September 13, 2007

Re-Motivating: When it Just Ain't Happening

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So this post is not so much for the folks who are just starting out trying to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle. If you're in the initial stages of improving your eating and exercise habits, you may be facing lots of challenges--but Motivation probably isn't one of them yet. You're probably still pretty charged up.

But for those of us ol' timers who've been at it for a while: we do go through those inevitable cycles, don't we?

First it's all: Whoa, I'm so awesome, this is Really Working and I'm Making Progress! Right until: OK, I'm still On Track but Gosh this Sometimes all Seems Like a Huge Pain in the Ass, right on down to: Screw it, I Hate This! Hand Me that Freakin' Remote Control and a Carton of Ben and Jerry's Right this Minute or I'll Bonk You On the Head With my Exercise Ball!

Sometimes Re-Motivation happens spontaneously and naturally--something we see or hear or think triggers a subconscious shift in perspective. And all of a sudden we reconnect with why we're making all these icky sacrifices in the first place."Oh yeah, right, it's all worth it!" we exclaim. "Bring on the next challenge!"

But often we just drag our asses around for a while until we realize: Damn it, it's time to stop waiting for inspiration to strike. We're gonna have to Force It.

So here is the Cranky Fitness Dorky Reminder List, Complete with Bullet Points, on How To Forcibly Re-Motivate Yourself.

  1. Acknowledge that Re-Motivation is a Chore Itself and Plan Accordingly. It really helps to give yourself a break from some other "shoulds" and a big fat reward for tackling this. You're going to have to do some creative thinking; you're might have to do some research; you may need to buy something new or go to the library or visualize something or make any number of time-consuming but worthwhile investments in your future success. The time (and possibly money) you spend will pay off, but you may feel some resistance to Yet Another Chore. Persevere anyway, your long-term success is worth it!

  2. Do Some Detective Work. Try to become your own therapist (or use your actual therapist, if you have a good one). Often de-Motivation doesn't visit out of the blue; there may be some specific events or unhelpful thoughts lurking behind it.

    Haul these trouble-making thoughts out into the light of day, and argue with them and berate them until you really do get it that they're wrong. (You may want to do this in your head, not out loud, unless you don't care whether people think you're a nutbasket). Some examples: "I've been really good lately, so I deserve to eat whatever I want for as long as I want until I happen to feel like being healthy again." Or, "I know deep down I'm a weak person and I'll never be successful at this anyway, so there's no reason to try so hard." Or, "My boyfriend seems to get grouchy when I'm exercising so regularly and watching what I eat, so I need to go back to the old way to make him feel better."

    Other Detective ideas: Could you be suffering from depression generally and need to check into it? Have things in your life changed, yet you haven't changed anything to accommodate this? Have you been overdoing it like crazy and just need a few days off? Getting specific about what's wrong may give you a short cut as to how to fix it.

  3. Reconnect With Your Goals on an Emotional Level. You can read all the self-help ideas you want, but motivation requires emotional energy, not just intellectual activity. And so Feeling Re-Motivated sometimes requires you to Get Sappy! Rent your favorite underdog-struggles-to-overcome-the-odds movie, or watch the Biggest Loser, or get all Chicken-Soupy or whatever makes you Feel It. You are the Star in the Epic Struggle and Triumph of Your Own Life! You can Do it! Think of all the Hard Things you've done in the Past! You're capable of Amazing Things!

  4. Seek Social Support. Duh, right? But we tend to do this when we're all smug and happy and proud of ourselves, and pull back when we're feeling embarrassed and stalled and need support the most. So call a friend or leave a comment on a favorite blog or text or IM someone or whatever it is you young folks do to connect with each other these days.

  5. Get Ready to Do Something Different The most obvious Re-Motivation technique is to mix up your usual routine and do something different. Below will be a bunch of examples. However, change is hard and inertia is powerful. Just be aware of that and be prepared to bribe and reward yourself like crazy. Heap praise on yourself for planning, for scouting, for any little step you make. And break it down into little chunks.

