September 26, 2007

The Next Few Weeks: Don't Go Away!

Yes, it's true that Crabby will be posting less frequently and even more lazily than usual from now until Mid-October. Sorry!

At first she will be busy because a passel of Crab Family Members are winging (on Special Crab Wings) their way to Washington D.C. for a visit starting today. They will be staying at the not-very-spacious Crab and Lobster temporary residence, so this should be interesting! The plan is: get out of the tiny apartment as often as possible. Then, after the visiting Crabs all scuttle back to their own stretch of sand, Crabby and the Lobster will be heading off for a vacation of their own. (To one of their favorite places, hooray!) When that's over, they will be packing up and resettling back on the West Coast.

However, Crabby has some great guest posts lined up! (She can always use more, too, if anyone is still mulling the idea over.) And she will post a few things here and there to entice you to keep visiting. She promises her posts won't be the least bit educational.

There may even be a Surprising Personal Revelation or two, if Crabby doesn't chicken out. She is toying with the idea of becoming slightly less anonymous. (Not that there are exactly legions of Crab Fans pining for Crab Facts. But humor her here, okay?) On the other hand, it is also possible Crabby will re-think this notion and stay holed up inside her crusty shell for a while longer. But--should it happen, only the loyal readers who keep checking in during her "break" will be in the know!

Also, apologies in advance: Crabby is already way behind on blog visits, and will probably have to catch up with everyone when she gets back. And while she will greedily read every comment left on the blog in her semi-absence, she may not be responding much, if at all. Please leave comments anyway, though! Lots of people enjoy them, not just Crabby. And Crabby will giggle to herself as she reads them, even if she may not jump into the discussion herself. You can even respond to each other's comments and pretend you are Crabby, only funnier! That would make her very happy.

Crabby is nervous, of course, that if she's not here as much you will all forget you were ever regulars here. Please don't! A morose crab with no snap in its claws is a terribly depressing thing to witness. No one wants to see that.

So... don't forget to check in tomorrow to see what's up at Cranky Fitness, and thanks, everyone, for your patience!


  1. I respect your desire to be an International Crab of Mystery, but I will take any Crab Fact I can get.
    Please don't despair. I will keep checking in.

  2. Don't you worry about a thing and have a great time! Just leave some food in the fridge, some wine in the decanter and the remote in full view. We'll try to get the dishes done before you peek back in.

  3. I have you on my blog reader, so no worries here!

  4. Pretty sure you don't have to worry, Crabby. We'll all be waiting with baited (tee hee) breath for any morsel of crab you care to share...(sorry, I know I'm not hilary, but she was so circumspect this morning, I had to try; and just for that, she gets to do the dishes) and we'll try to take care of things while you're gone. Perhaps we'll have a little contest to see who can guess where your favourite vacation spot is. My guess is somewhere with a really good ocean view, but perhaps crabs and lobsters like a Real Change of Scenery and you'll be in the mountains. Have a good time, but don't forget about us.

  5. Well, I think if you're going to go and abandon us like this, the least we can do is make up spurious rumors about the Real reason for your absence. (Is spurious the word I want? I think so.)
    So tell the truth, Ms. Crab. Has the relentless spotlight of celebrity been too bright for that hard shell? Are you going into rehab? Working on a new album? Going in for plastic surgery before starting a new life in the Witness Protection program? The possibilities are endless... ;)

  6. I'm actually kind of curious what not blogging will do to you. Maybe you'll love the freedom so much you'll just close down shop! Oh the Horror!

    And I agree with Mary. Maybe you're actually Lindsay Lohan and it's time for you to leave Rehab? Or maybe trying out for American Idol?

  7. Ha, what a rumor, Mary!

    Crabby is in rehab? I wonder if she's staying at the same place as Lindsay Lohan? Yep, there's nothing like the fast late that is celebrity livin' to cause a downward spiral. That said, Lindsay looks like she's having a good time, and working out, too! :)

  8. Dear Crabby-

    I lurk more than comment, but as a person who used to host up to 4 extra people in our one bdrm apt, (already occupied by two humans and two pooches), I feel your pain. It can be so much fun to have visitors, but the oxygen gets thin.

    Is the threat of revelations just a tease to keep us checking in? It's working.

    Enjoy your vacation, but most of all, tell me where you found that fabulously gorgeous suitcase!

  9. crabs need to venture to other shores every now and again. be sure to capture pictures of the beautiful vistas to tease us with though! :P wait, does DC have beautiful vistas?

  10. Still wanting to know where on West Coast you will be -- Northern vs. Southern. (I promise I don't want to know for stalking purposes, ok?! Ok!) Enjoy your travels and I'll be happy to read whatever you write, whenever it comes...

  11. Have tons of fun on your vacation! And yes, staying out-and-about as much as possible will significantly lower feelings of cramped-ness. It's a fact, I tell you.

    I will also be dropping off the face of the planet soon (hopefully VERY soon... *grumble, grumble*), and I feel just a tad guilty. Then I remember that unlike you, I have no legion of Loyal Readers and I feel better again, hehehe.

  12. So you've got family visiting (Action!), a long haul move (Adventure!), and you may make some surprising revelations (Shocking Secrets Revealed!).

    Cranky Fitness is becoming the black-and-white adventure serial of fitness blogs.

  13. I'll keep checking in, too! Enjoy your visit with your passel of Crab Family, but be sure to get lots of fresh air when you need it. And I hope you and the Lobster have a wonderful vacation!

  14. Seems like every blogger I visit is pulling back a bit. For a variety of reasons.

    Must be something in the water.

  15. Fine punning, bag lady! I'm NOT doing dishes.. but I did bring paper plates. Have a cupcake. Crabby won't miss just one from her header, will she?

  16. Hey, why are there cupcake crumbs all around here? And what's with the empty champagne botttles?

    You folks totally crack me up!

    Crab family arrived safely and we're off for some adventures.

    I love all the speculations about the 'real' reason for my hiatus!

    I'll add some fuel to the fire: our 'vacation' is indeed more than just a vacation and may have an ulterior purpose.

    Miss you all already! First Guest post up soon.

  17. ah, no worries about forgetting about you. After all, how many people can claim to have a favourite crab?

  18. leaving DC, huh? at least your family will have some great weather, for whatever they plan on doing while here... too bad the leaves haven't started changing yet - they have in western PA... :o)

  19. So sorry I've kind of been absent for the past month-ish or so, but I'm uber busy with school... Mind you, in my times of procrastination I do come back to your blog time and time again...

    Would love to know crab facts... I started my own blog on here that i'm relatively annonymous about, won't even use my "blogger display name" in posting here...

    Hope you have a grand old time with the crabs and then on your vacation with the lobster.

    I'll always be back...

  20. Oh and I so know where you and lobster are going... You're going to a foreign country (on the water somewhere) and adopting a little crustacean kid... Like Angelina Jolie or something. ha ha.


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