end up tangling with jellyfish...*sigh*

  17. Great idea for a workout! Sounds like fun.

    I agree with you, Flipper was totally snickering.

    We need more TV shows with cute, snickering dolphins.

  18. L----O---V---E it!
    Went to school in Hawaii and today's giveaway made me smile. Haven't seen a surfboard in years (all we see recently is snow, sand, and pills).
    Thanks for being cool.
    Don't have an open personal blog anymore but between the business and the name 'Shauna' if you know me you'll recognize me. If not, smile anyways.

  19. count me in! And yes, core exercises will help with snowboarding. That and a good faceshield...ouch.

  20. seriously, no tanning spray with the DVD? What kind of contest are you running anyhow? :)

  21. I wonder how it would compare to my Walk Away the Pounds dvds?? ;) Sounds like a real butt-kicker ;) But, man, I need the tan too.....I'm as pale as the sand ;)

  22. I am imaginging that this work out involves standing in one place. As a 60 year old grandmother, who three years ago was weight lifting altering with aerobics, had emergency heart surgery and is now left with lower functioning heart. Surfing sounds awesome.
    I could maybe do this without coughing and I could surf without getting lost cause I just need to head west or east for an ocean.
    I live in Indiana

  23. I've never actually seen Flipper, but I was at WalMart and I saw a poster for some stupid Little Mermaid prequel and I got the first song from the movie (the one where they're introducing all of Ariel's sisters at the concert and Ariel's playing hooky) stuck in my head. It's a sign! It's a sign that I'm supposed to get the surfing DVD and get kickass rock-hard abs!

    (Wow, since when do I have a Blogger account? I guess having a Gmail address was enough to get me one...)

  24. Hmmm....watching that workout video might make me a bit depressed that I'm NOT in Hawaii or near the ocean, thus cancelling any positive endorphins enduced by the exercise. *Sigh* But then again, maybe Ii'll get really into the visualization and believe I'm there! I'm in!

  25. If I run to the border and hop over and jump up and down can I be in??

  26. the DVD looks awesome dude! (is that good enough surfer speak?) I've never been surfing, but a good core workout would be cool.

    I'm not very sorry about that.

  27. Ummm... in Minnesota, we have lakes, but not much surfing. :) Help me live vicariously and get in shape at the same time!

  28. Just found your blog through my it! I live in FL, but can't surf, so this might help!

  29. hopefully there is a section in there on how to avoid sharks!

  30. Ah surfing. The sweet ocean breeze, the warm/cool water, the pain as your sisters surfboard whacks you over the head as she falls off....good times.

  31. Looks like a workout I could convince the kids was cool enough for them to do with me. It would give them a laugh at mom and me a reason to get the game controllers out of their hands for a while.


  32. My friends are obsessed with wake boarding (basically surfing behind a fast boat on a lake) and I've never felt strong enough to go do it with them. Please let me win this. :)
    Also, not sure if anyone else saw this by Penn and Teller did a show on people's fixation on dolphins and there were even people considering using dolphins as midwives. Yes, midwives, in the water....dolphins. Not a particularly sensitive Miami football player but Flipper's cousin.

  33. Sweet! I'd love to try it out :) Thanks for the contest :D

  34. I am little ashamed. I live within an hour of one of the best surf coasts in the world, and I can't surf. I've never even tried. I feel like I'm betraying an Australian stereotype here!
    I don't really have an excuse, there's no jellyfish or crocs in the ocean this far south, just blue rings, sting rays and sharks. And all the dolphins I've ever seen are of the variety that are to cool to snicker. If the Victorian dolphins were people, they would dress in black.

  35. My body needs this DVD ---desperately...............


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