August 13, 2008

Workshop Winners

So the two random winners of the "Why Diets Don't Work Club" membership giveaway are:

Claudia and... The Bag Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Note: I'm always excited for all our winners. But sometimes the Random Number Generator seems reluctant to land on some of our most loyal commenters. It insists on being, well, random! So for the RNG to recognize a Cranky Fitness institution like the The Bag Lady was a pleasant surprise!

So please email CrabbyMcSlacker @ gmail dot com with your email addresses, and I'll put Talia in touch with you to arrange whatever needs arranging.

Thanks for commenting everyone!


  1. WooHoo! How cool that you finally had an international contest and a Canadian won!!
    Thanks so much, Crabby! Looking forward to hearing from Talia.

  2. Congratulations to Claudia and to TBL!!!!

  3. I would be filled with envy except that Bag lady is my friend and Claudia seems like a nice person, so CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!!



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