September 21, 2007

Friday It Is!

It being Friday, Cranky Fitness prepares for the weekend in the traditional way: throwing a bunch of unrelated junk into a post and hoping you can find something in there worth reading. Good luck!

Play Ball!
In a recent Danish study (no, not of the pastries, though Crabby would very much like to volunteer for that Danish study), researchers found that soccer beat out jogging as exercise, and was more fun to boot! (Sorry). A bunch of guys in their early thirties were sent out to either run, play soccer, or do nothing in particular 3 times a week for about an hour. After three months, the soccer players had more muscle, less fat, and a lot more fun than the joggers or the couch potatoes. The joggers were in better shape than the spuds, but found their routines fairly miserable. However, like this was apparently the old-fashioned kind of jogging that involves slogging along at an even pace, not the new fancier kind with lots of intervals and variety. And hey--plenty of Cranky Fitness readers are Big Time runners who aren't the least bit whiny about it!

According to this USA Today article, many Americans are getting too big for their cars. Cars actually do have weight limits, in order to ensure tire safety, and it's not that difficult for heavier folks these day to top these limits in certain cars, especially two-seaters. For example, some Miatas and Corvettes aren't supposed to carry two 200-pound adults. And many five-passenger vehicles max out if their occupants average more than 170 pounds apiece.

Is this really anything to worry about? Well, possibly, yes! Overloading is considered a factor in tire failure (very, very bad; you really don't want this going on underneath you while zooming down the freeway). And guess what else? If you exceed the weight limit of your car, automakers may be able to claim they don't have any responsibility for a part that fails causing you to you crash. Yikes.

Spin This Any Way You Want
Via the always awesome Fitness Fixation, did you know there's now such a phenomenon as Spin Rage? Well at least according to the attorney for a Wall Street Broker with some serious anger management issues. Apparently Broker became enraged at Hedge Fund Manager pedaling next to him (can't you just picture this gym?) because of all his grunting and hooting. Words were exchanged, then Broker proceeded to pick up Fund Manager and his bike, and hurled them into a wall. So, are you looking for a good excuse to skip your spin class and can't think of any new ones? You're welcome.

Not a Very Nice Way to Wake Up...
At your own autopsy. With a scalpel cutting into your face. The guy's fine though, and still quite handsome despite the car accident, the being declared dead and all, and the rude awakening in the morgue.

Tick Tick Tick
Crabby had never come across this weirdly addictive world time clock before, but our friend Dr. J. just brought it to her attention. Check it out! (Though the site was down once on a recent visit; seems to be back up now.) Once you start watching all the numbers roll by and grasp the ramifications of some of them, you can start to feel a bit... well, freaky.

After The Stork Flies Away...
Moms, want a refreshing dose of reality about women's bodies, post-pregnancy? Many of you may have probably found this site already, but if you haven't, check out The Shape of A Mother. (After you read the introduction, click "enter" and you will be taken to photos readers have sent in of their bodies both during and after pregnancy. There are (gasp) stretch marks on view! It's sweet and real and a nice place to get a sense of perspective back about what's natural.

Okay, warning, now we're gonna get decidedly weirder...

Don't Do it, Steve!
So were we just speaking of new mothers and their unique physiology? Here's a somewhat related blog post that's part of the series Steve, Don't Eat That! But Don't Click Just Yet, Caution is strongly advised as some may find this distasteful and possibly offensive. And yet Crabby nonetheless found it quite amusing. OK, have at it if you dare.

And our final bit of silliness?

More Gratuitous Animal Exercise Videos!
So last time Crabby tried to embed a video it broke her feed! So this time, those of you with time on your hands may want click these links to watch this little guy or this big gal do their respective things.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Spin rage. Oh my. Well I understand how irritating other people can be, but that's no excuse for the head-up-the-ass types to resort to violence.

    As to the Danish study, it seems that playing a game is more fun and better for you than a solitary pursuit. Yeah, that's money well spent.

    I don't know that I'd want to awaken at my own autopsy, but I suppose it beats not waking up.

    Have a good weekend,Crabby.

  2. Crabby, this is a Thoughtful Friday. I'm glad you ended with the screaming pug and sliding lab - I've been in the same loop as that lab, and the pug has a lot in common with that Wall Street Broker...

    Speaking of thoughtful, yesterday your alma mater was filled with new undergrads and their parents, getting tours of campus, having picnics in the quads, and partying in the late afternoons. I'm in denial, trying to pretend the summer isn't over.

