December 19, 2007

Get Well Wishes

[Posted by Crabby]

Those of you who are long-time readers of the comment section may have been wondering where the heck Leah has been this week. She's the author of the very down-to-earth and amusing blog The Goat's Lunch Pail, and is always a blunt breath of fresh air in our comment section here at Cranky Fitness. Usually the only time Leah goes AWOL is for a vacation or a computer crash.

Well, damn it, she's been in the hospital. Her cousins (who also have fine blogs themselves, Bag Lady's Blather and Sibu Pegasus Power) have said it's okay to let people know--more details will probably appear soon on their blogs too.

Basically, Leah seems to have congestive heart failure of a somewhat confusing nature, and she's still undergoing tests. Which is ironic, given how healthy her lifestyle is.

No doubt she's having a thrilling fun-filled time of it all. (Isn't it hard to picture feisty Leah trapped in a hospital room?)

So for those who want to wish Leah well--Bag Lady will be collecting comments over at her blog, and you can leave some at The Goats Pail too for Leah when she gets back.


We will now resume our regularly scheduled Crankiness.


  1. heartiest good wishes to you Leah. My mum suffers from CHF...has for about ayear now. It takes a bit to get a handle on...but if you take the time to adjust your lifestyle a bit, with the right meds, things can turn out OK.
    Hope she is doing OK.

  2. thanks geosomin, I'm sure Leah will appreciate the information and encouragement!

  3. i don't think i know leah, cuz im new to blogging, reading this blog, and commenting. but i wish you the best of luck, and i'm keepin you in my prayers! get well soon!



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