September 25, 2007

Glamorous Crab!

So today's "real" post is below, but Crabby just wanted to mention she has a guest post today over at an extremely unlikely venue: one of the Glamour Magazine blogs!

The Crab is not by nature a glamorous creature. If Glamour had a sister publication, Frump, Crabby would be a much more natural candidate for a guest appearance there. (In fact, it occurs to Crabby she'd love to publish a magazine called Frump if one doesn't already exist!)

Anyway, if you have room in your busy days for yet another website click, check out the crab at Sunny's Shape Up--if only for the amusing juxtaposition of the Cheerful Sunny inviting the Grouchy Crab over for a visit. (There's even a poll there if you really like to click on things!)


  1. Crabby! A partnership in the making - Frump Magazine! featuring the latest un-fashion for crabs, including bags. What a hoot that would be! (okay - you start) Actually, I don't believe for a minute that you have the faintest clue about being frumpy - I saw your before and after photos, and you appear to be a very stylish crab. Unfortunately, my web browser Failed me Again, dammit, so I haven't yet been able to read your guest post at Glamour. But I will, somehow.

  2. P.S. Great guest post, Crabby, from this super slacker...

  3. Glamor magazine, fantastic!! Be careful, if you get too famous, you won't have time to put your crustacean cuticles in the sand

  4. Ah, now I understand my motivation in starting a blog.

    Good post, Crabby!

  5. Crabby,

    Me! Me! i want to be on the editorial board of Frump Magazine and I will gladly pose for pictures in my frumpiest outfits. (and I have many!)

    bag lady, if you want to participate, you are going to have to severely down-style the bags you make. From what I've seen, they are gorgeous--not frumpy.

    Other readers can see them here:


  6. PS. the Goats Lunch Pail referenced above is Leah's blog.


  7. Terrie - you are such a peach! Thanks for the compliment, and just as soon as your book comes out, I'm rushing out to buy it. I may even splurge on the hard cover...

  8. there you go being modest again, crabby! congrats on a great blog on glamour!

  9. Crabby - I'd love it if you ever started Frump Magazine. I'd do what it takes to help you get it off the ground and on the shelves. If I couldn't be on the editorial board or be a Featured Frump, then I'd sure subscribe.

    Terrie - Thank you so much for the link to the CartSmart post at my place.

  10. Bag lady, I can't get into the Glamour site either. PC froze and kicked me out. I don't think it is us.

    Crab, I am a born customer for Frump.

  11. Fabbo post!

    Let me know when my subscription to “Frump” will begin, please.

  12. GReat post over there Crabby. (Is her name REALLY Sunny Sea Gold??)

    And I love that you left that comment about "lessed." I went back just now and read the post and fixed, oh I don't know, a bajillion mistakes. I am choosing to blame the children crawling all over me whilst I was typing.

  13. Bag lady--Thanks for visiting both places, and I'll put you on the masthead at Frump with me!

    Hi Dr. J! I won't hold my breath on the 'fame' thing, but thanks for the thought!

    Mary, thanks--and my motive in starting the blog was that I'm a whiner and an introverted narcissist, which I figured was the perfect personality type for a blogger. But I imagine other types enjoy it as well including the Glamorous Ones!

    Terrie, hooray, another Proud Frump! I can see this idea starting to take shape...

    Thanks Marie!

    Leah, yet another Fine Frump, hooray! Not only can we can have a magazine, maybe we can put out a calendar and cash in at the holidays!

    (Actually, there's a part of me that would be kind of intriuged by an anti-fashion magazine for women who feel like they have more important things to worry about besides our wardrobes and our looks. However, I suspect our subscription base would be about two dozen.)

    Hi Anonymous!
    Well darn, maybe they have an anti-frump filter or something. I know I flunked the sign in procedure twice for making a comment and I suspect they were looking through the monitor and saying... her? Glamour? I don't thiiink so!

    Hi Klinde! Another charter subscriber to Frump, that's awesome! And thank you.

  14. Katieo, sorry I missed you!

    And it's so funny--I didn't see ANY errors in your post, just in my comment. And having no children I can only blame my clumsy claws and creaky brain for the ever increasing number of typos in everything I write.

  15. I always knew I would meet someone famous!

  16. Welcome to the big leagues, crabby. Just remember who you were before you hit the Big Time...

    and maybe who all your commenters are. especially the handsome, witty ones who reference star wars all the time.

  17. wow! congrats on the glamour post! great post as always!

  18. Thanks Amanda & Meg!

    And Jim, how could I ever forget the star-wars quoting commenters who show up with cake smeared-faces? Pretty damn endearing.


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