    Also, this is a good time to question perfectionism again. Often the reason we settle into a boring routine is that we've spent a lot of time figuring out the Best and most Perfect options. We know what gym equipment we like, the healthiest recipes, the prettiest running routes--we've tried other options and they're not nearly as good! Well, sometimes "different" beats "best," when you're sick of "best" and need variety. Lower your standards, and like magic, and all kinds of new options appear.

  6. A Few Random Ideas--You Can Think of Way Better Ones Yourself

  • Download or buy a bunch of New Tunes to workout to. Or books on tape or whatever gets you going. Banish thoughts of "this sucks" before they drag you down because you won't be thinking, you'll be rockin' out or listening to find out what happens next.
  • Go to a new more appealing place to run/walk/workout/swim even if it's farther away than normal and you have to use a car, bike, or bus to get there. Not forever, just every now and then to make it an event. Bonus if you arrange to meet someone there during or after so you can't back out.
  • Watch other people exercising. Oddly enough this can be motivating whether they are (a) Buffed Gods and Goddesses or (b) Way Worse Off than You.
  • New Recipes This might also include new cookware, new cookbooks, or new ingredients. Yes, there's a chance you might not use whatever it is all the time. (And this is NOT a good idea for people with compulsive shopping problems). But sometimes laziness or cost-consciousness can get us trapped into eating the same few things over and over then resorting to treats when we get bored. If a waffle-iron will keep the dang Krispy Kreme's out of the house, then buy a waffle iron!
  • Pissing contest! No, not literally. But a contest or bet or dare or something can be very motivating for some people. Who can rack up a hundred new walking/running miles first? Or race your running partner for the last quarter mile of your route. Challenge your spouse to who can hold out longest on gratuitous junk food! First one to cave and open the bag of Tostitos does the dishes.
  • Or raise the stakes further and enter an Official Race or Contest. (Note: a Hot Dog or Pie Eating Contest is NOT the sort of contest we're talking about).
  • Cross-train. They always say to do this yet most people seem to find this completely unappealing. You've spent all this energy getting better at your favorite thing, how is taking on something different going to help? Well, all the experts say it does, plus it prevents over-use injuries. Bonus: it will give you not only a whole new set of goals and accomplishments to obsess over, but it may mean new outfits and equipment as well.
  • Take a Class. A cooking class, an exercise class, a bird watching class, a dance class, whatever. Something that sounds intriguing but you've always been afraid you'll be bad at. Think of it as Amusing Material for your Blog or for cocktail parties.
  • Visit or do a Very Intense Visualization of a Nursing Home or some other place where people have little ability to exercise and no way to choose healthy tasty food that they actually like. Feel the boredom as you sit in front of the tv, taste the boiled potatoes and canned peas, smell the musty smells, hear the staff bickering about who's turn it is to check on Screaming Margaret down the hall, feel your muscles wasting away from disuse. Get good and depressed and claustrophobic and then realize, wait, that's not me! I can get out of my chair, I can dance, I can go prepare tasty fresh food, I can and go outside and play.
  • Get Visual and be Very Silly About It. You can even buy a special Doofy Bulletin Board or Scrapbook just for this purpose. Calendars with accomplishments and Gold Stars! Collages! Pictures from magazines of outfits you'd like to wear, people you'd like to be, 'before' and 'after' pictures, Motivational Slogans!
  • Congratulate and Reward Yourself for Effort, not Results. Scales and muscle size and race times etc. are all fickle. They'll go up and down and sometimes there will be a reason and other times there won't. What will guarantee your success and promote your health in the long run is your commitment to the Process. You are Staying on Track and getting healthy. You are being good to yourself every time you make a smart food choice or get any exercise at all. Praise the hell out of yourself for it!
  • Buy a new exercise toy. A heart-rate monitor, a pedometer, a cheap mp3 player, a new exercise video, barbells to do some of your workout at home. Or a subscription to a motivating fitness or health magazine. (Again, not if you have compulsive spending problems).
  • Commit to making just one small step towards doing a New Thing Soon --today if you can, or if not, within the next couple days. But make it very small and easy. Is there an exercise machine at the gym you've never tried? Is there a recipe you want to search for on the web and print out, even if you're not quite committed to making it yet? Is there a Self-Help book you think might be motivational that you'd like to purchase or borrow from the library? A class you want to pick up a schedule for? Choose something, plan when you're going to do it, and take that first step to re-Motivating. You're going to have to make a conscious decision to do it, because it probably ain't gonna happen by itself.

