August 19, 2008

Bad, Bad Crab

[By Crabby]

Alert readers will have noticed that Intrepid Co-blogger Merry Sunshine has taken a couple of days off. (She is rumored to have an actual JOB, which unfortunately tends to cut into one's blogging time, especially when work matters get hectic).

So instead of one of Merry's great posts, you're going to get an apology from the Crab, who was supposed to get a post together for today but did not.

[Photo credit: Flikr ]
And yeah, I just used this photo a couple of weeks ago.
See how lazy I'm getting?

Instead, just a brief blog announcement and a few links:

Next Week: A Nice Change of Pace!

Perhaps today's failure to get a real blog post together is a sign that it's time for a brief blogging break? Well, whether it's a sign or not, the Crab and Lobster are taking a camping trip next week, heading off in Fran the Van to visit Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.


Merry will still be here (yay!) and we will have guest posts, so you'll barely notice I'm gone. But then Cranky Fitness will be all out of guest posts! So as a reminder, we're always on the lookout for health & fitness related posts, maybe 750ish words or less--and funny is best. Or if funny isn't your thing, then maybe you actually KNOW something about your subject and can supply helpful information. (Something of a novelty at this blog). So Email if you've got something!

A Look Inside an Eating Disorders Clinic:

Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment writes another compelling blog post about the heartbreak of treating eating disorders. Whether it's a humorous topic (not this post) or a serious one, I think Charlotte is one of the most talented writers out there in blogland.

Will Laughing Harm Your Fetus?

Gazelles on Crack, another blog you should check out if you don't already visit regularly, answers a pressing health question with all the seriousness and expert knowledge readers of Cranky Fitness have come to expect of health and fitness blogs.

Zen and the Art of Grocery Store Lines

A comment following yesterday's post took exception to my use of "Zen" as an adjective, and in a follow up comment TK of Rough Road Studio, one of our favorite commenters here, writes an eloquent response. Then she puts those Zen principles to work while stuck in a hypothetical grocery store line. Here's an excerpt:

"...I look at lines and stuff that throws my day off track with as much equanimity as I can muster with the tools I have learned in my Buddhist studies. I can choose to suffer when things go differently that what I wanted (ego judgment) or I can choose not to suffer, to maintain my equanimity, which then turns it all into practice in letting go of the ego-self and it's resultant clinging. It really is a choice we make, but we have to begin with the awareness that we do actually have a choice, and that we do subconsciously make it. If I can see that it's not personal, that it just is (whatever "it" is), it's easier to subdue the ego that wants to fume and fuss, and find someone to blame. For example, when there are two checkers and 25 people in line and I was supposed to have dinner on the table in 20 minutes, I can choose to let my blood pressure climb and be a shit about it, or to instead have compassion for the clerk stuck there with 15 fuming people in line, and he's going as fast as he can, or not because he's freezing up in fear. When I have compassion then I am practicing. The more I practice, the more easily I attain equanimity. It's so much less stressful to choose to not have a tantrum."

Are You A Dick?

Heavens no, none of our readers are dicks! But if you want to find out what they're up to, head on over to Dickipedia. Latest dick: Ted Stevens.

Optical Illusions!

If you didn't see these over at Healthbolt last week, check 'em out, they're very cool!

"Ambigram" T-shirt:

For those who have "mixed feelings" about life, or just want to mess with people's heads... these T-shirts say "Have a nice day" viewed right side up.

Upside down? Not so much.

Some Exercise Do's and Don'ts!

And finally,Urban Critter sent this to me, as we have been remiss in meeting our monthly lolcat quota!

more cat pictures

Sorry folks, that's all I got. Will try to do better tomorrow!


  1. UhOh :)

    just when there may be a BLOGCATION for MizFit as well.

    and she dont do no stinkin guest posts (read: oh to be that orgainzed. it takes a lot of cutting and pasting to get that stuff together, People. CMcS gets a big THANK YOU for preparing for us!!)


  2. Acadia National Park sounds magnificent. Good for you for getting some time away.
    Loved Dickipedia. Thanks for the link.
    Liked the whole round up, actually. Plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

  3. What the heck are you apologizing for? This was a very informative post, full of fun links for folks to check out. Sheesh.

    And camping in Acadia National Park? The Bag Lady is so jealous!!

  4. Oh my. Love that LOL cat. Thank you!

    Hope you have a great camping trip!

  5. I had to stare at that shirt for.freaking.ever to see that it says have a nice day upside down, first glance looks like go join yourself which would surely leave me scratching my head in wonder if I saw it randomly.

  6. Have FUN!! Love the LOL cat - nothing wrong with fluffy abs!

  7. Just saying hi, and staying dry!!

  8. Oh, Acadia National Park - one of my favourite places. I spent some time there about 5 years ago. It's incredible! I hope you'll tell us all about it when you get back.. sigh.. I'm envious!

  9. For "not getting a post together," this is one heck of a post. Lots of things to look at, visit and ponder. Also, camping is awesome. I'm going TOMORROW to the Rockies. Erin is holding the fort down. :)

  10. That LOLcat had me cracking up. Yeah, I'm one of those lame people that thinks those things are HILarious. I've even made a few of my own (shhhhh...).

    Thanks for the compliment. That means a lot to me coming from one of the funniest writers in the biz;)

  11. have a good vacation!! and thanks for linking to the blog with the post about harming your fetus by laughting. I almost got in trouble for laughing out loud at work!

  12. Great post Crabby! Love the optical illusions and I want that t-shirt! Enjoy your camping trip.

  13. Enjoy the break, Crabby!

  14. Enjoy Acadia! Pet Fran for me. I looked at a used pop up camper today (no, I don't need one right now but it was just sitting there by the road with signs all over it) that was Five Thousand Dollars. Are these people insane?

    The LOLcat reminds me of the times I've been lying down with a stack of hardback books on my chest. Breathing's a challenge.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  15. Thanks for the link love. I hope everyone enjoyed my squash haiku. :)

    I love camping - sounds like a good time!

  16. Great post, don't kid yourself, and thanks for the mention, I was not sure I explained that well enough.

    I am so glad y'all are getting Fran out, she needs her exercise too! We also van camp and find it gets us more into the actual camping feeling. If we are outcamping, the forest is the potty and bottled water and wipes is the shower, which is what I miss compared to my old 24' rig, but the mini can go more places at 20mpg vs. 6. It has crawled carefully up some heavy fire roads ; we passed a big 4x4 stuck on a boulder once, he never did make it up. It's a big kick being the only campers on the top of a mountain ridge.
    Y'all will have a blast, take lots of pics (and some of Fran, we always take at least one pic of Bruce, he's family) and then you can share how you still managed to eat right and exercise while camping and being on vacation! :)

    Thanks for the LOL cats, I need a fix, and Dickipedia is hilarious!

    The shirt is genius, I want one.

    5G is probably good for a decent older used van camper, they ran 50G something like 15 years ago if they were really nice. I'm thinking of the Falcon?


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