May 22, 2008

What type of runner are you?

[By Merry]

Since it’s the day before the Friday before a holiday weekend (at least it is in my neck of the woods), we thought this would be the perfect time to throw out a quiz. (Because right now we don’t have an attention span long enough to scour the medical journals for the latest fitness news and stuff like that.)

Not sure how you fit into the world of running fitness? Take this handy quiz and become even more confused find out!

(And if you're not a runner? 90% of the quiz is equally applicable to people who walk, bicycle, kick boxes, etc. Besides, you've been working hard! You need a break. Tell your boss I said it was okay.)

Do you:
a) Run whenever you can fit it into the schedule, whatever
b) Run last thing at night because you promised you’d run today and the day’s not ended until midnight, damn it
c) Run first thing in the morning to make sure you don’t miss it
d)Run first thing in the morning because you can’t stand the thought of going more than 8 hours without giving those pearl izumis a workout

Would you rather have:
a) a hammock and a lifetime supply of beer
b) an all-expense-paid week at a luxurious spa
c) a new pair of running shoes that fit you like a dream
d) a run where you pass the fastest runners in the world

Your approach to tracking your progress is to:
a) plan to plan a running schedule, but never actually get around to doing it
b) reward yourself for each goal met
c) track your mileage to see how much you’ve improved
d) note down each time you beat your own personal record

If a fairy godmother were to grant you one wish, would you choose:
a) to be incredibly popular
b) to be extremely fit
c) to be able to run without ever getting hurt
d) to get better the older you get
e) just kidding – there is no e) answer. Pick one of the four above. Sorry.

If your house were on fire, what would you do?
a) Grab the significant other, the kids, the dog, and the dog’s pet goldfish
b) You’ve done enough fire drills with the family so that everyone knows what to do, which means you have time to grab your PDA
c) Grab the significant other, the kids, the dog, the dog’s pet goldfish, and your iPod
d) Hey, the s.o. will grab the kids, and the dog can carry the goldfish bowl – you should make sure about your new pearl izumis!

Count up the number of a, b, c, and d answers.

Types of runners:

If you responded with mostly a) answers, then your type of runner is:
Syndee Sloth
You're about as interested in being a runner as Britney Spears is in being an underwear model. You’ve perfectly happy with putting off running as much as possible, and catching up on your television watching instead. If everybody else is running, then yeah, you’ll run too. Or jog, anyway. Half-heartedly. Have you ever considered taking up bowling instead? Life’s too short to do something you’re really not into.

If you responded with mostly b) answers, then your type of runner is:

Dan Dogged
You aren’t so much disciplined as you are stubborn. You like the way you feel after a run, even if you don’t enjoy the running itself. If there were a way to get fit and feel good without running, you’d take it. But until you find another way, you’re going to stay fit by gritting your teeth and pounding the pavement.

If you responded with mostly c) answers, then your type of runner is:

Rhoda Runner
You run for the love of running, but you’re not interested in competition. You’re in it for the long haul, are lean but not mean, and will keep running until your knees give out.

If you responded with mostly d) answers, then your type of runner is:
Jack Rabbit
You are an eager beager, can’t wait to run. Can’t bother with jogging, you go for the thrill, go for the kill, you are the epitome of a Pearl Izumi ad runner.

How did you do? I must confess I'm hanging my head in shame ... move over Syndee...


  1. Haha, all but one of my answers were 'd's. But then I could have told you that before even starting. Darn Type A personality, and it's not even like I'm fast!

  2. Rhoda Runner here!
    Off for my 430am run now. See ya!

  3. S-Squared reporting for duty.

    COUCH DUTY that is...

  4. Great quiz!

    As is typical when I try to take quizes, my answers were all over the map, but I am totally a Dan Dogged.

    Note: kicking boxes is actually starting to seem like an appealing form of exercise. Not real kick boxing (ouch!), but the Merry version, which I think you should copyright (or trademark or patent or whatever) immediately. It could even be a team sport, like soccer, but with a big empty cardboard box used as a ball. Then no one has to run very fast to keep up.

  5. Lazy Sloth Monster, reporting for duty. Or rather, waving from my lounge chair...

    Hence why I believe so much in utilitarian exercise.

  6. Great quiz! I'm a Rhoda Runner, and I think that fits me pretty well!

  7. Rhoda Runner here(but on a bike) and I'm stoked about taking quizzes. If I could take quizzes to get fit, then it would be perfect.

  8. I'm a Dan Dogged, which I guess fits since I can't live without running, but I don't exactly enjoy the process. Hard to explain, but I get stressed out and ancy without my run, ya know, but I hate running.

  9. hmmmm...I am halfway between Dan and Rhoda. What does that MEAN?

  10. Whee! I'm a Rhoda Runner! Now I know what to name my first child!

  11. I'm ambivalent! Now I'm going to spend all day going back and forth about why i can't figure out which kind of runner I am. Why is there no choice for schizophrenic runner?! Aagh! Do you see what quizzes do to me?

  12. Fun quiz. I am a Dan Dogged, which I think fits. I won't give up working out (which is my sub for just running) because I know I feel better when I am exercising regularly. But if I could feel great without doing it...Well, there are plenty of other things I could do with my time.