So, does anyone have some better re-Motivating ideas? What's worked for you in the past?

(Note: post edited 1/05/08 to remove about 2,000 unnecessary exclamation points.)


  1. Excellent list. When is The Cranky Fitness Guide To Get Going Already! coming out?
    Loved the Get Sappy idea.
    Usually when I'm feeling de-motivated I just go with it until I come out the other side better, changed, or at least ready to get at it again in some form.
    I use self-hypnosis when I need a bit of help. Not so much with exercise, but it work wonders with punting junk food.

  2. This is a timely post for me =) I have a half marathon this Sunday and barely made it to this week. I was *so* ready for this taper week; it was hard dragging my sorry butt out to the track for yet another interval workout.

    You've pulled together an exhaustive list!

    I've been really lucky to have found my trainer. When I was pissing and moaning to her about being on the edge of over-traning, she looked thoughtful and said "Oh, that sounds about right. You're doing fine." and then told me how hard it is for her to get ready for her latest triathlon.

    My latest toy is the Garmin Forerunner 305. I love pouring over the data after my run. It's geeky, but I love it...

  3. Great post Crabby. I was never one to have to lose weight but that's changing. Life - and weight - has slowly crept up on me. I could stand to lose about 15 pounds but haven't had the will power to do it. I don't eat a lot of junk, very little in fact, but I don't burn off the calories I do eat.

  4. Great list!! I don't have anything to add to it, but I'll attribute that to my total lack of motivation.

    Somehow though, yesterday morning I decided I would go running again for the first time in 3 years. Boy, oh boy.. was it not the same! Haha. It's going to take a heck of a lot of work to get back to where I was!

  5. Oh, this one is coming just at the right moment! I definitely need to bookmark it, or, hell, even to print it. Motivation has pretty much gone out of my vocabulary these days, and it's basically more a matter of "I do it because I must do it", kinda in a zombie-like way. And I'm afraid that sooner or later, I will need a couple of tricks to keep afloat.

    (Okay, at the same time, when you have to tell yourself "my week will be 20 hours of work, 20 hours of classes, and probably a good 40 hours of learning and doing homework at home", well, no need to say that "yay, now I also need to go to the gym one hour five days a week and cook healthy meals all the time" seems, uh, not motivating at all. But I'll have to manage no matter what, so meh. Pass the sappy weight-loss novels and the like, at least I can read at the campus restaurant while eating! lol)

  6. thank you crabby, i needed reminding about remotivating! :) and those were some useful tips.

  7. Great list! I'm usually in the "just do it" camp. No, I don't want to workout every day. And it's not normal to want to do so. My motivation goes up and down, just like all my other moods.

    Usually it's enough to remind myself that I'm going to feel better afterwards and I'll certainly feel better physically and mentally for having sacrificed those 30 minutes and done a workout. It certainly beats not working out and having the "I'm such a slug!" tapes playing in my head.

  8. thx. reading your blog is like inspiration in a box. i'm halfway out the door already. you rock cranky! :)

  9. An impressive list. I have been going through a really slothful time - can't seem to get motivated to do anything. Does lifting a coffee cup to my lips with one hand whilst moving my mouse with the other constitute exercise? My yoga workout DVD sits gathering dust while my ass sits, gathering...well, whatever. Had tremendous motivation earlier this year - am coming up on an "important" birthday in December and wanted to be in better shape for the second half of my life, but somehow, with the cooler weather, all I can think about is hibernation. (hiber-inertia?) Still have a couple of months to get into better shape, just need to get over this depression. Of course, the garden has produced 50 lbs of tomatoes that I need to deal with soon...not exactly running a marathon, but the salsa will be worth it! (of course, instead of MAKING salsa, I should be DANCING the salsa...)