  3. Thanks Leah, and I'm with you on the autopsy! Have a great weekend too.

    And hi Quito! There's something sort of bittersweet about watching undergrads start their first days of college... brings back memories! But when did they start admitting elementary school kids to Universities? Or at least that what typical undergrads look like to me these days. Was I ever that fresh-faced and innocent? Ah, youth...

    Okay, I've been putting off my gym visit for far too long. Off I go!

  4. Thanks, Crabby, for the nausea. After the Steve-thing, I couldn't stomach any of the rest of the feeds!
    I don't find the spin rage at all surprising. There is so much rage everywhere else, why not there, too? Personally, I have 'season-rage' - it really pisses me off that tomorrow is the first day of autumn already - where did the summer go? Damn, nobody better get in MY face today!!
    Great post, as always, Crabby. Hope you have a terrific weekend. (and I'll try not to beat anybody up...)

  5. I love! The rest of the site is good, too.

    @Overloading-- yikes!! What gets me, though, is that 170 pounds isn't overweight for a lot of people-- say, a tall guy. In fact, 170 for a 6' guy is not unhealthy, no? Not that everyone is always driving aroud 5 basketball players, but I think a car should be built to handle that because it's not even out of the range of normal.

    Have a wonderful weekend, all!

  6. Words were exchanged, then Broker proceeded to pick up Fund Manager and his bike, and hurled them into a wall.

    Jesus, are they bombarding the brokers with gamma rays on Wall Street now? Would we not like him when he's angry?

  7. I'm not a bit surprised by the soccer study, although it also presumes that the soccer-players in question are actually chasing the ball around, kicking, jumping, etc. Obviously three hours of standing around waiting for the ball to come your way is of little worth.

    I read about the "spin rage" incident. I can see getting perturbed by people who grunt or stink too much at the gym and make it unpleasant for everyone. But some folks just need to chill out. Maybe the stockbroker dude should be in yoga class instead, learning to relax and let go.

  8. A bit off topic, but I'm going to look like a idjut asking this - but what *is* a spin class? I see them advertised all around and all I get are images of people spinning around in circles really fast until the yfall down.
    Now I'm all for that, but i can't see paying for a class...

    Just what is it anyways.?

    As for the soccor being more fun - well yeah. It's a game. Running isn't som much a game, although some people prefer running in groups...
    Glad to see people are pointing aou that your bosy isn't supposed to look perfect after you've had a baby. I've watched women try to obsess and look like they did prebaby. Why do we do that to ourselves?

    As always Crabby, lots to think about. Have a great weekend :)

  9. Well, I definitely love watching it just me, or do they have the best looking athletes? puuuuuurrrrrr
    Waking up at your own autopsy? Thanks in advance for my nightmare tonight!

  10. I beat Crabby to a topic! I beat Crabby to a topic! Look Mom, no hands!


    Okay, I'm done being three. How very immature of me.

    That spin rage is scary. Isn't exercising supposed to help us be more level-headed and healthy?

    Oh yeah, and crabs made it into new scientist this week. I'm too lazy to find an online link, but it's about how crabs feel stress at being declawed and thrown back in the water. Duh.

  11. Overloaded – And I thought that me, at 6'6” 230, my bro, at 6'7” 270, and my wife, at 6' would-kill-me-if-I-even-guessed-in-public, just looked ridiculous folding ourselves into and out of her old Toyota Tercel. Turns out we were going to rupture the tires.

    I still drive the Terc. I call it my car-suit.

  12. Yep, car manufacturers will start to put the blame on overweight drivers for mechanical failures due to overloads. They will be right too.

    The pug has been favorited to my youtube account. That is crazy and cute! CrazyCute even :)

  13. Thanks for the postpartum link! I'll be sure to look at it after the Wee One comes out as a reminder to not beat myself up.

    I'm pretty sure every husband of a nursing wife gets curious sooner or later. Whether they fess up to their little taste-test is another matter, hehe.

  14. I will start by saying that I am not a forensic scientist, mortician, or medical examiner...but...WHY DID THEY START THE AUTOPSY ON THAT GUY'S FACE!?!?!?!?

  15. THe Shape of A Mother link made my day. It's good to remember my tumtum looks pretty darn good considering what it's been through!

    (and Crabby, I really like the bold titles over the paragraphs. It makes everything clearer and easier to navigate)

  16. Funny you should mention Shape of a Mother... I was just about to take some pics to send over there! I have found this site to be both comforting (in a validating sort of way) and inspirational.

