May 28, 2008

Submit a Recipe to Cranky Fitness!

[By Crabby]

Got a Healthy Recipe?

Alert readers of Cranky Fitness may have noticed that we rarely have recipes to share. And when we do, the sharing process tends to include more in the way of bad jokes and whining, and less in the way of helpful instructions for making a tasty meal.

So here's what we're thinking: perhaps readers might like do our work for us share some of their own culinary discoveries?

Please? We're getting really tired of frozen pizza and take-home rotisserie chicken.

What kind of recipes are best?
We are looking in particular for healthy, easy recipes. Recipes with 97 ingredients that use lots of fancy French terms like "en papillotte" or "court bouillon" might make awesome meals but they tend to mess with our heads and make us feel inadequate.

And while we realize that "healthy" has a variety of interpretations, recipes that include huge quantities of sugar, white flour, lard, salt, butter, and bacon will be less favored than recipes that somehow make whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean forms of protein seem tasty and appealing.

Is there financial compensation?
Alas, no. If you have a blog or a favorite website you'd like to promote, we will be happy to include a link to it in your recipe post. You'll also have our most sincere and enthusiastic gratitude for your contribution!

But Beware:
These recipe posts may be published in a haphazard manner, perhaps in addition to another post on the same day. They could appear on a weekend, or be ignored entirely for months and months and then suddenly pop up long after you've forgotten you submitted it. So please do NOT send in a recipe if you have an emotional attachment to seeing it on the pages of Cranky Fitness in any kind of timely manner.

Not Dissuaded Yet?
Hooray! Because we'd love to hear about what you cook and eat and get some new ideas to share with everyone.

What if I don't have a recipe--Are you still taking other sorts of guest posts?
Yes, we are also still open to general guest post submissions too! Though unfortunately, as with the recipes, we can't guarantee we will publish all of them (and we know they're a pain to write.)

What we especially love: posts around 750 words or less on a health or fitness topic that are kinda funny and haven't been published before. Short videos are cool too since we've never gotten it together to do any of our own. These can be instructional or funny--of course both at once is awesome.

Feeling brave and generous and energetic? Please email your recipe or guest blog post submission to Crabby McSlacker @ gmail . com, all one word.



  1. Ummmm - does it have to be a healthy recipe.....?

  2. Baggy, you would have been fun to know in school. ;)

  3. Now that I think of it, my O. Chem class had some recipe about how to synthesize cocaine... no, sorry, I can't remember it now. :(

    I can make... hmmm. Well, I can make a mess. I can make a fuss. I can make amends... dang, I don't have recipes for any of those things. You can see why Crabby felt impelled to ask for help. She wasn't getting anything useful from /this/ corner!

  4. I have a few ideas. I will get them to you eventually. Maybe this weekend, after I test cook and make sure the recipes don't actually kill anyone. Okay, I know one doesn't 'cause I had it for lunch yesterday.

  5. Bag Lady--Hey, you have a great healthy recipe on your blog today! Coincidence? Though I love your Evil Temptations as well.

    And we're starting to get some great recipe submissions, so I'm really looking forward to this!

  6. Let me start by saying that I am not a cook! I figured I needed to do something with my diet since I've been doing all this damn exercise. I picked up a cookbook a couple weeks ago and the recipes are super simple and taste good too! I have conned my daughter into thinking I can actually cook now. I believe the cookbook is called Pillsbury: Fast & Healthy. My 2 favorite recipes so far are the Chicken Parmesan Italiano and the Oven Fried Herb Chicken. Yum!


  7. Oh this sounds like fun...

    I'm just sitting here wondering if I'll actually get off my butt and do something about it.

  8. OMG, I might have a recipe that fits the bill!!! I'll have to dig it out of purgatory and have a look.

  9. Missy, sounds like a great resource.

    And gena & katieo & reb, that would be awesome if any of you dug something up!

  10. I have a couple food bits that I'm obsessed with still:

    I eat the flat bread at least once a week and teh vegetable porn whenever I remember to buy Buffalo Moz.


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