  10. Hi all,
    So my One Little Thing I'm going to do to get a bit more remotivated is download some fresh music. I've been playing my old stuff to death, and Fresh Tunes really, really help me enjoy my cardio.

    And apologies in advance for brief and possibly incomplete Comment Reply today. Going through one of those "There are Other Things you need to Take Care of Besides the Blog!!! phases.

    leah--just as soon as I can start writing it! And self-hypnosis should be on the list too, it's a great motivator!

    Quito--good for you! But I totally forgot "get a trainer," and that can really help people get excited again, even if it's only a session or two.

    Marijke, well good luck with that when you dedide you're ready! That slower metabolism as we age thing is really annoying! I tend to compensate with more calorie-burning (which is time consuming) 'cause I'm so bad at restricting my intake.

    Jessica, wow, good for you! Ow, though. Make take some getting used to again.

    Kery, I think people with tough schedules like you have deserve Massive Credit for being able to stay on track at all! And so many of the motivational jump-starts require time in themselves. Good luck hanging in there.

    Thanks so much mincat! (And you have a very sweet photo for your avatar.)

    Bunnygirl! (speaking of cute photo avatars)--you know that "just do it" thing is really powerful in itself and should be right there at the top of the list. 'Cause the feeling of accomplishment you get when you've overcome the temptation to skip out is incredibly motivating.

    Thanks so much anonymous!

    Bag Lady--Well hard agricultural work is definitely a calorie burner and salsa is a health food, so you're already doing pretty good. But it does frankly sound a little "chore" like (at least to this Lazy Crab). So I think you're on to something with the idea of more entertaining workouts--even if the salsa dancing was meant in jest. Maybe you can haul out a boom box and booogie your way through the tomato plants!

  11. Crabby, that's the best suggestion yet! I wonder how the tomato plants will respond to salsa music? Think it'll make them shudder about their ultimate fate?
    Thanks for the motivation - I feel better already!

  12. Dang it, Crabby, you've been proactively leveraging synergies again. It feels like I've made no progress at all this week, so I'm discouraged, so I'm thinking about ways to re-motivate myself. (Also thinking of ways to avoid run-on sentences.) This post was perfectly timed.

    I especially like the one about adding emotion.

  13. Crabby- let me ask your opinion on something- it is bad/negative/unhelpful/ digression to 'reward' yourself with food? I was always told at WW to stop doing that but every week I went to McD's after weigh-in (when I did 'good') and ate like a pig. Then it was out of my system and I was ready to refocus. I've been on maintenance 3 years now and still not regained. But I'm haunted by the lectures on how bad it is to reward myself with bad food. What are your thoughts? Be brutally honestly, I wouldn't ask if I couldn't handle the truth!

  14. yet another excellent, super-helpful, impeccably timed post! i especially love the giving up on perfectionsim again point. i don't know how many times i don't exercise because "it's a little too hot/cold outside...or the gym is really busy this time of day...or i only have time for a 20 minute workout, so what's the point?" great reminder that there really never is a perfect time...just make a small step and *do something*! Thanks!

  15. New things and contests...I agree.
    Having a goal keeps you going. Knowing I have to run a fundraising run at the end of the month is getting me up to run in the mornings.
    And new things are fun - although they open you up to all manner of new muscle aches. My belly dancing class is a lot of fun and actually a good workout, but man...I have sore muscles that I didn't know I had!
    I think a personal trainer would be great...too bad we can't all afford one. having someone vary the exercise and tell us what to do next - sometimes I need that! My hardest thing to ignore is "I worked out this week - time to eat some junk on the weekend!". There has to be a happy medium. :)

  16. Bag Lady, go for it! Get down and boogie-ooogie-oogie!

    Mary, thanks! And I second that "emotion."

