August 05, 2008

The Annual Cranky Fitness Garage Sale

[By Merry]

Yes, that's the CF "stretch" limo... this car makes you stretch your legs...

It's time to clean out the Cranky Fitness attic and get rid of some of the clutter that's hiding up there. Surplus titles, animal videos that didn't make into a Random Friday post, cartoons, Jimmy Hoffa, LOL Cats pictures... it's all taking up space, and using up a lot of perfectly good electrons that could be recycled. So we're putting up here some stuff that you might be able to use on your blog, or might want to send to a friend, or might find useful for general workplace necessities.

Of course, being a garage sale, you ain't getting this stuff for free. You want to grab a title, or steal leverage a cat video? Then send like payment of something catchy or cute to crabbymcslacker at gmail dot com (and yes, you'll have to tweak that email address jusssst a tad.)

Spare titles that you might be able to find a use for

The Cat Days of Winter
Water you waiting for?
Do I have to shell out clams to get mussels?
Bed, bath, and Beyoncé
The Pound and the Fury

Cute Animals

This one could come in handy next time you remodel:
more cat pictures

"The Best 5 seconds on the Internet"
I know it's been around for awhile, but I love the Dramatic Chipmunk moment.

Sundry work-safe items

When to Make Coffee
song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes

Need to suck up to the boss? Try the Automatic flatterer

Think your relationship is bad? Check out this Internet classic:
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

Want to find a topic to argue with your girl/boy/other-friend?
The Letter in the Pond seems to have struck a chord, good or bad, with a number of people.

Need an excuse for goofing off?

Okay, your turn
Yes, you over there in the corner. I saw you sneaking off with that link. Pay up now.


  1. Hehe - thanks for all the links, Crabby! They will keep me entertained for hours...

    I think that a content garage sale is a FABULOUS idea!!

    When I think of something suitable for trade, I will send it...

  2. The Things page is AMAZING

    I've been laughing my head off for half an hour! Oh God, the comments about the freezer. You know, I think she and my mother are the same person. They're from the same area of Germany and everything.

  3. We're having a garage sale?

    Dang, I have all kinds of great stuff lying around that I'm SURE someone could use... like approximately 300 pens with no ink in them, 20 rolls of scotch tape with just an inch of tape left, a drawer full of keys that open unknown locks, three dozen extra shoelaces saved because... because... well there must be some reason I saved them.

    All to be had for a very reasonable price!

    And Stephanie: all links courtesy of Merry, the resourceful one at Cranky Fitness who actually gets out and about and finds things.

    Crabby tends to hang around eating cupcakes and waiting for magic exercise pills.


    never seen the dramatic c-monk moment before!


  5. XKCD is the best!!! Love all the linkage:)

  6. "three dozen extra shoelaces saved because..." you can use them to tie up burglars. After you knock them out with a bunch of old keys in a sock that lost its mate.

    My mental attic seems to be full of cobwebs, mostly.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  7. Cool links. I got partway through the Things link and had to stop and absorb it.

  8. I love this idea. lol. And seriously, lolcat is fantastic. On a number of occasions it's turned my cruddy day into a funny cruddy one.

  9. I have dibs on "cat days of winter"! :-)

  10. I just wasted a good portion of my day reading through the "things my girlfriend and I have argued about"

    So funny!

  11. Hey Crabby, how's the garage sale going? Did anyone take the used cliches yet?

    I just got back from California, and true to form I brought stuff back. Anyone want a weed whacker that's missing a few key parts? Not sure how I got landed with that one.

    Did anyone get as far as the Letter in the Pond link? I was amazed at the number of angry comments that one got when the woman posted it. Very serious people over there in England.

  12. Love the dramatic chipmunk... Wasted about another 30 min after that watching other animals being dramatic. Courtesy of youtube.

  13. The Things page is awesome! Really long though, it's going to take me forever to get through. But very funny. It would be even funnier if his girlfriend also had a page from her point of view...

  14. I was going to comment 30 minutes ago, but the Automatic Flatterer just wouldn't let me go :-)

    That felt good! Thanks Merry!!

  15. The Bag Lady loved the letter under the pond. She so wishes she had thought to do that when she built her pond in her backyard when she lived in town. She is pretty sure the new owners dismantled it. And she dug it all by hand, by herself, did all the rock work, etc....... sigh.

  16. Good links...funny stuff!

  17. I was instantly drawn to the Automatic flatterer and found out that I am fabulous.
    Made my day.

  18. Heartheartheart xkcd. And that little dramatic chipmunk is the CUTEST!

  19. I Love the Chipmunk. My 12-year-old now loves the chipmunk.

    It's the perfect break to a sucky work day.

  20. Love the Chipmunk. I'm going to work it into my blog somehow....... hm........Wait, do I have to pay for it?

  21. Okay, here's my payment:

    I have to figure out a way to put this in my blog too...

  22. Oh my goodness, just checking in after a long day of tying up burglars with stray shoelaces and flattering myself and arguing about stupid things (with my cat, since the Lobster is not much for arguing) and come to discover Merry has returned from her California trip with MORE STUFF!

    How will we ever get the Cranky Fitness basement cleared out if she brings back more treasures?

    However, the Sneezing Panda video that Melissa left behind is NOT for sale.

  23. Is it bad that I literally exploded with laughter and spit all over my computer screen when I watched the Dramatic Chipmunk video?

    (I just cleaned it off with a handy dandy Kleenex.)

  24. Umm, payment. I can give you a lot of information on hormones. Not as exciteing I know.

  25. Ahh - Merry, I'm sorry for calling you Crabby! Especially since the two names are so opposite. Hehe.

    I did know the awesome post was from you - I was typing that ridiculously fast so I could catch the bus after work.... apparently fast typing and thinking properly don't go well together.

    Much sorriness!!! :)

  26. Ah, Stephanie, to be confused with Crabby is a major compliment :)

    (Though we really aren't the same person.)

    Too hot to type in this computer room. I'll try again later. You'd think having the sun go down would cause a reduction in temp, wouldn't you?

  27. This is great stuff that I can actually use for my Public Speaking class. Just put it on my tab.


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