May 23, 2008

Lazy Friday

[By Crabby]

The Crab is taking a day or two off (from what, you may well ask), and rather than just hang up a "Gone Fishing" sign, it seemed only sporting to direct you elsewhere. We know you can always use more blogs to visit to avoid getting any work done health and fitness resources on the net.

Most of you are probably ahead of me on this--how the heck did I not discover the awesomeness that is The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl sooner? Like Pasta Queen, (whom we interviewed recently), Diet Girl is hilarious and half the size she used to be. (Another thing she has in common with PQ is she has written a book! I am so jealous. Let's see, first I'll lose half my weight and then get a book contract...hmm).

Coincidentally, one of Diet Girl's posts reminded me of another awesome blog that you should check out if you're not already a regular: Limes and Lycopene. The post that Diet Girl spotted on small impediments to healthy eating is so Crabby McSlacker! Except for the part where Kathryn stops being lazy and figures out a simple solution to her stirfryaphobia. And for vegetarians, she's got a great series of posts on how to get enough iron.

Ready for the worst segue in the history of blogging?

Speaking of Iron, you know how serious weight-lifter people always seem to use free weights instead of machines? And not only that, but they get very judgmental towards those of us who don't necessarily wanna use free weights?

Well, if you're trying to decide which to use, there's an incredibly helpful resource over at 60 in 30 comparing the benefits of free weights versus machines. And it's not the least bit condescending towards people who use machines or mix and match! Check it out.

Have a Great Long Weekend if You Get One!


  1. The Limes and Lycopene post on small impediments was interesting. Thanks for the direction.
    Enjoy your time off, Crabby.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  2. well, if you're going to leave us high and dry like this, I guess the least you could do is give us these great links. ;-)

    Have a good time off...

  3. happy long weekend!

  4. Have a great long weekend, Crabby and Merry!

  5. Wonderful links. For the record, I am a free weights person. The machines make me feel like I am trapped in something--oh yeah, that's it--trapped in a machine.


  6. Thanks for the links! I like the free weights myself (might be because I'm too inept to figure out those darned machines though).

  7. honestly, I think bad segues are MUCH better than good ones. I like the iron transition. It could have been better :-)
    I will be working under deadline all weekend but I did just purchase a freestanding hammock (mentioned in your running quiz!!) and so long as my back doesn't seize up again, I'm hooking that puppy up and napping in the sun for at least 20 minutes tomorrow. OK, an hour.

  8. Ackkkk, more links! So many blogs, so little time. Thanks for the great links Crabby, have a good long weekend.

  9. Thanks so much for reading my blog about teenage unrequited love + how it affected my weight.

    I was beginning to wonder if anyone would read it, seeing as it had received vey few comments and nobody (until you!) had commented on the end bit.

    I know it is a rather long blog post, but I was hoping it would strike a chord with other people who had suffered rejection and bullying in their childhood or teenage years due to their weight.

    Thanks 4 sparing the time!


  10. Great links, Crabby, thanks. I hope you have a long relaxing weekend.

    When you get back, maybe you'd like to participate in a meme I just tagged you for, I'd love to hear your response, but it's totally up to you...............:)

  11. Thanks everyone, and hope you're having wonderful long weekend (if you're getting one).

    Lisa, thanks for thinking of me! And it looks like a cool meme. Alas, I actually don't do tags and memes anymore, as I could never figure out how to say "yes" to some and "no" to others, so being a wimp and a slacker I went the simplest, laziest solution. Interesting answers you had too! Again, thanks for the thought.

  12. Hello Crabby, I love your blog design, especially the cakes! Love scones

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  14. Well, good that I found some valuable info here.:)

  15. When I first saw the title Lazy Friday, I thought you were going to talk about my Lazy Friday's where I feel entitled to eat lots of unhealthy stuff on Fridays, even though Mon-Thurs I eat very well. Also, I rarely got to the gym on Fridays, and I have more time on Friday...what's up with that?? Anyway, I enjoyed going thru the links you gave out, they are great blogs too.

  16. Limes and Lycopene awesome. I took notes.

    Thank you, Crabby.

    Hope you're enjoying some lovely weather this weekend. I do my HIIT while sobbing in fatigue and pain, and then go out and enjoy the rest of the day.

  17. Happy LONG weekend.

    xo xo,

    MizFit, who is about to hurl the WIDE AWAKE Toddler Tornado @ the husband and head back to bed.

  18. And just what the heck is wrong with hanging a "Gone Fishing" sign?



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