    Hi Emily!
    Uh-oh... So I want to be really careful on this, because I think for Many, Many, people the "don't reward yourself with food" is excellent advice! And Weight Watchers has so much sensible stuff going for it that I don't want to contradict anything you've heard there. On the other hand, I think a lot depends on the individual, and whether binging is a problem, and whether, as a practical matter using "treats" as a reward tends to be helpful or disasterous for your own particular issues and motivations.

    I would be sort of a hypocrite if I said, yeah, never do that, because I do it all the time! But other people are really much better off not going down that route. My philosophy is that there is no food or treat that is ever totally forbidden, and for me treats make good rewards. If I want a hot fudge sundae, have been eating healthy food all week, and then am willing to walk an extra five miles to go get one and enjoy the heck out of it--well, that works great for me. But I don't have major food issues, nor huge amounts of weight to lose. For SO MANY other people this wouldn't work, because it would set up a cycle that would lead to Big Trouble. So bottom line: their rule makes total sense but it's not one I personally follow. My advice is if you do want to go ahead and do it anyway, that you monitor carefully the impact it has on your eating patterns and make sure it doesn't lead to dreaded Treat Escalation!

    Thanks Meg! I am SO prone to do the perfectionism thing myself I'm sure it will make an appearance in pretty much ever "advice" type post!

    Geosomin, I think the belly dancing thing is so cool! And call me weird, but there's a masochistic part of me that likes being a bit sore after a new activity because it adds to the Smug factor! Look at me, I was so virtuous it hurts!

  17. Crabby,

    Really, really great post!

    A terrific reminder that motivation comes in so many forms and that re-motivation is frequently necessary.


  18. I've got one to add: enjoy it. I think I've said this before here, but if you don't like what you are doing, it's going to be hard to make it a habit. Find something enjoyable to help you reach whatever your goal is.

    Also, I "heart" cross training.

    AND, I feel very strongly if you are going to go to stop by the nursing home or think about the nursing home, don't simply focus on you and your deal. Take someone outside for a walk. It will make their day and yours too for making someone else's day. And you'll get exercise, which to me, is the bonus in that situation.

    But, that's just me.

  19. Thanks so much, Terrie!

    Norabarnacle, excellent points! Yes, finding an exercise you enjoy makes it way more motivating. And I'm quite embarrassed about the Nursing Home item as I really was thinking of it more as a visualization. So yes, if you actually do go to a Nursing Home, don't do it just so you can appreciate you own health! Go in order to cheer someone else up and help them feel better. To borrow from Hilary, Crabby should try not to be such a Selfish Shellfish!

  20. My God, I get so excited reading this post that I haven't been able to get all the way through it yet. This is definitely a keeper. I think Crabby should be the fitness guru of the world.

    The last post I sent round to my fitness pact people got a terrific reaction. I can't wait to see what they have to say about this!! It speaks to every one of us!!

    Today was such a great day--I met up with all my friends (some of whom are in the PACT) at the temple on 5th Ave, where we sang Rosh Hashanah service for everybody (almost nobody in the choir is actually Jewish, but they don't care), and then I decided to Walk in the Park. It was so beautiful, and I just kept walking clear down to Times Square where I almost literally ran into the Naked Cowboy, and have the video to prove it. Walked for almost an hour and a half and then took the subway home where I plan to kick back all day.

    Just feel so great lately, and motivation is starting to creep back up on me. That's why this post really electrified me.

    Love ya, Crabby

  21. I'm going to have to echo everyone else's comments and tell you that your timing is perfect.

    I will continue to find a slightly different walking route than usual. I started that the other day, and although it was boring compared to my familiar path, I ended up walking longer and farther in search of something interesting to photograph (never found it).