  13. Rhoda Runner here!

    Run in the morning, done it for years, some days easier than others, born to run, maybe...


  14. If you weren't pimping the Pearls, I'd be more likely to answer Ds :P

    What's up with that? You getting sponsored?

  15. I had 2 c's, 2 d's and 1 c/d because I couldn't make up my mind. That's pretty accurate. I l-o-v-e running (a friend calls me Crazy Running Woman) but when necessary, I go for the kill.

  16. Hmmm. I am a mix between Rhoda and Dan, but I recognize more Rhoda in me. I really do love running, and don't feel it's a chore as the Dan character suggests.

    Right, so now that I've finished my sprint intervals for the day, I seriously need some coffee.

  17. Though not a super long distance runner, I love running, love my running shoes, own a few moisture wicking items and lust after a Garmin 305. Right now, my running is minimal, due to a bouncy belly...

  18. Rhoda Runner (except in my case that should Ginnie Gymmer? Or Wanda Workout? Or Paula Pusher? No.. not Paula).

    But questions # 4.. who wouldn't want their fairy godmother to grant them getting better as they got older? That's a trick question.

    Honestly, I plan out my workout days/ rest days by Saturday night. Plan out my private workouts and sometimes want to plan out my trainer workouts. (yes, there is just a bit of a control issue there).

    I keep meaning to track my progress more formally, though... maybe I'll work on that chart on Saturday. It's a rest day.

  19. All over the map, as I expected. (If I take the hammock, do I have to take the beer? A lifetime supply of coffee sounds much better!) I love to walk, but since I've been here where I can't just step out the door and do it, it has been So Hard. (Do not love the bike! But as soon as I finish my coffee here, I'm going to go do it. Promise.) I remember years ago when I was working at the kennel, I had just finished a long busy-holiday day of sweaty physical labor, well into overtime for the week, came home, let my dogs out, showered and changed--and went for a three mile walk before supper. "Are you crazy?" I asked myself when I got back. But it felt so good.
    When I don't feel like exercising, it is really hard to know whether I should force myself or not. Sometimes I just need the push, but sometimes I don't feel like it because I really don't have any energy left.
    Kick-boxing. Crabby, shouldn't this be played indoors on a smooth gym floor? And the goalies should have something like a broom that won't damage the box.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  20. Where were the "e) other" answers for us non-runners? Geez.
    *stumbles away, pouting*

  21. Hey, this couch is pretty crowded!

    I want to be extremely popular & fit & never get hurt when I work out, as well as get better as I grow old. sigh

    Sorry, Bag Lady. I tried to make sure the questions could apply to people who weren't trying to score a pair of free pearl izumis as well :(

    Mary Anne in K, if my body isn't sure about exercising, I give it a sort of quiz. I figure that I should get on the bike and pedal for five minutes or so. If my body's still saying 'hell no' then I take the hint. Usually I feel better once I've started, but not always.

  22. I'm Rhoda it would seem.
    I'm itching for my lungs to be properly healed up so I can be back at the running...can I like the running and the beer and hammock at the same time?
    Because that would be jsut about perfect :)

  23. Merry- there is a true art to running with a beer. With practice, you won't spill any of it! Although you might want to practice with some ghastly drink that will be okay to spill. Because you wouldn't want to waste any beer during such practice sessions, now would you? :)

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. You know I ran my marathon and drank 3 beers on my 19th mile. I wouldn't recommend it because it came back up on my 23 mile. So I'd stick to the hammock, but I would say I'm a Dan Dogged runner.

    Anyone have a good workout video?

  26. Interestingly enough, I'm half Sydnee, half Rhoda.

    But I think that "Sloth" part factored in because I'm not a morning person. I take my weekday runs in the evenings, but not late night. "A" was the best answer for me there.

  27. Running with beer sounds a bit challenging, but running TO beer sounds like a great idea.

    Isn't there a whole group that calls itself "A drinking group with a running problem?" I believe they build their running events around post-race pub stops but I could be wrong.

  28. Syndee, I like that name, I think I will adopt it!

  29. Rhoda Runner - guilty as charged!

  30. Rhonda Runner, yep that's me... I even have the stinkin' gimpy knee to prove it!

  31. I guess I'm a Rhoda Rabbit -- somewhere between the two.

  32. Mostly b's - I do HIIT because I must (see! I read Crabby and Merry's blog!), not because I wouldn't rather be in Pilates class.

    And question 5 must have an "f" -- all of the above and Oprah-level money.

    *im in ur blog, braykin ur qwiz*

  33. I'm a sloth, and that's fine.

    But what am I supposed to do now? I already bowl. And I got some great looking shoes for when I'm on the lanes...

  34. Dan Dogged. I just like the feel of running not the process or the time it takes. I get bored, but I know I'll feel nasty if I don't run at least 4 times a week.

  35. eager beaver. month late, but, who cares?

  36. I ain't so sure about this, I mostly answered a) but I'm not really lazy with my running. I run a lot. I kind of enjoy it sometimes, sometimes its crappy.


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