December 01, 2007

Chocolate Versus Vanilla

[Posted by Crabby]

Do you have an opinion about the best flavor ever? Even if you don't, it's worth a click to check out the heated debate over at Puntabulous. The fabulous Bossy of I am Bossy trades licks with just-as-fabulous Puntabulous host, Craig. Poor Craig manages to put up a really good fight, even though he's forced to defend Vanilla. (No, not Vanilla the runner, who can probably fend for himself--even if he does sometimes wear a skirt).

Crabby had to vote for chocolate of course, and not just because she was sucking up to Bossy (being a sycophantic fan of her fine blog). If somehow forced to pick only one flavor for the rest of her life, Crabby would have to go with chocolate. But look above you at the cupcake banner--Crabby has nearly equal love for Ebony and Ivory when it comes to sugary goodness! (And yeah, this is a blog about healthy living and good nutrition--what's your point?)

In fact, one thing that bothers her about her cupcakes above is the fact that she would never bake (ha!) buy a "chocolate" or a "vanilla" cupcake if a mixture of the two were available. Vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting; chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting: these are what Crabby eats because the two flavors in combination are greatly superior to either flavor in isolation. Duh!

Can't we all just get along?

And in other Blog News, go visit Dr. J's CalorieLab column and you can win a hundred dollars! (Note: some personal humiliation may be involved--but a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks!) Actually, you should go there anyway, because Dr. J has written some excellent columns, which will surprise no one who has gotten to know him through his comments at Cranky Fitness.

And finally, Kelly at Fitness Fixation, the most awesome fitness blog on earth, alerted Crabby to the fact that they now have Jeans that Come in Ass Cup Sizes! Sized, you know, like bras--but for your butt. (Warning: caution is advised for those who may offended by pictures of posterior cleavage. Come to think of it, you probably want to skip this post in Crabby's archives, too.)

And have a great weekend!

***Totally Embarrassing Addendum: Crabby was just skimming through the original Puntabulous post, and a comment caught her eye. It mentioned both "ebony and ivory" and "can't we all just get along." Problem is, the comment appears above Crabby's own comment, which means Crabby must have (a) seen it and (b) stolen both references for later use without (c) having had any clue she was doing so. Aaargh!

Crabby lives in fear of inadvertent plagiarism, as she has a tiny crab brain which apparently stores "memories of stuff other people wrote" in the same compartment as "stuff she just thought of." Crabby hereby apologizes to Dara as well as anyone else she has swiped stuff from without realizing it.


  1. Alas, I've never met a cupcake I didn't like!

  2. I would find it extremely depressing to know my cup size in jeans.

  3. Weird. I can comment on other people's blogs without the icon overlapping the name.
    Surely all blog comment pages were created equal? I wonder why this one is behaving in this manner :(

  4. Teena, I haven't either. Perhaps they need to invent the Brussel Sprout Cupcake so we have a fighting chance.

    Mary--there are so many weird quirks in blogger! Have you ever tried clicking on someone's profile in the comments and it arbitrarily decides you can't go visit them today but instead insists on collapsing all the comments? I'll sit there and flip it back and forth about ten times before giving up, because I just can't believe it's being so mean!

    And good luck in the search for a Cool Name. If you're weren't so pleasant you could be Mary Mary Quite Contrary--but I guess that's also kinda long.

    Or hey, maybe you could make some extra bucks and sell your naming rights to a corporate sponsor-- you could be CoolWhipGirl or SlimFastLady or GerbersGal or something really classy like that!

  5. I think Vanilla is a waste of space--the ice cream flavor, not the blogger!

    I have strong feelings on this one.

  6. Oh, dare I say it? I must be honest in that I do enjoy a scoop of good vanilla ice cream once in a while! (Apologies to my mother who says you can never have too much chocolate.)

    Actually, my favorite flavor would have to be chocolate chip, not the mint kind. So, hey, I've got vanilla and chocolate together in a perfect blend of coexistence...that will cease to exist once I eat it!!!

    And Crabby, I agree with you. Where cupcakes are concerned, gotta have yellow cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. I still like the photos at the top of your blog, though. Much more fun to look at than, say a bunch of broccoli! ;)

  7. Chocolate...rules! Milkshakes, bars, cupcakes (although the Bag Lady must confess that she is not a real cupcake fan - gasp!) The only think vanilla ice cream is good for is to go under that hard-shell stuff, and on top of apple pie. Even the Bag Lady is not such a hard case chocoholic that she would put it on top of pie...