    On the downside, I suppose I shouldn't have just ordered that pizza...

  22. Crabby, Just found your site the other day... (mentioned by Roni over at and I am loving your sense of humor and helpful motivational pushes. Also I appreciate your writings on perfectionism, I sent that to my mom and several friends. Thanks so much! You're bookmarked on my screen and I look forward to literally "Lol" laughing out loud at your writings. That's a rarity for me when reading things on the internet ha!

    As far as motivational ideas... I have found a tv show on at a certain time in the morning that I enjoy watching, and that helps me with my endurance on the efx machine on the days when I JUST DON"T FEEL like working out. I know you don't push yourself as hard when you're distracting yourself (aka watching TV)... but I know I push myself a lot harder than if I just got off and went home because "I wasn't feeling it". (:

  23. cool list. it actually lists the things i have done at least once to get back on track. i tend to just look at myself in the mirror, then look at some old pics and then say: I wanna be like that again but its gonna take some mental toughness. it usually works.

    I also noticed that i perform according to my emotions, but the trick is to not let a bad day make you not workout. sometimes is better to workout even if you feel like crap.

  24. Melissa, thank you so much, and glad to hear you're feeling so motivated! I'm quite amused by the Naked Cowboy near-collision. Perhaps you can upload the video to your blog when it gets fully operational!

    Hilary, well, good for you for trying something new! Though bummer that there wasn't more to photograph... did you get any nice pizza pictures? (I LOVE pizza!)

    Danielle, that really nice of you! And I'm afraid some days I'm really boring, so I hope you can hang in there. I think having a tv show you can get into while you work out is an Excellent Idea! I think consistency is way more important than intensity in the long run. Just remind yourself during commercials to see if you're still moving, and if you are, you're good! (I've got a post about that sort of relates to that, it's the Caveman on Exercise bikes one on the sidebar, if you're Really Bored!)

    Hi Israel,
    And you've got that contest thing going with another blogger--sounds like you both are having fun and are very motivated by it! Love all the tough talk, it'll be fun to follow you're progress.

  25. Pizza photos! Dough! Never even thought of it. ;)

  26. What'd I miss? Now I really feel like a country bumpkin...Naked Cowboy? Who - what? I mean, I have one in my bed every night, but I'm pretty sure Melissa didn't bump into HIM in New York! You big city folk have all the fun!!!!

  27. So I came early early this morning, saw this post, and left immediately because I knew I only had 45 seconds and I really wanted to savor this one, So I'm back.

    And I Loved it!! I needed it too. My favorite line was, "get all Chicken Soupy..." LOL!

  28. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Signing up for a 5K or half-marathon always works for Aaron.

  29. Or you could just inherit a highly-strung mutt with ADD that makes the Energizer Bunny seem like Perry Como. In a coma.


  30. Hi there Crabby. I'm just getting back into regular exercise after a bit of a hiatus. For me, somewhat perversely, it helps to under-aim on how much I'm going to exercise over the week. Then when I achieve that, plus more, I think "yay, how great am I". Hmm, that makes it sound very easy for me to fool myself doesn't it?

    My major goal for the next week is to get out on my bike. I tend to limit myself to walking, bits of running and some resistance - and then get bored every few months. At least if I start using my bike more I can use it as mode of transport, as well as exercise.

  31. great list.. i've found that the "it aint happening" is part of the normal cycle and having folks to be "accountable to"... like running buds who count on you to be there at o dark thirty has helped me thru those slumps.

    press on regardless
    gp in montana :)

  32. This kinda goes along with "watch other people exercising." Go watch or volunteer at a running race,triathlon or bike race.
    It always helps my motivation to go to the finish line of the local marathon and cheer people on.Or work an aid station at a marathon.

  33. This is an excellent list, but I do have a couple things to add. Sometimes de-motivation is a sign of burn out from over training, so be sure you are getting enough sleep after your work outs and getting enough recovery time.

