December 04, 2007

Exciting News Update!

[Posted by Crabby]

Yippee, Cranky Fitness was on TV! And on the Web!

Or actually, from the brief blurry screen shot, it looks more like the blog Craggy Feelings made it on to CBS's The Early Show. This may explain why Statcounter has not detected any evidence of Early Show-related googling. But it was a kick to be included just the same.

The glory really belongs to Katie over at Sister Skinny, who wrote all the great stuff the reporter was raving about. Cranky Fitness was just glad to be along for the ride. Coincidentally, the other blogs that made it were all featured in the same Women's Health Magazine story! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the other great blogs listed there besides Cranky Fitness and Sister Skinny: Back In Skinny Jeans, Big Fat Deal and Lose the Buddah.

(Should we mention that Cranky Fitness isn't quite a weight loss blog? Nah. It'll be our secret).

So here's the link to the Early Show video. You have to go find the Blogging to Lose Weight video, which may still be on the front page or may not. And sorry, there's a commercial first.

Alternatively, here's a screen shot of the video playing on Crabby's computer:

We're Famous! Those are Our Cupcakes!

See? Since Crabby doesn't know how to photoshop, you know it has to be real.

But Wait, There's More!

And some further good news: Cranky Fitness was also just featured earlier today on the awesome Elastic Waist! Crabby wrote a guest post a while back, then kind of forgot about it, and now it's up there. If anyone has arrived from Elastic Waist, welcome! But beware: it's weird here.

Congrats again to Katie and Molly at Sister Skinny! And thanks everyone, for making this blogging thing so fun.


  1. Fame at last!

    Sorry, can't talk further... gotta call my agent... ;)

  2. whoooaaaa... in the presence of greatness!


  3. How cool is that???

    I am totally jealous.

    -- P

  4. Thanks for the tip Crabby! Woo-hoo! and congratulations again!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    The authors of Craggy Feelings are feelin' mighty proud.

  6. Wow. Totally cool.
    The Bag Lady is very happy for you, and consumed with envy...

  7. zomg!! Congrats, Craggy!

  8. Thanks bag lady & chickengirl!

    I realize that from the post, I made it sound as though they actually discussed the blog, which they didn't. The blurry screenshot is pretty much it. They just talk about weight loss blogs generally, and it's clear they spent a lot of time reading Sister Skinny.

    But I'm thrilled to pieces to be in there!

  9. Woohoo you! I'm happy for you :)

  10. Wow. Didn't I always say you'd be famous. Try to remember us little people :)

  11. Yay crabby! I am blogging about your blog being featured tomorrow at That's Fit :)

  12. ha!
    I called Molly and was like, "We're famous!But they didn't mention our names or the actual name of the website."

    But we're famous!


  13. Thanks again, you all are so nice with your comments!

    And thanks for posting about us, Martha! (I tried to do a link but messed it up, sorry, but it's over at That'

    By the way: something seems to be wrong between Blogger and Gmail, so comments are not coming to my mailbox. I worry that other email is being lost as well. So if anyone has sent email since Tuesday night, I may not have gotten it. Anyone else having this problem?

  14. As Garp's father said to Garp's mother in the movie:"The World According to Garp", GOOOOOD!!
    Dr. J

  15. Awesome, Crabby. You've earned it. Just... don't let it go to your head. Crabs with big heads look like filet mignon to seagulls.

  16. Thanks Dr. J!

    And Susan, that totally cracked me up.

  17. You’re everywhere! I just came from Diet Blog and saw you there.

    Especially cool that you were on TV. Unfortunately for me, the video feed wouldn't play on my computer, so I couldn't watch it :(

  18. Thanks Lily! You didn't miss much, but it was exciting for me just the same.


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