  17. A friend of mine just forwarded this story on spin rage to me yesterday (that's group exercise cycling, rather than spinning in dizzying circles). I find this very amusing - there was an incident once when she was in class and she though a guy at a nearby bike was hooting, so she kept glaring at him, and turning in her seat to do so. Then she realized that the hooting was part of the song! She was a bit embarrassed.

  18. Hi Bag Lady--sorry about the Steve thing, but ya can't say I didn't warn ya! You have a great one too.

    Sarah, I totally agree with you 170lbs is not heavy at all for tall folks, esp. guys. Which isn't a problem if it's only a few cars and larger people are clearly warned away--but I don't think most people even know it's an issue!

    Jim, yeah, the guy must be Way Strong to do that. Wall St must be getting pretty rugged these days.

    Bunnygirl--isn't it funny how people tend to steer clear of the exercise they need the most? I bet the guy would NEVER think he could benefit from yoga.

    Geosomin, that's so funny! I actually used to wonder what a spin class was too--it's just a bunch of people on exercise bikes pedaling to music as an instructor nags, er, encourages them to haul ass.

    Oops, on preview Leth beat me to it.

    Back in a bit..

  19. Missicat, you're welcome! (And I agree about soccer players, of both genders!)

    Norabarnacle, don't ever be done being three! And you beat me by a good number of weeks, too. And thanks for the heads up about the stressed crabs--I think.

    Jeff, yeah brawny muscular guys would have a real problem with these cars. Your car suit--love it.

    goinggone, I love the pug thing too! I saw it several times as I was constructing the post and testing the link and I laughed every damn time.

    Lisa--yeah, save that link! From what I hear, I think a lot of new mothers get really discouraged not realizing what's normal. And I bet you're right about curious husbands.

    holly--really good question! That does seem weird, doesn't it?

    Isn't that a great site? And yeah, I should do bold headings more often.

    Hi Mrs Furious, thanks so much for stopping by! Great blog you've got there. And yes, isn't A Shape of a Mother great?

    Leth, what a hilarious story! I could just see myself doing that. (The staring, not the hooting). But I'm glad it wasn't me.

  20. Tell me you got the Hulk reference. Tell me somebody did. ;_;

  21. Jim, I SO did not get your hulk reference!!

    Crabby, you have a line above your amazon ads and today I have to comment because for the past couple of days the pictures have been of herbal tea, pedometers and HOT half naked guys selling stuff! What's up with that!

  22. I must not understand this internet thing which is too bad since I work for an internet company, but I swear I left you a message earlier today because I was so elated at having something funny to read to start my morning off right...but alas it doesn't appear that it's on the site....oh god am I hallucinating?

  23. I loved my Miata!! I put 122K miles on it! It proved to me that love can be forever, or at least until the wheels fall off :-)

  24. Jim, yes but belatedly! Sorry.

    Holly, how funny! Actually Amazon has a formula that takes info from the site and combines it with YOUR individual shopping history to produce most of the ads. (Hardly anyone ever buys anything anyway so I'm probably going to dump most of them before too long). But since I've never seen any hot half naked guys in my ads, I can only assume they're coming from your end!

    Amanda, that happens to me all the time! In my case, I think what happens is I hit "preview" and forget to follow up with publish. But it could also be Internet Monsters just hungry for a little comment snack.

    I've always thought they were very cute cars. Fortunately, it looks like they can safely hold a Crab and a Lobster so someday, perhaps I'll give one a try!

  25. when i was in college i parked cars for money, one of them was a corvette. that thing was so low to the ground. i thought i was going to crash. i barely fit in the damn thing and i was in shape.

  26. Just for the record, I have NEVER purchased any hot, half naked guys from Never!

  27. Hi Crabby,

    Thank goodness for the weekend, it has taken me until Sunday afternoon to read your, as always, fascinating Friday post.

    Should I use the word eclectic again? Nah, I think we did that already. ;)

    Anyway, I especially love the clock and the info it provides.


  28. Hi Israel,
    Isn't it weird riding in those low cars where you feel like your ass is almost scraping the ground? Makes me feel strangely vulnerable, like I could get squashed.

    Holly... sure I believe you, sure I do!

    Hope you're having a great weekend! And I thought that clock was pretty cool too. You can re-set all the numbers to zero and it's even more interesting because it increases the sense of stuff happening in real time. Like I need more ways to spend unproductive time on the net!

  29. wow, that autopsy story is something. it's good to know though that examiners would stop if you are alive because of the bleeding. i've never considered that before.

  30. Hi Decaf,
    Yeah, the whole thing is creepy, but at least it's nice to know that the bleeding thing would come into play in the unlikely event one was ever erroneously declared dead!


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