May 08, 2008


[By Crabby]

Random Friday on a Thursday??? What's the Deal?

Sure, it's traditional at Cranky Fitness that Randomness take place on a Friday. But we have Special Plans for tomorrow's post--so what the heck, let's mix things up a bit! What's the worst that could happen?

Outbreaks of silliness, boredom, pointlessness, spontaneous napping...

But no harm done, that stuff happens all the time here anyway! So lets be brave and forge ahead anyway, shall we?

WTF Department: Three Quarters of Women Report Disordered Eating?

You've probably all seen this by now, but a recent survey of more than 4,000 women by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Self Magazine revealed some interesting attitudes towards eating and weight:
  • Almost a third of women reported that they'd induced vomiting, or taken laxatives, diuretics, or diet pills at some point in their lives to lose weight;
  • Two thirds of the women surveyed (not including those with actual eating disorders) are trying to lose weight;
  • Over half of those dieting were already at a healthy weight;
  • About 40 percent said concerns about what they eat or weigh interfered with their happiness;
  • Almost 40 percent regularly skipped meals to try to lose weight;
  • Sixteen percent had dieted on 1,000 or fewer calories a day;
  • And thirteen percent had smoked to lose weight.

Note: this survey is, of course, depressing. And it's true that women are far too obsessed about their weight. However, can you really take an online survey of Self magazine readers and conclude that their answers represent the views of all women?

Nothing against the magazine, which runs many fine articles, but it's called Self for cryin' out loud. Could it possibly attract, on average, women who are a little more concerned with, well, themselves?

Wait, this just in...

Ninety Eight percent of Men Spend All Day Long Thinking About Women with Humongous Breasts! ... According to a recent online survey by readers of Juggs Magazine...

(And yes, Juggs is a real magazine, though we doubt they bothered to do a reader survey).

A Little Perspective:

Even Cranky Crabs have to stop whining every now and then long enough to appreciate how incredibly fortunate they are. So sometimes it helps to get a glimpse of how horribly complicated and challenging life could be if you weren't born so lucky.

Via Healthbolt is this rather incredible slide show of a baby born with two faces. Apparently this little girl, born in India, can drink from both mouths and blink all four eyes. Local villagers believe she may be the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga.

I will stop complaining about my sore muscles and crunchy knees now, at least for the next few minutes.

Now This Won't Hurt a Bit:

Here's an odd little news item from Marijke's fine blog: According to the Center for Disease Control, more kids and teens than ever are fainting after receiving vaccinations.

(Later, when the insurance bills come due, it's their parent's turn).

Apparently more adolescents are getting shots now (to prevent meningitis and cervical cancer), and teenage girls are particularly prone to fainting.

So We're Done With Health Now, Let's Bring on the Rest of the Randomness!

We be Zoomin':

Check this out if you like cool weird collaborative art. Zoom in or out and the picture seems to just keep on going and going. (Dial-up warning: the program is slow to load even on broadband.)

This Blog Needs More Smut!

Photo by JaHoVil

Yes, even after yesterday's special episode of Skanky Fitness, we're still pushing porn. We know some of you just can't get enough! This time, be sure not to miss these hot, sexy, luscious photos of...


(They really are pretty cool).

And Just When You Thought You Were Safe...

Remember those cute Lolcats? And how it was possible to spend hours checking out "just one more" funny kitteh? Well...

Via MJ ... if you finally wrested control of your computer back and started to get some work done, we must alert you to a possible new threat to productivity coming your way:

loldogs, cute puppy pictures, biff, westminster, I Has a Hotdog

Yep, plenty more where that came from at I Has a Hot Dog. You've been warned.

Have a great Thursday, and be sure to come back tomorrow for a Special Post!


  1. Mightcould you find us a dog loving eating disordered woman who only thinks about ginormo ta tas?

    (Caint wait for tomorrow. Will there be music? Games? Videos? Confetti?)

    MizFit, whose balance sucketh as well (id say to my chagrin but that would indicate I'm working to change.)