    If I'm not feeling up to my full work out, I sometimes reduce the duration or intensity. If you've been running a lot, a few days of brisk walking might do you some good.

    Try new things that are silly or fun. I've been having trouble staying on a core strength program, so I bought a hula hoop. I tried belly dancing, and the abdominal stuff was fine, but then they wanted me to move my hands and feet at the same time, and that was way beyond my ability.

    Keep a fitness log. There are lots of free workout logs available online, or you could just write it down in a notebook.

    As for cool gadgets, if you are a runner, I totally recommend the Nike + iPod sport kit. I went from a "sort of runner", to 30-40 mile/week runner since I got mine last October. According to the Runner+ web site, I've burned 44 pounds since then. Boy was that motivating!

  34. Bag Lady, lucky you to have your very own Naked Cowboy on call! And yep, city life does indeed have its amusing diversions. (I still miss the Space Lady from back when I lived in San Francisco.)

    Hi Katieo!
    Well I think one of the things that makes your blog so enjoyable is your ability to connect with the emotional aspects of all this stuff! And good for Aaron for signing up for races, it's great to have something to train for.

    Frank, no kidding! A dog is an excellent motivator, and research shows dog owners actually are healthier than non-dog owners--they didn't specify breeds, but I bet JRT's must get extra points for "personality factors."

    Hi Kathryn!
    Great idea, on keeping goals very doable, then exceeding them. And I think the bike riding is a great idea--I've got one in the basement that I keep meaning to get fixed up but never seem to. A great way to vary the routine. I think I'm waiting for the next time we move when magically there will be bike paths everywhere and I won't have to deal with traffic. Good luck on getting going with that!

    G.P.--running buddies are another great idea! It really does help to have someone counting on you showing up.

    Darren--what a great helpful way to get motivated, to help out at a race! I always feel slightly jealous when I see people competing and it makes me want to get more serious about my own cardio. Plus it's a nice generous thing to do with your time!

    database diva, those are some awesome ideas. Sillines! Hula hoops! Never thought about how good for abs those could be, plus they're relatively cheap, right? I also hear great things about the Nike doohickies, with the concrete feed back of how many pounds you're burning off. And good point about the overtraining. (Not usually MY particular reason for demotivation, but true for others!)

  35. boy, that's a long post. I guess I'm just not motivated to read it. Althought I did like some of the bolded headlines. One of these days, I'll go and read it. I got it, I'll read it instead of running tonight.

  36. Bad, bad Pat! :)

    Run, run, run away fast from Crabby's long posts, you'll feel much better for it!

  37. If you're bored with your workout, change it. It's good to change it once in a while.

    If you're dieting, blow it for a day. I have blow it days - I allow myself to blow it and eat whatever I want - making myself sick. Then I go right back on the diet the next day.

    Be stupid and make a major life change. For instance: Because I have exercise issues and don't want to part my butt from my chair, I decided to start waitressing again. I haven't waitressed in 10 years. After a week, I feel better and am now considering finding my weights and do those too. In getting thru the pure physicality of waitressing, I discovered swimming helps with the soreness immensely, so now we go swimming a few days a week.

  38. Great list. I also experienced a lot of down times because motivation is not always around, and it almost made me give up.

  39. Jesus P. God, did I need to read this today. Thank you!

  40. So true. Motivation isn't something permanent so we have to prepare ourselves during those times when we run out of motivation.

  41. I SOO needed this today..
    I'm not sure what I need to do but I read what you wrote and omg it is exactly what is going through my brain!!

  42. I know it's been posted for a while, but it sure was good to read this today. I needed it!

  43. A great way to get motivated to LOSE WEIGHT is to team up with your pet and challenge other pet/ owner teams in exercise and weight loss challenges. Join RU Losers: K9 Edition and join in the challenge today!!!!

  44. FANTASTIC! I'm in that re-motivation stage. Lots of kid stuff getting in the way and make it far too easy for me to make excuses. I'll need to post your article on my fridge. Great one!


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