    Vanilla beats chocolate any day of the week and twice on Sunday. In fact, I'll challenge Chocolate to a footrace any day, any time, any place.

    Did Chocolate ever release a #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100? I don't think so.

  9. MethinKs the only thinG vanilla ice cream is good for is to go under that hard-shell CHOCOLATE stuff...sheesh - the Bag Lady was too consumed with passion for her chocolate to notice her typos...
    Vanilla, dahling...don't take offence!! There are plenty of vanilla fans out there.

  10. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that vanilla extract enhances the flavor of chocolate and, thus, not only do the two get along nicely, but if you choose chocolate, you're still getting vanilla in there.

  11. I just found this blog, and I love it.

    About the question, both chocolate and vanilla are awesome, but I can't live without chocolate. I just got into baking, and learned that coffee actually complements the flavor of chocolate (take a sip of coffee and then a bite of's heaven).

  12. I must say Good Vanilla is hard to find, but when you do - mmmm and you can add chocolate to it in any form, hot sauce, sprinkles, hard shell coating. Or put it on top of Chocolate upside-down cake.
    My first love is and will always be chocolate though.

  13. Real chocolate? Please. no competition. I mean, does anyone ever crave vanilla? pfft.

  14. re: chocolate and vanilla mixing:

    The very finest of dark chocolates use only three ingredients. Know what they are?

    Chocolate. Sugar. VANILLA.

    Clearly this match was meant to be.

  15. Oooh, hooray, the debate lives on!

    And such persuasive and amusing arguments on both sides.

    Well, except for the Vanilla side.

    The Chocolate + Vanilla people, are of course, right. Followed by the Chocolate people.

    What happened to "can't we all get along?" Well, Vanilla (the blogger, not the flavor) got me all riled up. Vanilla the flavor could never do that, being so, well, vanilla!

  16. Vanilla, those results are hardly conclusive for the following reasons:

    1. The options listed are not just chocolate and vanilla.

    2.There is no evidence that the people who picked the other flavors would favor vanilla over chocolate.

    2. This debate is also not just about ice cream flavors, but cake, cupcakes, candy, etc.

    3. There is nothing that shows who was surveyed. The sample population used in that survey may not have been a representative sample. In other words, the sample used in the survey may be skewed towards vanilla-liking people.

  17. I'm a COFFEE fan. Coffee flavored EVERYTHING works for me. Vanilla is good. Chocolate is good. But. . . Give me coffee and it's like I've won the lottery!

  18. To add to the chocolate + vanilla conversation, in my humble opinion, a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting (buttercream, of course) is the best..............:)

    Oh, yeah, Baby.

    Iowa Avenue

  19. This debate is starting to sound like the peanut-butter-and-chocolate debate from way-back-when.

  20. hmmm...always been a fan of chocolate myself...though vanilla is good..if you have chocolate syrup!
    i truly luv mint chocolate chip though..and my mom has turned me on to birthday cake ice delish...


  21. I like vanilla with chocolate on top - but I guess that really isn't making a choice. mmmm if I had to pick I'd say vanilla ice cream, but chocolate cake. Vanilla milk shakes, but chocolate for my hot drinks.

    At least I don't have that much trouble voting in political elections. LOL

  22. Is Vanilla' shocking survey a representative sample of the population? We at Cranky Fitness like to see studies published by Real Scientists in peer-reviewed journals, which is unfortunate because Crabby doesn't get around to finding them very often.

    Anyway, does a vote by the American Public make something the best? Our incumbent president was the most popular choice in two general elections (she said, stirring up a hornet's nest), does that make him the "best" man in America?

    Great points made by all, and chocolate + vanilla definitely rules, and coffee and mint are awesome flavors as well, especially when accompanied by chocolate.

    And I kinda wish I'd never heard of birthday cake ice cream, because that sounds WAY too good!

    Oh, and hi Lady Rose, we were typing at the same time! I agree--dessert choices are harder than political ones!

  23. Stop by and pick up your blog award (Bloggers with Integrity).

  24. Hmm, Blogger just ate my comment.

    I like them both and chocolate is good for you. But real vanilla kicks up the flavour of most anything it's added to and therefore it must be give its due.
    If I had to pick one, I'd refuse.

  25. Crabby, I never said a representative sample of the American population. Since we're doing the best overall, we'd need a represntative sample of everyone (which is impossible). I'd also like to point out that Bush won by a plurality, not a majority (much like vanilla did in the survey)

  26. Sensible policy, Leah--refuse to choose!

    And excellent points, Tricia.

    (I must confess it's breakfast time and I'm about to have some Vanilla yogurt).


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