  2. Zoom pic freaky. Zoom pic freaky. Zoom pic freaky.
    I spend enough time at lolcats. Thanks Crabby.
    You've got me intrigued re:tomorrow.

  3. Yes, I've caught a few people after they fainted, BEFORE they hit the deck in the clinic! Too many stories to tell about this. Actually, I learned a great technique for giving shots from my horses vet! What no volunteers?

    Dr. J

  4. I love randomness. what would life be without randomness.....

  5. OMG!!!! I totally HEART books!! I like to think of myself as a book whore.

    And crabby, thank you so very much for the lol dogs, I needed one more excuse to procastinate every other work project I have on my plate. I think procrastinating enables me to find pearls of efficiency in the little time I have left to get everything done.

  6. Let's see...needles, male torsos, poofy Bichons?? I somehow detoured into a nightmare.

  7. Library porn! Woohoo!

    Those are some really beautiful libraries. I'm considering getting a masters in library science, and if we had any libraries that looked like that in Boston, I'd be totally there just for that!

  8. Random randomness! Go, Crabby!
    I don't read Self magazine, but I've been saying I need to lose weight for about twenty years now. Does that count?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  9. I love the zoom pic...between that and the loldogs and library porn this is setting out to be a great day :)

  10. I'm not sure I'd list that torso in the manjoyment category. :)

  11. I am confused (as usual!) Does being on a diet = disorderd eating? wha?


  12. huh.
    welcome to loserville: population MIZFIT.

    am I the only one who is excited for tomorrow's post? :)

    are you launching a series of Crabby & Merry dolls?
    a special microphone which we can hold up to our mouthes which will translate everything we utterinto cranky-speak?

    M., who is now off to WORK.

  13. Two things: Re the baby born with two faces. I think it is amazing and uplifting that India, as a country, is treating her as a Goddess and with respect - if that happened in America, she would be made fun of and turned into a freak show.

    And re. kids and teens fainting from the HPV vaccine. Honestly - what's a little fainting if it means protecting them from the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts? That's a more-than-fair tradeoff.

  14. The really sad thing about the disordered eating is that sure, three quarters of women report having it... but what about all of the women who are hiding it? The numbers must be through the roof.

  15. Thanks kids--glad to see some other book/porn lovers here as well as serious fans of wasting time on the internet!

    And Nitmos, watch out--enough exposure to Cranky Fitness and you'll be trying on running skirts like our pal Vanilla at Half Fast.

    And good point Leslie, both about the cross-cultural differences and the fainting--and btw, what an awesome Today Show interview!

  16. Woohoo! I love randomness! Thanks for the link, too, Crabby.

  17. I remember helping out at my kids' school when they were immunizing for measles. There were a fair number of fainters .. far more than I would have expected.

    Those libraries are just beautiful.

    And looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  18. Whoo! Hoo! Crabby!

    I am a library lover and the link was such a treat and the pictures so exciting, and while I kept wishing that Trinity College Library (Dublin) would be there, I wasn't really expecting it and then voila! there it was for the big finish!

    Thanks. I needed that.


  19. randomness, smut and porn. Life doesn't get any better than that! :)

  20. I truly love your blog. The intro made me laugh - a perfect way to start the day. And I could use a good bout of silliness...

    Can't wait for tomorrow!! :)

  21. Haha, love the randomness! That study is sad, but not surprising. I think its empowering just to share that information so maybe we can one by one become one less towards pushing an unrealistic goal.

  22. Now that's my kind of smut.

    Sigh...I love books.

  23. Tis very nice library smut. I staring, eyes glazed, for several minutes. And luckily, I'd seen the zoom picture before, so I didn't get too hypnotized. Of course, there was that one time I spent a half hour zooming through and then going through each scene to see what it was, slowly, and then zooming again.

  24. Can't wait for tomorrow. Love the zoom art, and the porn...fabulous Libraries. I can't stand to throw up when I'm actually sick, I can't see using it as a way of weight control.

  25. You all are on a serious funny role this week. Excellent! Love the manjoyment and hot dogs!


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