September 15, 2007

Anniversaries, Marching, Gratitude, and Guest Posts

So this weekend marks the Five Month Anniversary of Cranky Fitness! Crabby actually thought it was the Sixth Month Anniversary when she wrote this post, and was just about to hit Publish when she decided to double-check. Nope, Five Months, not Six. What to do, rewrite the post so it doesn't reference a meaningless anniversary? Or just change the Six to a Five? Gosh, tough call.

So to celebrate this not particularly momentous event, Crabby is backing slowly away from her laptop and going out rejoin Real Life, even if only for a day or so. She will be Marching Against the War--not that any politician has ever given a crap what she marches for or against. But, well, she's here in D.C. so she'll go. She'll get some exercise and try to avoid excess Speechifying. Crabs are not much for listening to speeches, even if the points being made are all quite reasonable. But walking around and being mad at things? Crabs like these activities just fine.

So a Big Special Six Five Month Anniverary Thank You to all the Awesome Readers, Extremely Smart Commenters, and the cool blogs who've linked to Cranky Fitness! The blog has become ludicrously important in Crabby's tiny world, and so when you come here you make her so very happy! She loves the conversations down in the Comments, and feels like she's made a bunch of great new friends. (Also Crabby is a neurotic crab who tends to confuse "self-worth" with "unique visitors." And boy does she have Unique Visitors! You all are so much more interesting than the Ordinary Visitors who must show up in other blogger's stats).

And now, right on the heels of thanking you, she has a couple of favors to ask!

For a number of reasons, posting is going to be very light from near the end of September through Mid-October. (Family in Town, Fun Vacation, and Relocation back to California). However, Please Don't Go Away during this time or Crabby's self-esteem will plummet! She is hoping to supplement her own occasional postings with a few more Guest Posts than usual, so please keep checking in to see what's here.

Where will these guest posts come from? Well, now Crabby must ask yet another favor! She would love to receive some additional Guest Post Submissions!

(Note: You don't even have to have a blog to play! Many Witty and Observant Folks tend to drop by in the Comments, and some have not yet had their lives nearly taken over by the pleasure of publishing A Blog of Their Own. This could be a chance to experience the thrill of blogging without having to know a scrap of html coding!)

So here are the guidelines for anyone Foolish Adventurous Enough to want to be a Cranky Fitness Guest Blogger:

1. Please submit a draft post (a word document attached to an email works fine) in the 350-750 word range about something at least vaguely related to health or fitness to Crabby McSlacker @ gmail. com (but skip the spaces);

2. If you've got a picture (that you have the right to use) that goes with it, attach that too, if not, don't worry about it, it doesn't need one;

And most importantly,

3. Please Please Please Don't Get Too Hurt of Mad if Crabby Edits your post or decides Not to Use it At All.

That part sucks, doesn't it?

Crabby herself has submitted guest posts, on more than one occasion and to more than one blog, that have not been used. She has tried to act all grown-up about it but it still feels kind of bad. So she assures you that if this happens to you, it is NOT because it wasn't a good post, but because Crabby was thinking of writing something herself on the same issue, or already did, or finds it in some way too similar or too different from other Cranky Fitness stuff.

So what's in it for you? Absolutely Nothing! (Crabby will never have a Bright Future in Sales, unfortunately). Really, all it is a chance to get exposure to a slightly different audience than you normally write for, if you're a blogger. Or a chance to try your hand at this blogging thing if you haven't and you're curious. Crabby will be surprised and delighted if anyone wants to take her up on this, but most of all, grateful!

If you decide to send something and Crabby doesn't at least acknowledge receipt within a day or two, then something may have Gone Horribly Wrong. Please try again or alert her in the comments. (Unless you send it in Very Late September or October, in which case delays will indeed be likely).

So thanks again everyone and have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Fifth Anniversary, Crabby.
    Enjoy your marching and guests and fun vacation and relocation.

  2. Where in California? I'm in Rocklin (northern CA).

  3. What will we do without ya Crabster?
    Enjoy that march. March like its 1999!

  4. Crabby, I'm so glad you're going to the march. I wish I could be there, and it makes me feel better to know someone I know (I GUESS I know you) is going to be there.

    Israel, what happened in 1999? (Other than my getting married.)

  5. Happy Anniversary! I've got you on my blog reader, so you can go away a long time before I'll give up. So nice not to have to log into blogs one by one to see if there's anything new!

    I'll see if I can help you out by typing something up. I often muse insightfully on fitness while I'm walking around, but then I get on the computer and forget all about it.


  6. Israel, 1969? 1979?

  7. I’m not smart or witty or anything and my blog is infested with personal angst, but I’ll see if I can put something together for you. If you don’t use it, no biggy, but I’ll probably end up posting it on my own blog, seeing as how I don’t want my efforts to be wasted.

    Have fun at the march!

  8. Happy anniversary.

    Of course we'll keep checking back while you're on crustacean vacation.. enjoy! :)

  9. Happy anniversary. You've done extremely well to get this far in 5 mths. Wahoo!!!!

    Whaaaaaaaat? You plan to edit my little pearls of wisdom. Mutter mutter. Well I don't think I'll be submitting. Hmpf!

    Actually, I'd think about doing a blog post if it weren't for the fact that I just about burst a boiler doing the 2 blogs I already have. Let's call it an idea I'll think upon...

    Course it would be so much easier if I could just copy and paste an old post...

  10. Hello there! I am inviting members of Priscilla Palmer's Personal Development List to participate in a blog series based on the Desiderata. I hope you'll consider participating. Here is a link describing the project: Help Wanted: Desiderata Series. Thank you and have a great day.

