May 16, 2008

Dear California Supreme Court

(photo credit: kikashi)

You did the right thing.

Awesome. Brave. Much Appreciated.

'K Thanks!

Your New BFF's,

Crabby & The Lobster


  1. I'm so excited about this!!! I almost cried when I heard it on the radio. :)

  2. me too, scrumpy.
    and yet how kind of *sad* that it's 2008 and it stiil IS an act of bravery.


  3. So, the US might/could eventually maybe become as progressive as Canada....? (although we have our fair share of ultra-conservatives opposed to anything outside the norm!)

  4. Ditto what Terry said....(signed in under the wrong password. sigh)

  5. It's hard for me to be too excited, given my extremely anti-legal marriage attitude (what differentiates two people in a sexual relationship from two people in a non-sexual relationship, or three people in a sexual relationship, or five people in a non-sexual relationship raising four children together, or....) but it does seem to be a tiny step in the direction of tolerance. I hope it doesn't lose the referendum. Kentucky passed the Marriage (Protection Act? some nauseating term) by a margin that horrified me.

    Mary Anne in a Backwards Place

  6. Yes!!!!
    There is hope in the world!!!!

  7. Yay for kindness, compassion and understanding! May everyone have more of it:)

  8. Amazing....I may have cheered, sitting at my desk in my office. Yay Cali!

  9. 2 down, 48 more to go.

    The Side of Good will prevail.

  10. Amen! I was very proud of California when I heard the news. Did a little cheer in my desk chair.

  11. Another reason I love living here in CA. What I found heart grasping was the fact that the judiciary who finally gave the thumbs up vote was predominately a Republican group, and the Governator who's been opposing this since day one has finally said, "Ok, I'm not gonna fight the judges. I'll support their ruling." wow! Good times ;)

  12. I just saw the Ellen D. marriage announcement on my start page. This is so overdue but it's a start! I remember the flap in Vermont what? 10 years ago? and this is as far as we have come; that is sad but the California ruling is good cause for celebration.

    I suspect that Neanderthal society was more socially progressive than this Puritanical society in the US. We sure have a long way to go. Canada looks better and better to me! ;)

  13. i think this is great, but i think it's sad that, as someone said, it's 2008 and this is as far as we've gotten. maybe by the time my (as of yet non-existant) grandkids are old enough, the marriage laws will actually make sense?

  14. This made me doubt my decision to move out of CA this summer... But, hey, maybe I can bring some of the love with me!

  15. I SO thought of you when I heard this news. Great to hear.

  16. I always knew CA was one of the coolest state around. YEAH!!!!

  17. Thanks everyone!

    At first I was even more excited, because I was hoping this would overturn the annulments that the suit was based on and let all of us who got married at City Hall in SF in 2004 get to keep our licenses. Looks like it's not the case. But now that we're bicoastal, and our two states are CA and Massachusetts, we can finally get married.

    However, what's REALLY annoying is that the federal government won't recognize these marriages, and that's where all the financial benefits are. We're still legally strangers, after 17 years, as far as the US government is concerned.

    So there's a long way to go before we see equal rights, although every little step is encouraging.

    I'm hoping the backlash against gay marriage is getting less ferocious, but it does make me worried about invigorating the right wing conservative base in November.

    I sure wish Canada would hurry up and annex the East and West Coast! Sign me up to be Canadian.

  18. This is a wonderful start. The discussion is open.

    Anti gay marriage people in California are petitioning to put a state constitutional amendment on the ballot in November. Anyone one who comes out to vote to support that amendment will also be looking for candidates that support the amendment or, at least, do not oppose it.

    It's the Karl Rove brand of campaigning. Get something people are passionate about on the ballot. Make sure it's something that makes your candidate look better than the other candidate and then just sit back. It's how he rallies the religious right.

    So, California, stop celebrating, role up your sleeves and get to work. Voter registration is the imperative. Find people for whom this is not a personal issue and would not normally drive them to the polls and make them passionate.

    for a full victory the amendment must be defeated in November. (If it gets on the ballot and there are more than a million signatures ont he petition, so it looks very, very possible.)

    Over time, you win enough states, you will get the Feds.

    Lecture over.


  19. When I got home from work Friday, I saw this on the news and my first thought was how wonderful for the Crab and Lobster.

    I also almost cried watching all those happy couples, who've waited for so many years to marry.


  20. here, here! Yay!!

  21. Great news!!

    Unfortunately, lawmakers in several states (including mine) immediately proposed amendments to make it illegal in other states.

  22. yea! now if they invent new constitutional rights, i.e., the right to kill your grandma with a pillow, the right to have virtual child porn, and the right to marry 2 of your sisters, things will really be cool and progressive!!

    Neanderthals who don't want radical overhauls of the basis of Western Civilization done by 4 unelected judges... pffft!


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