September 09, 2007

Go Back Outside And Play!

Crabby plans to resume playtime herself, any minute now. So this is not a real post, just one of those pretend weekend ones to prove she is still alive. (Note: that is NOT her in the photo! She is a crab so she can not leap into the air like that. Nor is she male).

The main reason for this non-post is just to say a huge Thank You to all the nice people who linked to or commented on her "Give Up on Being Perfect" post. In particular, she'd like to thank the amazing Roni at Roni's Weight Watchen Page and Roni's awesome readers--and Goodness, there are a lot of you!

For those of you who haven't ventured over there yet, Roni has a great site with tons of helpful suggestions, particularly if you're on the Weight Watcher's program. Crabby was probably the last health and fitness blogger in the universe to discover this great resource. And unlike Crabby, Roni even Knows Something about Cooking! So there are lots of great recipes as well as humor and practical advice and inspiration.

However, Crabby also needs to warn her readers, Beware! (Not of Roni, who seems very nice; rather of Future Posts at Cranky Fitness).

At first Crabby was almost sort of embarrassed to run a post reminding you of things you already knew. But no one made fun of her so she may do it again! She loves spouting off about the motivational aspects of healthy living because it's fun and it doesn't even require googling. So she's thinking maybe once a week or so of doing similar sorts of Motivational/Reminder posts. (Probably later in the week, in case you're trying to avoid them.)

So thanks again and see you all tomorrow!


  1. Just stopping off to say hello, Crabby. I note you had 52 comments earlier in the week! Can crabs get RSI? You must have been a very busy little crab that day!

  2. Crabby,

    Hi Dawn!

    Over on womenofmystery I did a link to a great post of Leah's.

    Dawn and Crabby are mentioned by name.

    Heading right over to Roni's.


  3. I didn't comment on that original post, but I spent part of that morning transcribing it into my actual pen-and-paper journal, which I use to collect the things that keep me motivated while I'm trying out this whole healthy living gig. So I'd say go for it if you ever have the urge to be all motivatin'. It was an awesome post.

  4. c - i get more cranky if i'm not doing something fitness-y each day... My type a constitution... sigh..

    though that "perfectionism" in whatever endeavour is a two-sided coin. Relax... it's all a journey (she reminds herself )! :)

    gp in montana

  5. Hi Dawn!
    Yes Crabs have to be very careful about repetitive motion because their claws and get all cramped up and they can no longer pinch anyone! And that just won't do. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your back is getting better.

    Hi Terrie,
    You've piqued my curiosity, I shall be over ASAP!

    Wow, thank you Sarah! That was really nice and I sure appreciate the encouragement.

    Hi g.p.!
    Yes, I get like that too when I don't exercise, so you'd think that would make me rarin' to go out there everyday and do it--yet oddly, it doesn't seem to work that way. Still have to force myself most days.

  6. I was going through leave-your-comment withdrawal!
    I couldn't sign in as the google people-whachamathingies kept telling me that my email address didn't exist.

    I like the idea of motivational messages but I do have to warn you that if i'm not in a receptive mood, I may just tell you what you can do with said motivational messages. ;-)

    Time to check out your recs.

    Thanks for being a part of my day!

  7. Marijke,
    Well Cranky Fitness was going through Marijke withdrawal so I'm glad you found a way to sign in again! Hope you had a good vacation too.

  8. No thank YOU for an awesome post! :~)

  9. Marijke, well good, then you still have it to look forward to? Thought you were already gone!

    Roni, wow, I Really Appreciate all the great folks you sent over! And again, you have an awesome blog.


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