  11. Happy Anniversary Crabby!!

    and just a guess...but I think Israel may have been referring to the Prince like it's 1999...maybe?...ok...let's all play name that tune while Crabby is out marching, playing, etc.

  12. HAPPY 5th! You are a rockin' blogger! One of the best 5th month bloggers fo sure.

    I will not be sending in a guest post submission because frankly being rejected by a crab might hurt the small shell that is my ego. Still, I wish you luck in finding some good ones and even though I've been busy I'll continue to check in and see what's up. And good on you -- marching for politics; wish I was there to march with you :)

    It's fairly peaceful in the NW right now.

  13. "FOR SURE" not "fo sure" I wasn't trying to be LL Cool J or whatever that was a plain old typo. Geez. Yo diggity dough? Do? Doh! Doh; we have a winner folks. I need sleep.

  14. Thanks Leah!

    Leslie: the Oakland/Berkeley area, in a community called Rockridge. (It's awesome but we're practically sitting on the Hayward fault which makes me increasingly nervous).

    Thanks Israel! The October hiatus makes me nervous--can I function without blogging nearly every day? We shall see.

    Thanks Melissa--and well, you were there in spirit.

    Bunnygirl, that would be fantastic!

    Thanks lilyT, that would be great! And yeah, even worst case, you've got a blog post for your own blog instead.

    Thanks so much Hilary!

    Talia--Thanks so much! And actually, a "recycled" former post might work just fine, especially since you have a wealth of material over at the Centre.

    Thanks Clubbs, will check it out. Can't make any promises as they don't call me McSlacker fer nothin'!

    Hi holly! Yeah, that's what I thought too--and now have that song in my head as result.

    Jennifer, you crack me up fo sure! And yes, darlin, do get some sleep, I worry about you! (BTW, I can't imagine how you would EVER find time to guest post given your many awesome posts on all your other blogs. But rest assured, rejection from Cranky Fitness is not something you'd need to worry about!)

  15. Happy Anniversary, Crabby! How was the march?
    Ooh, the Bag Lady wishes she were smart enough and funny enough to write a guest post!! But related to fitness? Tee hee - the Bag Lady knows nothing about THAT subject. Now if you wanted a post about whining...the Bag Lady is a whiner extraordinaire!

  16. Oh dear.
    I'm going to be down in the Bay Area at the end of October. Must remember to be especially courteous to pedestrians in cross-walks. Or out of them.
    Wish I could think of something brilliantly insightful or witty to write as a guest post, but I think my brain's taking early retirement.

  17. You are not going to believe this but your march was shown on NZ television. I'm bouncing up and down on the couch, shrieking at my husband "that's the city that Crabby lives in" and now I discover that you were actually in that throng of people! I might have seen you! Although - calming down slightly - I didn't see anyone remotely crab-like there.

    Happy fifth, dear crab.

  18. Well that was quite a sales pitch, I think you do in fact have a future in sales. :) Go enjoy your life, we'll all be here waiting.


    I'd love to march for peace except:
    1. I live in Texas and rarely we march for peace. We mostly march for more access to automatic weapons and such.

    2. Karen won't let me out of the house to march. If I asked she'd mention the irony of me marching for peace when just that morning I hid in a cabinet and jumped out and bit her on the leg.

    3. I'm too lazy to march.

    Either way, good luck this month. If I come up with a guest post, I'll submit. But don't count on it as I'm quite lazy.

    -- P

  20. OOOH a recycled post - that could work LOL

    What a pity blogger doesn't allow you to schedule posts in advance (one of my pet peeves as you know)

  21. Congratulations Crabby on the big five months. Any blogging anniversary is worth celebrating I believe.

  22. Happy 5! You know, five is better than six. To me anyway.

    Hope you rocked the March, and didn't get arrested. But if you did get arrested, I guess there's no better way to do it!

  23. Bag Lady,
    The March was a bit under-attended, it seemed to me, but still earnest and enthusiastic and I'm glad I went. And Whining is one of the very reasons for the blog in the first place, so guest submissions by Whining Experts are most appreciated!

    Well if you happen to be in the East Bay and see a Crab Claw waving frantically at you, that will be me!

    Giving the minimal coverage the whole thing seemed to get here, I'm surprised you saw it on tv! But then Kiwis seem to me to be quite a bit more evolved about world events than most US citizens. Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes!

    Hi Amanda,
    Does sales involve actually working? I imagine it does, huh. Oh well, it was a thought. (I truly would make the worst salesperson ever as I'm a crabby, anxious, pessimistic introvert. I don't think any of these qualities are highly valued in sales!)

    Penelope, too bad you couldn't come! You could have slipped through those pesky White House gates and demonstrated solidarity by barfing up a hairball on the front steps! Ah well. And if you ever find you have a spare few moments between naps, a Penelope guest post would be Truly Awesome. But I know you have a huge number of responsibilities. That sleek fur doesn't just clean itself!

    Talia, that would be great! And yes, blogger keeps bringing these new features I don't want but some of the most basic stuff other blogs can do like static pages or scheduling posts we don't get to have. Grrrr.

    Kathryn, thank you! I actually have heard that there's a huge attrition rater around 2-3 months, so I count myself lucky.

    Hi Norabarnacle!
    I've always secretly wanted to get arrested at a protest, but it's never seemed quite practical. Or perhaps I'm just making excuses. Someday maybe!

  24. Happy blogiversary, Crabby!

    Rockridge? Isn't that where the railroad's supposed to go through?

  25. Crabby,

    Thanks for protesting. I feel better about not making the trip knowing I had a friend in the line of march.



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